Pick one…

My girl wanted to go back to this place again that day to see what other pasta dishes they have on their menu. She had the Alfredo the last time and I ordered the house pasta with extra roast pork minus the prawns for her and the mum to try and yes, they liked it.

Water is on the house and this time around, they came in these nice mugs…

Eternal Dining mugs

We promptly placed our orders and sat there waiting.

In the meantime, the nice waiter assumed that we would be sharing so on his own accord, he gave each of us one of those smaller individual plates. I do appreciate his initiative – that, I must say, is very good – but unfortunately, I noticed that one of the plates was chipped…

Eternal Dining chipped plates

They should ask the people concerned to be more careful in handling the crockery and considering the fine dining prices that they charge, if they want to maintain their image as a classy place, they should get rid of all those chipped plates and not use them anymore. Actually, I spotted one the first time I was here but I did not mention it…but just in case it is starting to become a habit, that has left me with no choice this time around.

I ordered the aglio olio pasta with chili flakes (RM18.00)…

Eternal Dining aglio olio pasta with sausage

…and asked for their very nice homemade sausage (RM23.00) that I had the first time I was here for the ladies to try. They liked it, tasted something like those chorizo sausages, they said. The pasta was more or less like what they call their house pasta but it was nice and we enjoyed it very much.

My girl picked the seafood cioppino (RM39.00)…

Eternal Dining seafood cioppino 1

…and that came with one HUGE freshwater prawn – if you go for those overrated very popular prawn noodles in town or elsewhere, one this size (cut into halves to make it look like you’re getting two) would set you back by at least RM30.00 or perhaps even RM50.00. There were also some of those not-very-cheap mussels…

Eternal Dining seafood cioppino 2

…and sotong (squids) in the pasta…and yes, it was nice but personally, when it comes to tomato-based sauces, I would prefer bolognese even though I am not entirely fond of that either.

My missus ordered their baked cheese rice (RM17.00)…

Eternal Dining porky baked cheese rice

…with pork from their set lunch menu so it came with a free drink, one ice-cold Ribena – it is a little cheaper if you opt for chicken and another option that I can’t quite remember now, fish, I think. They certainly were very generous with the meat and of all the three, I thought this one was the nicest of the lot.

I spotted some guys at the bar section enjoying the German pork knuckle but it was so huge that the 5 or 6 of them could not finish. It looked really very nice but I think I would have to find a few people to come here together with me if ever I were to get to try that.

All in all, it was a good lunch albeit a little heavy, service was great – everyone was very pleasant and friendly and other than the chipped plate that would call for a bit of attention on their part, we did have to wait quite a bit for everything to be served (but my more-patient girl retorted that great food would take a bit more time) plus I do wish they would turn down the music a bit. Maybe they can turn up the volume after 9.00 p.m. perhaps for those there for the drinks…

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Pick one…”

  1. Still everything looks great to me though am not a fan of pasta. Baked cheese rice, my choice among all. Love the mugs and oppsss!!!….chipped plates, hope you will not see any the next time you dropped by.

    If there is a next time. At those prices and all those odds and ends that are not all that appealling, I would think twice about going there again.

  2. Very nice meal you and your family had. Everything looks scrumptious. Personally I would go for what your girl was having. You know me, I love seafood. Mussel! Prawn! Yum yum.

    Its “spicy tomato sauce” was not spicy and a little on the mild side compared to bolognese. Not a fan of tomato-based sauces but I would prefer bolognese. Yes, as far as what we had, everything was good.

  3. The prawn in Mel’s pasta is HUGE, looks delicious and succulent.. And yes, I must have that baked cheese rice too.. I will go for these 2 dishes if I dine here πŸ™‚

    I would love to see that. My missus shared with us…and then she gave me some more…and some more…and some more, quite a struggle to finish. Serving’s huge, enough for two, at least – no need to order anything else.

  4. Such a gigantic sausage… must be very satisfying eh? πŸ˜›

    You wanna try? As they say, size does matter! πŸ˜‰ Bet you’ll love it to the max. Slurpsss!!! πŸ˜€

  5. I find the baked cheese rice interesting. Will look around to see if I can find one here.

    Seems rather popular here, many places serving that but nice or not, that is another question. There doesn’t seem to be a standard recipe – not all the same and some may not be all that nice. The one we had here was good.

  6. Wow that is a long sausage! The seafood cioppino looks quite loaded too. But the cheese baked rice, not for me because I am too very fond of cheese.

    Oh, you’re not? I’m ok with it but my girl loves cheese. Most things that she will take time off to cook will require cheese. Not easily available here and not cheap. 😦

  7. I loves the sausage, but will be very filling after eating it as it’s so long…

    3 persons sharing, just right. If eating that alone, halfway, I think halfway, one will feel like throwing up already. Too big, too much.

  8. That homemade sausage looks really appetizing specially when you say they were like chorizo sausages, I love them spicy

    It was very nice, nothing like the rubbery all preservatives and artificial seasoning frozen ones at our local supermarts – the texture is completely out…and they do serve those at some cafes and restaurants here, they do not make their own. If I want to eat those, I might as well buy my own, fry at home and eat – no need to get slaughtered at those places.

  9. My kids will love all the food above, as for me, I think I will opt for the knuckle! Gosh, talking about that reminded me of the ones I had in Frankfurt… yes, got to be shared at least with two or three persons.. too enormous to eat alone.. but now going to Europe, have to think twice… sigh…

    I think the last time I had a German knuckle was at Lot 10 Hutong in KL, nice but not that great or did I have a sausage, can’t remember now…and once at Modestos in KL too but the best one I has was in KK, a house-based restaurant run by a German and his Filipino wife, Gunter’s Gasthaus. So so so so nice. Only had it three times. Wanna share this one? Hehehehehe!!!!!

  10. I love the mugs, and I also love the new look on your blog! πŸ™‚

    The one and the same template, I think but the last time you were here, it was red – for Chinese New Year. Now that that was over, I switched to grey. I like this better.

  11. I’ll like to have the huge prawn dish. It looks good and it’ll be the same price in prawn noodles too.

    It was nice, just that I would prefer a stronger tomato-based sauce. Some of the things on their menu are quite good, some not so…and the general consensus is that it is VERY expensive. For me, it’s just the food that I enjoy – nothing much else to draw me back to that place.

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