There was a fun and food fair here last week probably held in conjunction with the launching of the Visit Sibu Year 2017 and if I am not mistaken, it is still going on right now until the Ching Ming weekend, 3rd April.

My girl and the mum did go the Friday the week before when she came back from her school for the week-long holidays but they said that they went early at around 5 something so most of the stalls were still closed and it looked like there were not that many compared to the food fairs in previous years.

That was why when we went again, we made sure we did not go so early, this time at around 6.30 p.m. There was this old-school Ferris wheel…

Ferris wheel 1

…that thrilled us to no end way back then in the 50’s. I would have thought they would have something a lot more interesting and exciting these days. I don’t recall having this…

Ferris wheel 2

…in our time but I guess that is more or less the same thing as the Ferris wheel, possibly a little more exciting with the feet dangling precariously over the edge in the air like that. We did have the carousel or the merry-go-round where we could ride  the horses and go round and round and they did not have that. I did see a small one with what looked like aeroplanes or spaceships – I guess in principle, that is the one and the same thing.

There was also a big area with all the Doraemon-themed rubber inflatables, probably all the slides but I did not bother to go closer to check. There were also those bumper cars that you can enjoy in air-conditioned comfort at the amusement centres in the malls and a lot of those fun-fair games stalls, nothing much to shout about really.

As for the food stalls, we stopped by this one…

Gabriel's Mexican chicken quesadillas 1

…but seeing that it was so expensive, RM10.00 each, I was not all that keen on buying…

Gabriel's Mexican chicken quesadillas 2

…but my missus insisted so she bought one…

Gabriel's Mexican chicken quesadillas 3

…for us to try. It was nice, period.

On the other side, there was a stall where they made these Chinese chive pancakes…

Chinese chive pancakes 1

They were selling for only RM3.00 each…

Chinese chive pancakes 2

…and they even had free samples for anyone interested in tasting it but we had no intention of buying so we did not bother.

I spotted this lady from the hawker centre near my house selling her satay and there were a whole lot of others selling all those Sibu Foochow delights…

Sibu Foochow delights

Ma ngee

…and those selling burgers, Taiwanese sausages…

Taiwanese sausages

…and so on and so forth. There was even a stall selling these pies

John's Pies

…but no, I did not grab any. The boy said they were still in the process of heating them up and I would have to wait for at least half an hour. I just told him I could always drop by the shop anytime for those should I feel like having any and left.

We stopped by this stall…

One of the stalls

…that my girl and the mum went to on their earlier visit. The fried or koi (yam cake) was not good but the sio pao

Sio pao

…was not too bad, chunks of meat inside, even though the outer appearance sure needed a lot of improvement and I would say the same about the curry puffs…

Curry puffs

…too. Well, the ladies wanted to go back there as they bought the Sibu Foochow sio bee

Sibu Foohow sio bee

…as well that day and they turned out to be very nice plus they were only 60 sen each, a whole lot cheaper than elsewhere…and my girl wanted to buy some of the frozen ones to take back to her school to eat there.

On the whole, I found it all rather unexciting and most disappointing. If it was intended to promote Sibu for the Visit Sibu Year 2017, they should have handpicked the very best in town to set up their stalls here – the best Sibu kampua noodles, the best kompia, dianpianngu and all the attractions…like how when they had a Penang food fair some place, they would get the best cendol people, the best char kway teow sellers to go and showcase the best of the best in the state…and not leave it to any Tom, Dick or Harry to set up the stalls according to their whims and fancies. If this is all I can expect to find in such future events, don’t count on seeing me there ever again, thank you very much.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Fairground…”

  1. i loved looking at the pics in this post … it’s been too many years since i’ve been to a funfair … i guess it’s something that’s more enjoyable when you’re a child or when you’re with children … but i definitely wouldn’t mind a ride on a ferris wheel! 😀

    Same sentiments here, that nostagia! The last time I saw those things was probably when I was a kid – granted that those at the theme parks are a whole lot more impressive and look very much nicer, they just aren’t the same. That was why, even though they pale in comparison, I just had to take the snapshots…for old times’ sake. sentimental value.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing

    In the past, as a kid, I would be very thrilled to go to a funfair, precious memories

    Nowadays, seldom have this kind of funfair in SG, still have, but not as widespread as last time

    Yes, we so looked forward to those fun fairs when we were small. Wait a minute!!! Where was the candy floss? How could they have fun fairs without candy floss? We would insist on buying that everytime we went to a fun fair way back then.

    I wonder who will bother going in Singapore when they can hop over to the grand and impressive theme park? I think these were very popular in the 60’s at places like Gay World. When I went in 1973, those amusement parks had all closed down.

  3. I like to look at and watch the rides, but not go on them. 🙂

    Kids would enjoy. I went on Space Mountain at Disneyland – my eyes were closed the whole time. Never again!!!

  4. I think the same people that come every year to Sibu?? Remember when I 1st moved to Sibu, we went to this fun and food fair. My girl and boy went up to the Ferris Wheel. I always have a phobia of been stuck up there. Lol.

    You sure enjoying yourself walking around and taking photos. Like a tourist in own city. ^^

    Happened to us at Sunway, of course, their Ferris Wheel a lot nicer but when we were high up, it stopped…and my girl never wanted to go on one ever again! 😀

    Holiday time, jalan jalan cari makan… In the end, went to Ruby – nothing nice at the fair.

