Still good…

We had not been here…

Thomson Corner, Pedada Sibu

…for quite sometime now – no particular reason, just that it is a little out of our regular daily routine routes and we did not feel like going out of our way for anything there. Noticed how they’ve painted over the images of the sponsors on their shop sign? It seems that the municipal council here will charge shops for signs that advertise something but not if it is just a plain, straightforward shop sign.

For me, the main attraction here would be their Sarawak laksa

Thomson Corner, Pedada Sarawak laksa

…RM5.50 for the regular and RM7.00 for the large. Yes, it was my favourite in town, a lot more like the original/authentic ones in Kuching and I was glad to find that it was still as good as before and the sambal belacan (dried prawn paste dip) and the lime…

Sambal belacan & lime

…that came with it sure helped enhance the taste a good deal.

I don’t recall it being this expensive though but then again, what has not increased in price these days? It is RM5.00 (or is it RM6.00?) for this one here that I like very much too but there, you will only get three prawns. In this L-sized one (and I do think it is a bigger bowl as well), I got four…

Thomson Corner Pedada Sarawak laksa, prawns

My missus had the kampua noodles with pork (RM3.20)…

Thomson Corner Pedada kampua

…which is more expensive than at the regular stalls in the coffee shops around town but the serving was huge (a lot more noodles) and she could not finish all of it. Otherwise, she said, it was all right.

They also have an outlet, not a very big one, at a mall here and that one does not serve pork so you may be able to get their Sarawak laksa and some other things but you will not get the kampua noodles and the rest that you can find here. For one thing, that place is air-conditioned so it may be a better pick in the very hot weather that we are experiencing right now.

I don’t think there is any connection between this one and the Thomson Corner at Nanas Road in Kuching. This one started off at the ground floor of the Catholic Centre, beside the Sacred Heart Cathedral and when I used to go and wait for my girl, who was in the St Rita’s Primary School next to it, I would drop by for a drink and I would always go for their red bean shake (RM4.00)…

Thomson Corner, Pedada red bean shake

…that I enjoyed a lot. I had it again that day and yes, it was still good.

I don’t know if it was because we went at around 11, past the mid-morning tea break and too early for lunch, so it was not very crowded. Yes, there were some people, quite a number, but no, business did not seem to be as busy as it was in the past. Whatever it is, since they do have some very delightful stuff to offer here, I do hope that they do well enough to keep them going…

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39 thoughts on “Still good…”

  1. The laksa here is decent but I prefer the one in Aloha. It just tastes better to me, maybe coz I’m more familiar with it.

    We used to come to Thomson Corner quite a lot though, had an older cousin from my dad’s side who used to work here as a cook. Now he’s in Sibu Bus Terminal area. There’s a really good laksa place in Kuching called Golden Arch too, better than the famous on in Kuching town.

    I’ve always wondered if there’s any relation between the Sibu and Kuching Thomson Corner. The Kuching one is an institution, been there was a kid (below age 7 since we stayed in Kuching until I was 7) and they had all sorts of food, including turtle eggs for RM 0.80 – it was legal in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

    No connection, I’m sure. The Kuching one is a food court, different people running different food stalls – this one is owned by one Chinese lady. I love turtle eggs too, too bad it is banned now. Have not eaten for years and years.

    Yes, the favourites vary between people – we are not all that fond of the one at Aloha but many would beg to differ. Same thing, many do not favour the Golden Arch one in Kuching as well. Like I always say, to each his own.

  2. The price has increased!! Hope the portion does not shrink.

    I used to go there tapau lunch, at least once a week. I like its nasi lemak special (with chicken wings). Its kangkung sotong not bad, I remember that. And the rojak too. Haha.

    Generally, everything here is quite good. I also enjoy their Pattaya chicken rice…and the ang tao peng.

    I had the L, RM7.00 – I think the Kuching ones are around the same too but that bowl I had was very big, meaning a lot of bihun and gravy. Would just go for the regular the next time I go there.

  3. People are praising high about Sarawak laksa at Golden Arch, Foody Goody & Thompson Corner, all in Kuching but personally I prefer the one at Fat Cat, Stutong. Your bowl of laksa looks pretty good. As far as I know, last time prices for normal bowl of laksa are RM5(S)…RM6(M)…RM7(L) but now they have raised the prices to RM6,7 & 8 respectively. With the increased price, yet the portion decreased. Haiz…nothing comes cheap these days.

