Gather ’round…

This place isn’t exactly new – in fact, it has been here for around 4 months now and I understand that it was located at another place in town for a number of years before that but I did not know of the existence of this restaurant anywhere around that location even. Now it has moved to this building that houses a new hotel here…

GBU Hotel, Sibu

…on the first floor…

The Gathering, Sibu

Do be careful when going up the steps of that rather steep staircase though – I found them a little higher than usual and too narrow for comfort.

It’s quite a big place and can accommodate 40 tables if you want to host a wedding…

The Gathering, Sibu stage

…or whatever banquet here and I think they have karaoke facilities as well so you can enjoy singing your heart out! I would say this place is ideal for small private functions though I can’t say I am all that fond of the gaudy pink colour and all the fake flowers.

I also found out that they do home catering as well and will deliver orders for buffet parties starting from RM20.00 per head for a minimum of 20 persons. For more information, you can call them at these numbers…

The Gathering, Sibu who to call

…to enquire.

It so happened that my sister-in-law flew into town the other evening for Ching Ming which falls on this coming Monday, 4th April, and my missus and I went to pick her up at the airport here and we decided to stop by this restaurant for dinner…

The Gathering, Sibu chili dips

…before sending her to my mother-in-law’s house.

The Foochow fried noodles (RM6.00)…

The Gathering Sibu Foochow fried noodles

…looked really good and tasted great plus they did seem extra generous with the ingredients but unfortunately, it wasn’t anything like what I enjoyed eating in my growing up years. Somehow, it just wasn’t quite there.

The midin (wild jungle fern), RM10.00…

The Gathering Sibu fried midin

…was good, more or less the same as most anywhere else serving the same.

Oh dear!!! I forgot to insist that they cooked smaller servings, just enough for two so for the steamed lajong (RM40.00)…

The Gathering steamed lajong

…we were given three slices of the very nice fish. I had one all to myself but the ladies only managed to share one between the two of them and were too full to have anymore so I had to finish off the last slice. If we had been given only two slices at two-thirds the price, around RM25-26.00, it would not have been that expensive.

Anyway, that is to be expected here – if you are having fish and prawns (RM30.00)…

The Gathering Sibu cereal prawns

…you can expect the bill to be on the high side. The cereal prawns that we had were very nicely done, the crustaceans were big and very fresh, so they were firm and succulent but there was just too much for us three to handle so we had to tapao the leftovers home.

I would not say eating at this place is more expensive than most. If we had ordered one meat dish, one veg and a soup and requested for servings for two, I guess it would come up to around the same as most other similar places around here and most importantly, the food was pretty nice – nothing exceptional, I must say, but yes, it was good.

This restaurant opens seven nights a week and if I remember correctly, they do not open for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As for the location (2.306990, 111.845320), it is on the left hand side of Jalan Pedada if you are heading towards town, a short distance from the traffic lights at the Jalan Pedada/Jalan Pahlawan t-junction. Turning left at the junction will take you to the Sibu Bus Terminal.

I must say, however, that they should draw arrows to make the traffic in the rather small area around the hotel more systematic. At the moment, once inside, one would not know whether one is coming or going. There are parking spaces…everywhere, making it even more cramped and not too comfortable to drive in and out. I can imagine if there is a big function at the restaurant and a lot of people staying at the hotel, it would get terribly congested, I am sure…unless you go early and park by the side of the main road beside the entrance into this place and walk in.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Gather ’round…”

  1. Nice dinner. Certainly, I love the midin & steamed fish.

    Yes, cuisine served here is definitely your scene! 😉

    1. Yeah, you are right. Call me typical Chinese, hahaha!!!!…

      Hehehehehehe!!!! You’re not alone – that Claire is quite like you as well, birds of the same feather. 😉

  2. Drooling. Nice dinner. I always have room for fish and prawns. Hehe.

    Never know this restaurant’s existence.

    It was around where Hong Fu is – the one in that Medan Mall area famous for its cheap crabs and Philippine pork leg – but I only know of that one there, did not know there was this one…somewhere at the back. Of course, this new location was not here around that time when you were living in Sibu.

  3. Yes, prawns are always expensive. Lobsters even more so. Thankfully I’m allergic to these, so save a lot of money, haha!

    Not too crazy about lobsters, thankfully – I do prefer our prawns including the giant freshwater ones. I had prawns in NZ but I thought they, for some reason, were bland…not sweet, not so nice, nothing like the ones here.

  4. ‘The Gathering’ is also the name of this supernatural horror movie from the last decade: 😀

    Eyeewwwwww!!!! If I am not wrong, this hotel was opened by some people in some Christian community and hence, the names, I guess. But it did cross my mind that if I were to tell people I would want to stay in that hotel and they replied, “God bless you!”, I can imagine the thoughts that would cross one’s mind even though they were just saying out the name in full.

  5. Unique name for a restaurant. Alamak have to climb stairs ah…semput….

    Yes, and so dangerous. I actually tripped and fell but luckily, I was holding on to the hand rail by the side so I did not tumble over, just kicked some corners and that did hurt a bit but only for a while. That was why I specifically gave a warning regarding this in my post.

  6. Have been on the road for a couple of weeks, hence my absence. Will return soon. I bet you know already that I’m fond of those greens 🙂

    Yes, been wondering why I have not seen you around. Safe travels, have fun!!!

  7. I surprised they can survive for quite a while. I went once few years back during ching ming, and get to know this restaurant. Find the food so so only. But your steam fish looks good, always my favourite.

    You went? At their old location? I did not even know of it before.

    Ya, the food’s more or less like anything and everything one can get elsewhere, nothing sensational and nothing to make me feel like going back again all that soon. I thought the fish and prawns were rather expensive but maybe that was meant for three, and if ordering for two only, maybe it would not be so bad.

  8. The Foochow fried noodles looks good. I’m trying to see if the protein is fish or chicken, both look white but the ones in your picture seems sized like fish (at least how restaurants in Sibu would slice it). If it’s fish, that’s really reasonable for the price! 🙂

    I thought it was fish when it was served, but did not take note when I ate. RM6 is the price for one big serving to be shared by 2 or 3 or more, standard rate at all these places. Enough to go round and cheaper than ordering individual plates of the noodles.

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