This is one place that we have not gone to for a while now. Like most every place in the town centre, parking can be such a pain and it does not help one bit that there is a bank a hundred meters away. It would not be so bad that one can’t find a space – you will see all those huge flashy vehicles, double-parked all over, drivers not inside, blocking the way and you cannot even drive through. I wish we had that lorry driver in Penang or the one driving a trailer in Melaka. Some people here sure need to be taught a very good lesson.

A good time to drop by here would be on Sunday mornings…

Ample parking on Sunday mornings

There will be lots of places to park especially if you do not mind parking, say some 30-50 metres away. The spots right in front of the shop would be fully-occupied, of course. If they could drive into the shop to eat, I bet they would!

We went at around 9 something on Sunday morning after the service in the church. I seem to notice that people around here would start coming out at around that time for breakfast or brunch so you should be a little earlier than that if you want to beat the crowd. Usually by around 10, all the coffee shops would be packed to the brim. However, on working days, every Sunday, we would be getting ready for our weekly drive to Selangau to send my girl to her school and dropping by here would be out of the question.

I noticed that day that the tyre shop next door that provides car washing services was not open, for whatever reason – I think they do work on Sundays, usually and if you sit at the tables nearest to the shop, it can be rather noisy sometimes like when they are doing the vacuuming.

I also noticed that they are providing new chopsticks and spoons at the shop…

Chopsticks & spoons

…which is a good thing. The moment you are seated, somebody will bring a mug of boiling hot water and you can pick the ones you want and stick them into the mug to sterilise them a bit before use. So which one would you like – the black ones or those stainless steel ones? Personally, I am not all that fond of the metal ones. For one thing, I am not all that good at using chopsticks and for another, those would be rather difficult to handle. Someone told me long ago that they’re either Japanese or Korean, true or not?

Both my girl and the mum ordered the regular (RM6.00 each) – their combination of a bowl of kampua kosong (no meat) and a bowl of the beef soup. They decided to share the drink – the Tiga Masam (3 sours)…

Ah Sian Tiga Masam

…and my guess is there wereΒ asamboi (preserved dried plum), limau nipis and limau kesturi (lime and calamansi lime) in it.

I had my usual kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) and for a change, I asked for the mee pok (flat noodles)…

Ah Sian mee pok

…instead of the regular kampua ones and the beef soup. I loved how thinly they sliced the meat…

Ah Sian beef, thinly sliced

– when it is that thin, it can’t possibly be tough, I think, and would be just right for good ol’ toothless me.

I asked for the special (RM10.00) so mine was a very much bigger bowl, around double the size of the regular and there were tripe and tendons in the soup…

Ah Sian beef soup, special


After our delightful breakfast/brunch, we went to the supermarket round the corner and yes, there were lots and lots of parking spaces and I just could not understand why there were all those cars parked along the yellow line by the building right in front of the entrance. Perhaps somebody should open a drive-thru’ supermart specially for the likes of those. Tsk! Tsk!

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20 thoughts on “Sunday…”

  1. Yeah, I hate those vehicles around the banks. They just anyhow parked and most of the time, double-park, where they parked in front of another vehicle until that driver horned like nobody business then the other driver will come out to drive his car away.

    I love the plum drink….my favourite. Not a fan of the thick mee pok , though it’s popular in SG, but love the beef soup. It looks so good!

    I love Singapore mee pok – used to enjoy those when I was there, closest to kampua that I could get. You can opt for the regular kampua noodles to go with the beef soup if you want – I just felt like having a change.

    Singapore too or are you talking about JB. They’re everywhere, eh? That is why I avoid going to the town centre as far as I can. I get so pissed off everytime.

  2. The last one, the soup looks good to me!

    My favourite in town but my favourite anywhere and everywhere would be Kah Hiong (Ngiu Chap) in KK, Sabah.

  3. ooo lots of parking space indeed on a sunday morning … and its nice and serene and green and grassy … from the angle of the photo that you captured πŸ˜‰

    Other than on Sundays, if you go out around 6.30/7.00 in the morning on weekdays, you would see this kind of scene too.

  4. That bowl of soup with tripe & tendons looks awesome & how I like the meat to be, thinly sliced. I woud love the refreshing drink your missus & Mel shared. Talking about the scene of parking vehicles, most are inconsiderate drivers, park anyhow blocking people from getting out but on another note (if you are lucky) some will leave their hp number on the dashboard. I have come across myself. Praise him for that.

    Kuching too eh? Looks like it’s the same everywhere. Nice of the guy to leave the contact number, very considerate. Trouble here is they block to whole road left, right and centre and you cannot even drive through…and nobody is in sight, they really don’t give a damn.

