Outside inside…

My girl wanted the seafood curry rice (RM17.50)…

Cafe Ind seafood curry rice

…for lunch last Saturday so there we were back at this place again for that. We had that a number of times before and loved it very much.

I asked my girl if it was all right and she said yes, but the fish was not well-cooked inside. My guess was that the chef did not defrost it completely or it was that kind of frozen fish fillet that was kind of jelly-like inside. The prawns were great, nice and firm and there were mussels, squids and everything else in the thick and rich curry gravy…

Cafe Ind seafood curry

Truly a delightful dish!

I ordered the chicken egg roll (RM12.00)…

Cafe Ind chicken egg roll 1

…from the Indian cuisine menu for the ladies to try. I tried it once before and thought it was really nice…

Cafe Ind chicken egg roll 2

…and yes, they too thought it was indeed very good…but personally, perhaps it would be nicer if they had served it a little tilted like this…

Cafe Ind chicken egg roll 3

…to subtly reveal what was on the inside and also to add a little bit of colour to the otherwise dull and colourless presentation.

I decided to try their nasi goreng amplop (RM14.50)…

Nasi goreng amplop

…which I guess, is the Indonesian variation of the Thai-style Pattaya fried rice. It was nice, the fried rice, wrapped in the omelette and the fried chicken wing but my favourite remains unchanged – their opor ayam…or my missus’ favourite, the kalio ayam, would probably be a better choice as well.

This was their special for the day, the ikan kembung sumbat served with kerabu and skinless/skinned brinjal with its very nice special sauce (RM17.00)…

Cafe Ind ikan kembung sumbat, sides

For the uninitiated, the ikan kembung is one of the many varieties of fish found in this region. My missus had that and she asked for the side to be extra spicy and indeed, they were – VERY spicy but she said it was not really so, just nice, just the way she would like it.

I was not very clear regarding the explanation given but it  was something like they had to take out the bones of the fish and mix prawns and whatever else that made up the filling to stuff the fish so even though it looked like any other ikan kembung on the outside, maybe a little fatter than usual, it was nothing like the  usual inside…

Cafe Ind ikan kembung sumbat, inside

I thought it tasted something like the filling in lor bak/ngor hiang (meat roll) but with seafood, not meat.

My missus enjoyed it…

Cafe Ind ikan kembung sumbat, outside

…very much but my girl and I had to help her a bit with it as the serving was quite big and unless one is a big eater like me, it would probably be better to order this to be shared by two…or one can also order a soup like the sup tulang, for instance, from the menu to go along with it and that would be great for three.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Outside inside…”

  1. I would go for the ikan kembung meal or chicken egg roll. Can’t have both because I won’t be able to finish both.

    Yes, I would agree. I ordered that as I wanted the ladies to try – they had not had it before and with our individual orders, it turned out to be a somewhat heavy lunch.

  2. I don’t mind paying for expensive food as long as the portion is cun with the price and we enjoyed the meals. 🙂

    Indeed. I’ve a post on this coming up – which one is more expensive…and which one gives more value for money. No point going to all those cheap places serving half-past-six western or whatever cuisine and it’s not nice at all. Can’t stand the sight of everything drowned in mayo, straight from the bottle…the cheap frozen french fries…and worse, the small not-nice-at-all keropok with the colourful rims. Fail big time, no class at all, and of course, if it is expensive and not nice, then it is worse!

  3. Chicken egg roll! Something like a tortilla wrap.

    Interesting fish dish. Meat filling in the fish. I would like to try that. I am a fish lover anyway!

    Yes, I think it was tandoori-baked naan with a layer of egg omelette inside wrapping up all the veg and whatever plus bits of tandoori chicken. Very unique, can’t get this elsewhere.

    Nope, there’s no meat in the fish filling – just that I thought it tasted like what we find in our ngor hiang but I do know good ngor hiang, they add bay kar/tenggiri. My missus adds prawns to hers…so maybe that is why I thought there was a bit of similarity.

  4. I see lots of veggies inside the egg roll, very refreshing.. But I still like your “nasi Pattaya” with fried chicken.. Would probably ask for chicken drumstick or thigh instead of wings..

