Better place…

This café has been around for a long time now, going way back to 2009, and the food is pretty good but I do not drop by all that often as parking in that area is almost impossible in the daytime and on a few of my previous visits, I was quite put off by the service like on this occasion and this one, for example. It actually surprised me greatly that it, in fact, won the Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award in 2011.

However, that morning after we had sent my cousin and her hubby to the airport for their flight to Kuching, we decided to check out the shops in the area around Tunku Abdul Rahman Road, Lane 8B, right before you reach the mega-mall along that same road (on the left if you are coming down from the airport) as I did gather somehow somewhere that they had opened a branch there  and I was right (2.305251, 111.866347)…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, branch

I asked the lady and she said that this outlet…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, inside

…was not air-conditioned initially but they closed it down for renovations and had just reopened in January, before Chinese New Year.

They even have a water feature outside…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, water feature

…and I was wondering about its position and direction – probably at the angle, the feng shui is better, I wouldn’t know.

I can’t say that I was all that fascinated by the decor though I did think the birds…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, birds

…were very nice and I would use those very nice watering-can vases…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, watering-can vases

…to plant something that is easy to grow to replace those fake ones.

Thankfully, the service was very good and we got our orders very fast – that sure was a far cry from the not-so-pleasant experiences that I went through at the original place.

I remember they had what they claimed to be the biggest roti canai in the country and yes, they did have that too here in their menu so I ordered one to share. The nice guy said I could take photographs of the process and I did…

Making roti canai 1
Making roti canai 2
Making roti canai 3
Making roti canai 2

Yes, we all were in agreement as to the fact that it was very nice (RM8.90)…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, roti canai - large

…served with the usual dhal dip, curry gravy and sambal ikan bilis.

They had so many lunch sets to choose from but the lady boss, for whatever reason, did not want me to photograph the display of all of them right in from of the shop.

My girl had Set No. 32, the nasi bryani kambing  or the bryani rice, mutton (RM12.00)…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe bryani kambing

…and while the rice was very nice and so was the curry, unfortunately, the meat…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, mutton curry

…was rather tough.

I had Set No. 30, the nasi lemak (RM12.90)…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, nasi lemak

…and again, while the rice was very nice, very fragrant and rich with the santan (coconut milk), the chicken was over-fried…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe fried chicken

…till it was dry and hard plus the peanuts had gone all soft, not nice and crusty…and yes, pray tell me – where was the egg? Those very thin strips of yellow in the rice, was that omelette? Frankly, I do think we can get nicer nasi lemak at many other places in town and personally, my favourite would be the one here at slightly less than half the price…with half a hard-boiled egg!

My missus chose Set No. 37, the honey chicken rice set (RM8.90)…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe honey chicken with rice

…and this turned out to be the best of the lot. The chicken was really delicious but there wasn’t any sauce to go with the rice. Thankfully, there was the curry gravy that came with the roti canai.

Iced barley water was RM2.80 a glass and iced water, 50 sen…and the music that day, which I thought was rather loud, was the complete soundtrack from this Bollywood movie – I shall deliberate no further on this.

Well, there are ample parking spaces here and it is free but considering the location, we probably would not be dropping by again all that soon unless we happen to be in the vicinity or are passing by like that morning when we went there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Better place…”

  1. I love all your photos! My weekend post will appear soon.

    Thanks. So you’ll be posting once a week now, eh? Will hop over to check it out.

  2. All looks good in pix. When you mention that the chicken was dry & hard, instantly, it reminds me of the turkey I once had during a Christmas gathering few years back. It is really like eating tree bark then. Was surprised why the lady boss won’t allow you to take photos of the menu. Most would be willing, I guess.

    I did go past their outlet in town – they had the same display outside so I had a good look. No, no egg in their nasi lemak…and the photos did not look as nice. I think what we were served that day looked nicer. Maybe those were old photographs.

  3. The food looks good, but from the name of the restaurant, I would have expected more nyonya dishes. We do have one or two nyonya restaurants around, but I haven’t been for a very long time.

    Yes, the name is rather deceiving. I would not call it a nyonya place nor Indian nor Malay, just a mix of everything islamic aka halal.

  4. Now I am thinking whether to take Indian or Chinese food for lunch! Had biscuits only this morning… seeing the giant roti canai is really tempting though we do not have such a big piece over here…

    I try not to go for Chinese all that often outside except at my regular places where they know I do not want all that msg – but if I keep going to those same places, I would have nothing new to blog about. Sighhhhhh!!! So sad, my life. 😀

  5. the bird decorative pieces are actually really nice … i assume they’re very traditional indigenous heritage pieces. i like the attention to detail in the craftsmanship. but just while i was still admiring that, you distracted me with roti canai, one of my weaknesses … i don’t wanna share that plate, i want it all! 😀

    The birds look Indian to me, Indian traditional. They have the umbrellas too, Indian or Thai, not so sure. That is the problem with their decor – it is neither here nor there, no clear theme. Same thing with the dishes on their menu. It’s ok, you can have all of the canai – I shall order one more for myself. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. I quite like the interior. The lunch sets look pretty good especially the bryani kambing.

    It was good if you have teeth strong enough to wrestle with the meat. We loved the honey chicken, very nice. As for the nasi lemak, can give that a miss here. So so many sets to choose from, I am sure there are other good ones.

  7. Didn’t eat briyani for quite sometimes liao as find that the rice portion is quite big…

    If we cannot finish anything, we always tapao home.

  8. Wow I miss those roti canai’s made fresh like those, I was addicted to it when I was there. Love it with nangka, telur or even just the plain ones dipped in sambal.

    I don’t mind the telur ones. Lots of different varieties but I am not into them. I am more concerned about the dhal dip they give – must be thick and rich, really really nice.

  9. The food looks good and I love that water fountain outside…You have such a curious mind, that is so pleasant 🙂

    …and lots of time on my hands. I do think such things would appeal to those readers from overseas, not so much to the people here as they get to see it so often.

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