  5. I’m attracted by the mee pok – they remind me of fettuccine. I imagine the noodles are a little softer in texture. I’m a real carb fan though, so love having a thicker noodle.

    I do think the same too but no, the taste and texture are different. I quite enjoy these for a change from the regular thin and round ones.

  6. Mee Pork is uncommon here… though still can be found at some wanton mee places but not common.

    Mee pok, you mean? You’ll have to go to Seremban, I guess – I think they have that for the very popular Seremban Hakka mee.

  7. I prefer the black plastic chopsticks.. Those metal ones, very “slippery”, hard to pickup food in big amount.. The mee pok looks like “teow chiam” (soya-bean noodles), I had that almost everyday during confinement..

    Yes, I am not too comfortable with the metal ones as well. Soya bean noodles? I think I have seen them in the supermarts, look like mee pok. Never tried. I guess they taste more or less the same – noodles are…noodles.

  8. I’m missing this one place in sibu, i don’t remember the name. The mee and the soup omg was so nice that I literally drooling now while typing this. it was somewhere near parkson area there..
    psst. i wrongly write the place for the email. mind deleting it? hehe

    I think I know. Must be aho mee sapi. Not our favourite:
    They now have a branch in the Sg Merah area – facing the SIB & Catholic churches there:

    1. really? oh well, too bad. maybe only during that time. It was my husband who loves it there

      A lot of people love it, that I know – just not to our liking. Very popular and always very crowded. Like I always say, to each his own.

  9. I’m not too surprised those two lorry drivers took matters into their own hands with inconsiderate parkers. I probably might have done the same if I have a heavy enough vehicle and have schedules to meet!

    It seems to be getting worse and worse and these drivers, when on the road, show no respect for traffic rules nor any consideration for other road users, road bullies so many of them. I don’t know how this kind of gangster mentality comes about.

  10. Even better, use bulldozer to flatten those cars! Sometimes really frustrating and feel like spitting bad words back at those inconsiderate drivers! Where they got their driving license???

    Here is better and if done in malls, they will clamp your vehicles.

    Beef noodle! We enjoyed them when we stayed there. I never ask for the mee pok. Didnt know they have it.

    I didn’t either but when we got there, I saw somebody eating it so I quickly asked for that. Nice, eh, this place? One of our favourites in town.

    Yes, thank goodness you do not get to hear me in the car…but only when I am alone. πŸ˜‰ LOL!!!

  11. “If they could drive into the shop to eat, I bet they would!” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I agree with you on that. Malaysians! At the supermarket carpark, you can see cars hovering around the entrance (though it is already full) hoping that someone is leaving and they could park there. But if you drive a bit further up, you find that there’s lots of space! As if walking a little bit further would kill them. Tsk!

    Looks like this problem is nationwide. Well, so far there are two cases already – one in Penang and one in Melaka. I hope there will be more to teach those recalcitrant fellas a good lesson. These things are usually very epidemic – one starts, all will follow.

  12. We just love the kampua here, so very nice and has that “very kampua” taste.
    Ahem, are you saying my mum? Parking at the yellow line in front of the entrance of the supermarket? HAHAHAHA!!! She did that when i need to grab something quick, like few days ago i just want to drop by to grab some more coke life!

    I guess she was sitting waiting in the car so that is perfectly all right. She was, wasn’t she? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Ya, I guess you did not like the Ah Mu one as she used stewed/braised meat and the oil tasted different, not quite like the authentic kampua. Breakfast@CafeCafe last time even tossed the kampua noodles in the soy sauce gravy – not the same, not nice at all. This is the only place in town where Melissa will eat kampua so that certainly says a lot about theirs.

  13. Sorry Arthur, I cannot comment anything today about your post.. the pictures just don’t come out at all.. wonder what is wrong with my laptop, but I have no problem with other blogs… So I just read your post without pictures and imagine how they look like.. the kampua, the beef noodles and the assamboi.. just use my imagination.. hahahaa…

    Oh? Maybe Flickr was down, happens sometimes but quite rarely. You can check by clicking on this link:
    and you should get all green ticks if there is no problem with it.
    I have a problem with – at times, I can’t log in, all blogs, even my own. They say I’ve a problem with my browser but everything else is ok – all blogs (though I may have to sign into my google account to comment), Facebook, youtube…all no problem. Thankfully, it goes on and off – not like that all the time.

    1. Today is ok, now all the images are out… so this is the thicker version of kampua… good to have a change, at times I order the thicker type of wanton noodles too…

      Hmmmm…maybe Flickr was down for a while then. There is mee pok over there – I think I had that before, not only in Singapore. Nice in clear soup too.

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