    Yes, the rice was all right, nice…just nothing that really stands out and at such prices, I would expect something more exceptional. We can get nice and cheap nasi goreng Pattaya elsewhere.

  5. They are quite expensive aren’t they? Also, they need to work on their presentation lol

    Maybe you can try those stalls at the coffee shops but I don’t think you can get anything much else other than the commonly found everywhere ayam penyet or pecel lele…and some are not even nice. Well, that’s cheap for you – take your pick. I thought the presentation was fine, just that the chicken egg roll lacks colour. Whatever it is, it’s the taste that is of utmost importance…like what you see in zmun2’s post today. I wouldn’t mind the mess…if it is as good as it looks and at those prices, anytime!

  6. I like the chicken egg roll, but I’ve difficult on this, every bite I have the filling inside will start dropping, so always I need to have a plate below to catch the falling ingredients inside then eat it later.

    There are individual plates for use – you can move your piece onto it and eat it from there…with your cutlery, or your hands – whichever you prefer.

  7. I like the fried chicken wing from the nasi goreng amplop…

    That one, can get anywhere…or fry your own at home. I prefer baked, the way my missus does it.

  8. all above RM10++… *i cry*

    If you want to dine in cafes and restaurants in air-conditioned comfort and all, I guess you’ll just have to pay the price. Ain’t so bad if the food is really very very nice, not stuff you can get anywhere and everywhere. Imagine going some place for mee mamak or zhao chai hung ngang and pay over RM10 for that! Wait till you see my RM16.50 char kway teow…OUCH!!! Post on that coming up soon.

    Otherwise, you’d be better off going to eat elsewhere, like at Bandong, for instance. Last I went, the ayam penyet and pecel lele were very nice, only around RM6.00 but you will have to eat by the roadside in the open…and last I heard, there was some dengue alert in the area so I’ve stopped going. I wonder if the VVIP who went the other day got bitten by a mosquito or not. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. All looks so good. Your missus makes a good choice. Very intesting ikan kembung sumbat. Love it together with the chicken egg roll too.. Yummss!!!!…

    The serving is big – just nice if shared by two. Not a great idea to order the chicken egg roll at the same time, can save for another day.

  10. The egg roll and the presentation on the 3rd dish are kind of special… the presentation with the egg wrapping up the fried rice was nicely done… as for the not-so-cooked fish, I would request them to cook it again, after all, it is not cheap… I am sure they would gladly do it for you… 🙂

    Or they would replace the whole dish perhaps – they would do that at Payung, they did that before – with the chicken chop my girl had.

    My girl did not tell me until we have left the place. She – not like the papa one, just keep quiet and will not complain and complain. In fact, she doesn’t like it when I make a scene – but I always tell her, in this world, we cannot be too nice. If we pay for it, we should expect to get our dues and not get shortchanged. If it is cheap, ok lah.

  11. oooo … nasi goreng amplop … what a cute name … i’m not sure i could say it with a straight face, haha 😀

    LOL!!! Sounded like something fell onto the floor. Ummmm….not me – I would make a much louder plop sound than that! 😀 😀 😀

  12. You have again brought back a fond memory for me- this type of the ikan kembung. Used to eat quite a lot of it in the past, but have not heard of it for years!

    I believe this is Indonesian. This was probably the Filipino version that I had:
    but I think theirs had all the bones removed but they did not use the meat of the fish to make some kind of special filling to stuff it with. I really wonder how they do it!

  13. Everything looks so good especially the stuffed ikan kembung. I like the kerabu that came with it, I see that it had grated coconut so it must be very nice.

    This is probably the Indonesia style, not exactly like our Malaysian or the Thai but similar. Very nice.

  14. The chicken egg roll looks ok to me, at first I thought it was roti canai, hehe :p

    It’s naan on the outside, a distant cousin…

  15. Yeah, the chicken roll/wrap looks good indeed. I wouldn’t mind having that for lunch but my mind keeps on going back to the crab noodles. It’s very tempting but the price is a little too much.

    I feel it is just a gimmick. Would take a long time to eat one crab…alone and it would be very messy too…and if the pincers and all have been pre-cracked, there would always be the danger of some bits and pieces falling into the noodles. I don’t think I would want to go and try even if it comes reasonably-priced.

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