Back to work…

The one-week mid-term holidays were coming to the end and it was almost time for my girl to head back to work. That was why I wanted to take her some place for a specially nice lunch, one where she could get to enjoy what she truly loved…and in the end, she chose to come here for her favourite spinach and egg pizza (RM28.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro spinach egg pizza

…aka the Bracio di Ferro.

I know jolly well that she loves lasagna a lot but that day, she was hesitant and did not want to order that…and knowing her only too well, I could guess the reason why – these things do not come cheap and she insisted the pizza would be enough for our lunch. That was why I just went ahead and asked for it (RM18.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro lasagna 1

…anyway and of course, she enjoyed it so very much…

Bistecca & Bistro lasagna 2

…and of course, that pleased me…a lot!

The mum wanted the teriyaki chicken chop (RM16.00) that she had before and enjoyed very much so we had that too. Yes, it was nicely done, very fragrant from the grilling…

Bistecca & Bistro teriyaki chicken chop 1

…and we loved the coleslaw a lot too. It sure was different from when she had it before

Bistecca & Bistro teriyaki chicken chop 2

…and we would say it was very much nicer this time around.

The following day, Sunday, we sent here back to her school but it ain’t so bad actually as time really flies and it is already Maundy or Holy Thursday today so she will be coming back again this afternoon. Tomorrow, Good Friday, is a public holiday here in Sarawak and the school is taking Easter Monday off, so it will be an extended long weekend here for us. Nice!!!

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19 thoughts on “Back to work…”

  1. Everything looks delectable, and the spinach and egg pizza looks divine!

    This one is our favourite – my girl will want to order it everytime.

  2. Yes. Not so bad as another long weekend is here!! My hubby be back tonight.

    Kids no school on Monday as the school declares “hari cuti peristiwa”

    Yummy food. Love the pizza, Lasagna, and chicken chop. Like it that they have that grilled lines on the chicken chop. Haha.

    Yes, I think it is fixed by the state department so all the schools will have their cuti peristiwa on the same days. My girl’s school no off day for Ching Ming though, all Ibans there, no Chinese.

    Ya, my missus bought a pan for grilling to get those lines. Don;t quite remember whether she has used it yet or not.

    I guess your hubby will only go back to work on Tuesday morning? We will have to send my girl on Monday even though it is a holiday. 😦

    1. He would be back there on Monday. Dont think he is taking leave next Monday. So it would be me stuck with my kids that day. Haha.

      Oh ya!!! I forgot – it is not a public holiday. Kesian!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. All looks so good. I like pizza with thin cripsy crust & this one looks like it. Another long weekend is here, enjoy your jalan jalan cari makan spree.

    Yes, it was crispy thin crust. I do not like pizzas with the thick bread crust – like eating bread. 😦 Dunno how much jalan2 cari makan we’ll be up to this weekend. Both my missus and I down with terrible cough and sore throat – she had fever, not me…so we’d probably eat at home mostly, I guess.

  4. The chicken chop looks very juicy, sweet and sticky.. I like the wedges and I always prefer wedges to fries.. If can choose, I will request the fries to be changed to mash potatoes or a baked potato..

    Same as my girl. Oh? Why not request for wedges? Mashed, my favourite.

  5. Blessed good Friday to you, uncle Arthur and family, enjoy the extended Easter weekend
    Seems like the quality of western food from what I’ve seen is better in sibu than in Kuching-a lot of mediocre fare I find in Kuching these days, supposedly western fare that’s actually faux western and prepared w little integrity and adherence to the originals..

    Thank you and the same to you and your loved ones, a very Happy Easter.

    Same here, lots of cafes sprouting out like mushroom after the rain but most, I would not even bother to check them out. The really good ones are few and far between – I guess Kuching has its share of the good ones too, you just need to know where to go. Don’t go to that Bosnian Italian place though – was such a disappointment the last time I went.

    1. Appreciate the heads up on the Bosnian place, guess just need to be selective on the venue…take care and happy holidays

      You too!

  6. I will go for the teriyaki chicken chop…

    You haven’t tried the other two, who knows you may like them better?

  7. Nice looking pizza, with lots of cheese. I love cheese, but can’t eat too much!

    Why? You’ve got all the nice ones there – here, not many choices and not all that nice. I think these places get theirs by special order, in bulk. Those that simply use the ones we can buy at the supermarts, of course, are not as nice.

    1. If I don’t control myself, I’ll overeat anything and everything!

      Have to, people our age. Moderation is the key. I am thankful, still can enjoy anything and everything.

  8. Tell your girl, eat and be merry.. no need to think of the RM so much… after all, it is only once a week affair.. hahahaa.. Sometimes my kids also feel this way, I said… how often do we eat together.. Let’s enjoy for what and where we are now!! Worry about tomorrow later.. .hahahaa.. that is why you see me eating here and there… So nice to see your girl every weekend… Yes, today is Thursday.. A very Happy Weekend to you!!

    Yes, I always tell her, no need to scrimp and save, suffer so much, deprive oneself. She will insist on paying but I will not let her, only once in a while – I always say to her I have the money and I do not spend much on anything else, cannot bring it with me when I go, best to enjoy it while I still can…and she can save hers, still a long way to go. You too, have a nice weekend, Happy Easter!

  9. Ya lor Ya lor, just order lah, RM 18, Papa can well-afford 😛

    Yes, yes. Lots more where that came from. You want some? Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. Wow, how lovely for you to have a long weekend! Sigh….. our first long weekend is in May, Labour Day.

    Yes, April is going to be a looooooong month. 😦

  11. You are such a doting father. It always warms my heart to read your entry when it comes to Melissa. It was very nice of you to order her favourite. The fact that you know that is her favourite is really, really something. I’m feeling fuzzy with love all over now 😀

    Only child mah!!! But I do know of some dads. I congratulated one, the daughter came out top in a public exam and he said, “Huh? She’s in Form 3 already kah?” Oh dear!!! Many can’t tell me which class their children are in and I am sure there are many other things they do not know about their kids. Sad.

  12. I hardly have lasagna… But from the photos, it looks yummy, something I think I will love 😉

    It’s pasta sheets with bolognese sauce. I am not a fan of the tomato-based bolognese so I am just ok with it. My girl loves it.

  13. I’ve had the egg pizza here too but unfortunately I didn’t quite like it. I had it twice too!

    My girl’s favourite. To each his own, I guess…like how I know many love Hawaiian but not her. That is why we never order that. I’m fine with any…as long as there’s ham or bacon or pepperoni, lots of it! I think there is one with just tomato and cheese, the Margherita. No, thank you. 😀

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