Not so far away…

That morning, we went back to this place as I wanted to try the fried kway teow (flat rice noodles) but they were closed. In fact, they had been closed for a few days already and would only resume business the following day. I did not see anything at the other stalls that I would like to try and I did not want to have the beef noodles again so we decided to walk over to this coffee shop

A one Cafe, Sibu

…not so far way, in the middle of the next block of shops in that same vicinity.

We had not been here for quite sometime now, probably not since sometime last year but as in our previous visits, my missus stuck loyally to their kolo mee (RM4.00)…

A one Cafe kolo mee 1

…with a special request for it to be tossed in chili sauce.

It did not look all that red…

A one Cafe kolo mee 2

– probably they did not add enough so my missus went and asked for some more. That’s her style – she likes everything drowned with chili or whatever sauces whereas I would only resort to those when something does not taste so good and would require that much-needed boost to be edible, at least.

I also ordered this plate of pian sip (meat dumplings), dry (RM3.00)…

A one Cafe pian sip, dry

…to share. It was really nice, 20 sen more than a lot of other places around town but there was a lot more meat inside. Yes, the skin was very thin and so very soft and yet not soggy – the kind that will just slide down your throat without much need for a lot of chewing. Some at some places in town are so thick and chewy and I, for one, would not enjoy those at all.

I decided to try something different for a change and asked for what I thought was tom yam noodles but the lady said it was curry (RM8.00)…

A one Cafe curry mee 1

I asked for their handmade noodles instead of bihun (rice vermicelli).

When it was served, I was impressed by the huge prawns…

A one Cafe curry mee 2

…that came with it and there were a lot of the minced meat and the thinly-sliced omelette as well so I guess the higher than usual price was only to be expected.

No, it did not taste like curry – in fact, with all that serai (lemon  grass) in it, I thought it tasted like tom yam except that it was not sour and there wasn’t all that santan in it either which I considered to be one thing in its favour. Some curry mee is overly lemak (rich) with the excessive santan that one would be put off by it by the time one is halfway through. It is the same with Sarawak laksa – the die-hard laksa lovers in Kuching would frown at some of ours that tend to be so lemak (some here say they like it this way) that they think it is more like curry, not the way it should be.

I would say I did enjoy what I had very much but at that price, perhaps I would go for something else the next time around.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Not so far away…”

  1. If I hadn’t just eaten my supper I would be hungry. Love your photos. 🙂

    Thanks. It’s morning here, time for breakfast. 😀

  2. I like the kolo mee photos – time to visit our Sarawak restaurants again, I think.

    Kitchen Inn? Cheapest in Perth, more expensive in Melbourne and even more so in Brisbane, I gather.

  3. Yeah, I for one will stuck loyally to kolo mee & pian sip. Btw, is the curry noodles hot & spicy as it looks fiery red? Me too, don’t like curry or laksa overly rich with santan.

    Not at all, deduct another point there. 😦

  4. kolo mee, with lots of chilli sauce/chili flakes/ or just chillies are not bad at all. I’ve tried these “Pontian wantan mee” before, and they mixed it with chilli sauce, one of my favourites.

    Never been to Johore. Sure hope to drop by someday, to JB, at least.

  5. My personal preference tends to lean toward the lemak-y sorts of laksa, since that was what I grew up with in malacca. But I’ve been learning to appreciate the lighter ones over the years, where the richness is replaced instead with more aromatic subtleties 😉

    Generally, here in Sibu, they like it lemak. Had one at Kuching airport long ago – so thick and lemak, the gravy. When on transit, I would order that and buy sandwiches to dip and eat. I would be so full after that special treat that I would not be able to eat anymore in the plane. 😀 Everybody I knew in Kuching at the time did not like it at all.

  6. :O u actually let the pian sip to slide down your throat without chewing? Snaky!

    Ideal for the toothless, like congee or mee sua – just slurp everything down and making sure you make loud noises to show your enjoyment. Will have to chew the meat though, can’t just swallow that. 😉

  7. I am like your missus. I must have my chili or else I feel something is missing 🙂

    You’ll be very much at home at our house – there is always chili…of all shapes and sizes, pounded chili dip, chili sauce…you name it, we have it all! LOL!!!

  8. The curry noodle looked good. Yup, the big prawn is added bonus.

    It was all right, and yes, I liked the prawns. Having said that, personally, I would very much prefer our Sarawak laksa.

  9. AS for the pian sip, i can finish up all if i didn’t order other things to eat…

    Small serving. If I had that alone, I would probably have to ask for a RM4.00 plate or more.

  10. I got only had kolo mee once somewhere in Kuching and turns out that place we went, the taste was quite good, so me and my friend went back for the next day and order extra one more each, hehe!

    I wonder which one you went to. I’ve had some that were quite nice…but if eaten alongside the better ones, one would be able to tell the difference. And there are others, even on its own, one can tell they are not that great. Ok, for you all, I guess – don’t think you have had enough to tell the difference.

    The one at the corner coffee shop in the building opposite the hotel where you stayed (the other end from Harbour View) is quite good – the one in another coffee shop two or three doors away is good if you do not have any to compare.

  11. I have yet to try a good kolo mee here, but I heard there is a shop in Jalan Ipoh now selling good kolo mee.

    If it’s kolo mee you’re looking for Aunty Christina’s at Nam Chun, Lucky Garden in Bangsar should be good. Her Sarawak laksa is among the best, if not the best, around your side, I hear.

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