  5. Big NO!!!!!….to fun & food fair or whatever fair. I just hate the crowd. Even though I have never been up in the Ferris Wheel, I feel scare as I have phobia of height. As I was told, things sold at fun & food fair are normally more expensive as the rent for the stall is quite high & seller has to contribute certain amount of money to charity bodies, how true is that? So next year is Visit Sibu Year, great!!!

    Yes, any plans to come and visit? Dunno what they have planned though – have not heard of anything exciting coming our way. Looks like it is going to be a year like any other year. 😦

    You must be talking about the charity food fairs. I love the ones in Kuching – they get the best names around to cook their specialties for sale – of course, very expensive but you get to enjoy and at the same time, you do your bit for charity. The ones here, not worth going. Most of the time, they get from the pasar malam and sell at 10 times the price. I might as well just give them the money – those would end up being thrown away in the end, anyway.

    We’re one and the same – I don’t like hot and crowded places too – that is why the ladies will go and buy things home, I just enjoy eating. I’ve a fear of heights too – maybe got something to do with age, did not use to be like this when I was young. Now I walk across an overhead bridge with loose planks, can see the cars zooming past underneath, I get frozen, rooted to the spot. So terrible!

  6. Kasi people chance lah Mr Wee, big shot hawkers started as Tom, Dick and Harry also mah…. *i sound so malaysian now yay*

    Btw… there’s a visit Sibu Year 2017? What else do they have? Too bad there’s no direct flight for Air Asia

    Yalor, and all the cheap promos for air tickets, sure Sibu not in the list one. People taking advantage of us, making big money. Tsk! Tsk!

    Of course, of course!!! That was why I went! I was hoping that those Tom, Dick or Harry would have something really nice to offer and I could buy and enjoy and praise to the skies but unfortunately, there was none. What a disappointment! Like that, I might as well go to one shop and enjoy in comfort…than go to the hot and stuffy (and luckily, not crowded, probably because we were early or everyone already went and shared my sentiments so they did not bother going again) fair.

  7. Our local primary school, which my boys went to when they were little, had one last week. We call them “fetes” here. There were no fairground rides, but some entertainment for the little ones, and of course, there was food.

    Grandma C and I had our dinner from a South African stall and it was pretty good.

    I didn’t take photos and missed the opportunity for a blog post.

    I think there are schools in places like KL or even Kuching that involve parents. Everyone would cook something for sale, proceeds would go to the school building fund or in aid of the needy students.

    I have not heard of any here and even if there is any, maybe some community service club holds a food sale, the students would just get all those things from the night market, that is all. Not many parents would get involved, come and lend a hand – I think in my 30 years of teaching, I only know of one!

  8. I’ve never been to a fun fair, mum never allowed when I was a kid.. Wahhh, so much food to choose from! I want to buy 2 things from your list – siao bee & pies.. I would go back after half hour to buy the pies maybe..

    Oh? So your parents never took you to those theme parks, Genting, Sunway? Same thing, just nicer and more impressive. Well, I guess you’d not miss what you never had or experienced so in a way, that’s a good thing.

    I’ve tried the pies a few times already, ok…definitely not cheap, not at all, so I am in no hurry to grab some more, that’s for sure. If these pies are not available here and someone sets up a stall selling the best homemade ones, I sure would not mind waiting to buy some, not when I can easily go to the shop to get the one and the same thing. The sio bee is good, and very cheap – that one’s worth buying.

  9. The 1st and 2nd picture, makes me think of my childhood days, where i like to sit…

    You remember Gay World, Great World, all those amusement parks? Or maybe you’re not that old. 😉

    1. I heard my mum mention about Gay World, Great World, but no chance to visit, no more in my time…

      You’re so young. 😉

  10. Hope the authorities responsible gets to read your post and know what to do the next time round…

    Hopefully. There sure is a lot of room for improvement, no use flogging a dead horse, same thing every year…and getting worse some more! Want to do something, must do carefully, plan carefully…and must be selective, not anything will do.

  11. very excited when funfairs r in town during my childhood years n have to save all the pocket money for the rides😢since my mum said she won’t sponsor them! Won a bottle of grenadine cordial once just buying 20 cts ticket n finished the cordial within 3 days n highlight is the Miss Funfair competition n see who won!Used to be an annual event long long time ago but it stopped…….Sl

    Yes, on the other side of the stream – the ngor bee th’ng stall on the other side. Can’t remember Miss Fun Fair in Sibu but in Kuching, yes – we had to give our entrance tickets to vote for our choices. I remember the Hawkins sisters then.

  12. Oooohhhh…I will never go on those rides. I am such a scaredy cat LOL! I see that you are not impressed by the food stalls. It’s not much fun then 😦

    Not at all. If this is the best they can do, don’t count on me to ever go back again.

  13. Nice! I actually enjoy small town fun fairs like this.

    Looks like I’ll have a chance to go since I’ll be coming back for Ching Ming together with my sister. I’ll buzz you when I’m back, will pass you something from Japan.

    Yes, still on when you come back. That is next weekend, right? Hope to hear from you then and hopefully, I’ll be fine – been sick all week, horrible cough, like I have a rock in my throat, bit of flu and fever on and off. Feeling weak all the time, old man. 😦

    I think some are coming home this long weekend – I saw people selling flowers at the Kim Tak carpark. Some, like my friend, Annie in KL, came back during the school holidays – last week.

  14. RM 10.00 for a quesadilla that is still cheap compared to here, in Auckland specially the CBD you can get those for NZ$8.00 which is roughly twice the price you get it there. I wont be fussed by it like you, I think i would prefer the Chinese pancakes instead.

    I would agree with you on that – did not think it was anything special. Wouldn’t go back for more even if it had been half the price.

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