    Yes, Fat Cat is very popular too, and Foody Goody and a few other places. Not heard of anyone praising the one at Thomson Corner though. Oh my!!! Prices increasing, portions getting smaller. At least this one, the L is really large. Will check out their regular the next time I drop by, RM5.50 only. Wonder how much smaller that is.

  4. I’ll stick to the kampua noodles. I’ve eaten Sarawak laksa twice, don’t really like the taste, is it (dried) basil?

    Basil? What basil? You had it in Kuching or over in KL? I know in Kuching, they top it with coriander leaves – I would pick those up and leave them by the side. Good for high blood pressure, they say but I am not all that fond of the smell. Will eat, have acquired the taste already but still not fond of it. Some people say it has a cockroach smell.

    1. Whoa, cockroach smell? Err, I don’t know what spice they use (inside the soup), but I just know it has a “spicy” kinda taste inside the soup.. Had it in KL..

      I don’t know what leaves and stuff go into the making…and I dunno what laksa paste they use in KL, or whether they make their own. Some brands, the laksa paste, are really not nice. Same thing – you need to know which brand to buy…and when eating outside, you need to know where to go. Can’t simply go some place and eat and conclude it is not nice, even here! Many places selling and many are not nice. I hear Aunty Christina at Lucky Garden, Bangsar is very good, very authentic – the lady is from Kuching…and they tell me her Kuching kolo mee is good too.

  5. I like the Sarawak laksa, sold here at Taman Jurong @ $4, not expensive, I saw a stall at Haig Road also selling Sarawak Laksa @ $6 which I didn’t tried as find the price not cheap for Hawker Centre…

    If we do not convert, it is very much cheaper than here, or around that same price. Most importantly, it must be good – as authentic as possible. We have lots here, most come nowhere close. Their own versions.

  6. Ooo your favourite Sarawak laksa in town … That is a solid endorsement! πŸ™‚

    One of the two in town that I like the most. There is one other place too, the favourite of many, which is very nice as well but I find that as far as the taste goes, it is not all that authentic. Maybe it has more santan – most people here like their Sarawak laksa that way.

  7. The kampua noodles didn’t come with piansip? Not enough to go on with just a few pieces of char siew…. πŸ™‚ The sarawak laksa looks spicy and thick.. must be pretty hot too!

    I don’t think they have that here – they follow a standard menu. You can always order a bowl of piansip to go with your kampua mee though. Not like the stalls at the coffee shops – you ask for pian sip mee and you get kampua with pian sip, none of the red-coloured slices of meat.

  8. I note with interest the mention of turtle eggs in a comment above. The “telor penyu” man would come on his bicycle with a box on the back carrier full of turtle eggs cooked with,I think, slices of pandan leaves. Loved it when he comes.

    Those were the days. I think they may be available in Sabah…and many many years ago in Kuching, I did come across a man on a bicycle like the one in your description but the eggs were covered with a towel or something. Of course I didn’t buy – was about to fly back to Sibu and they would never get past airport security…and I would probably be arrested. 😦

  9. My neighbour of eight years was from Sarawak and he used to whip up some mighty spicy homemade Sarawak Laksa. I could only ever manage a few spoonfuls as it was so potent. πŸ˜‰

    Oh? We love it extra strong and spicy, the spicier the better. πŸ˜€

  10. I have been wanting to eat Sarawak laksa but I need to find out where to get a good one. I don’t want to taste a mediocre one and form a wrong impression.

    Aunty Christina at Lucky Garden, Bangsar is a safe bet. All the Sarawakians go there and they all give their thumbs up. Her kolo mee too. Come PM me your mailing address via Facebook – I left a message there for you – I’ll send you the laksa paste…and the masak hitam too.

  11. The Sarawak laksa looks yummy. I will ask HB to bring me there to try. Normally we will eat at Aloha.

    I got the purple noodles but yet to try it. Will let you know if we like it. Thanks!

    HB likes Aloha best. A lot of people here do – that is why the place is always crowded. I prefer this one – minus the crowd and the parking woes, and that is already one point in its favour. There is another good one – at Colourful Cafe, even better – no parking fee plus it’s near my house…and the guy makes his own sambal laksa, and he even sells it as well.

    Yes, do give the purple noodles a try. I like it, different from all the rest. You’re most welcome.

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