She and I…

She’s my ex-student’s wife and I saw on Facebook that she was making some ang koo (red tortoise cake)

Ang koo 1

…and of course, that got me wishing that I could give her gorgeous-looking ones a try.

The thing is, here in Sibu, you may be able to buy some but they are all very small and flat which is a clear indication that there is hardly any filling inside, maybe just a thin line of it, so little that you can barely taste it. As if that is not bad enough, the skin is usually very tough and rubbery, very hard to bite and chew. To get really good ones, I would have to buy the ones in KL…or better still, those in Kuching. They really make very nice ones there.

In response to my comment, she said that she would give me some to try if she made anymore which she did…the very next day and she even went through the trouble of sending them over to my house! Now, just look at this beauty…

Ang koo 2

– so big and so “fat”. It was pretty obvious that she was very generous with the filling. They were yellowish orange instead of the regular red colour but that is in, fact, a good thing. If I am not mistaken, the red colour results from the use of colouring whereas if it is this colour, sweet potatoes are used in the making of the skin. If purple, that would be yam and if it is green, then that is because of the use of the green colour of pandan leaves.

The skin was absolutely perfect – sticky and chewy but it had a smell not found in the regular ang koo. According to my ex-student’s wife, that was because she used corn oil. Yes, there was a lot of the mung bean filling…

Ang koo 3

…inside and I think she also reduced the sugar so it was not as sweet. I sure enjoyed the ones she gave me to the max!

On my part, I did do a bit of cooking myself too. My girl was around as she had something she had to attend here for two days so she had dinner at home. That was why I decided to finish off the mussels…

New Zealand mussels

…that I had in the freezer, what was left from our steamboat dinner, the fried instant noodles that I dished out and also the so-called Sarawak laksa that I cooked.

I pounded one leek, the white part, with one shallot and three cloves of garlic, peeled before adding some thyme followed by mayonnaise and cheese and I used a spoon to fill the shells of the mussels with the mixture before sprinkling some salt and pepper all over them…

Ready to bake

…and putting them in the oven to bake.

They sure looked good…

Baked mussel

…once done and taken out of the oven but of course, the test of the pudding would be in the eating. Yes, my girl loved it very much and she ate quite a lot of it! Needless to say, I was immensely pleased… Wink! Wink!

I did not manage to finish all of them though – I still had three left and that would be in tomorrow’s post. Stick around!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “She and I…”

  1. I am salivating over the angkus, so plump and looks really delicious! Do you like the corn oil taste in the angku?

    I think you are a MasterChef in the making with your oven baked mussels!

    Blush! Blush! Nowhere near, I’m afraid…but yes, it was nice, very simple to dish out – just needed a little pounding. I guess most people would just use the blender.

    The corn oil has a distinct taste, but light – not as strong and as different as olive oil so at first bite, one would sense it right away, but it was not unpleasant, just different. Ok from the second bite onwards.

  2. Ang ku kueh. Could find every where in Kuching.

    Your mussels are well done. So beautiful. Would like to try it one day. Reminded me of the cheesy crab in the shell from Rock Road Restaurant; their specialty dish.

    Not all good but any would be better and nicer than the ones we can find in Sibu – used to buy from a back lane place in Padungan, best in Kuching. Dunno still there or not. The Green Road Ah Mu one in the afternoon is also very good.

    Oh? They have that there? Hmmmm…must KIV. My girl loved the Tsui Hua Lau ones, now Heritage – dunno if they are still serving that or not. Not cheap though but then again, it’s fresh crab meat!

  3. Yes, me too, love ang koo with thin skin & generous fillings. Nowadays we have colourful ang koo & most important they are using natural colour. I once say my friend making ang koo using bunga telang for the colour, beautiful indeed and the baked mussels looks absolutely great. Yumm!!!…weekend is here again.

    Blue would be very nice but very light blue – I think the colour from bunga telang is very very blue – just like some ang koo, so very very red. Yes, an a week-long school holiday. Yaaaaaaa!!!!!

  4. More like ooi koo than ang koo since its yellow in color LOL but it does look good, generously stuffed with sweet filling!

    I think my ex-student’s wife reduced the sugar so it was not as sweet as those sold outside. Good also, I don’t mind it that way.

  5. Your mussels looks good, me dare not try doing myself, as sure turn out no eye see…

    Not hard leh, just spoon into each shell and put in the oven to bake. So easy!

  6. The mussels – your own recipe? Looks very good. Love mussels, but I usually get them without the shell.

    Just simply added what I had – glad that it turned out real good and my girl enjoyed them. We have mussels without shells too here…and there are the dried ones – great in steamed chicken soup, makes it so sweet…and dried scallops too.

  7. Ang Koo…I love it. It’s hard to get a good and delicious one over my place. Always will go and get it from those Nyonya kuih stall that make good ones.

    The mussels..from NZ if I am not wrong. Yumms…I love to bake them with cheese on top. Lots of cheese.

    Lulu’s quite nice but small and not very cheap, Nyonya Colours should have good ones too. I know a stall at one coffee shop at Paramount has good nyonya kuihs, O & S or something but not sure if it has ang koo. Yes, New Zealand mussels – that is the only type that we can get here. My girl is not fond of mussels, the ones we had before, strong smell but these are all right, very nice. She loves them!

  8. I love ang koo! Over here they have other types of filling like peanuts and coconut, which I don’t like. I still prefer the original mung bean filling.

    They have the peanut ones here too but it’s the same – just one lin eof it, so little filling and the skin is so tough. I would not bother to buy any. 😦 Never heard of coconut, mung bean’s my favourite.

  9. Wahhhh… I also fall in love with the angku-s… so big and round and filled with mung beans… over here, I don’t buy those selling outside.. the skin is thick with little fillings.. sometimes when not fresh, the skin can be tough too… but the ones you showed here are definitely super yummy!

    There too? Sounds exactly like the ones in Sibu – I don’t bother to buy.

  10. This is really a sweet post cause of angku, that so much reminds me of Filipino muffin! and the mussels, never thought that it can be reinvented as that!

    No, baked cheese muffins are pretty common…but I am not one to faithfully follow recipes to the letter, just simply do it my own way.

  11. Come to think of it, what’s the different between the red skin ang koo and the yellow skin one?

    Is one made with red bean and the other with mung bean?

    Nice mussels, we managed to get a great deal the time we went to Melbourne. It was on special sale for AUD 0.99 if I recall correctly. Haha. Best discount ever.

    Not sure about the red and yellow ones – I think they’re all colouring. If they use sweet potatoes for the skin, it would be kind of orange.

    Yes, mussels in NZ, you can go and catch your own. My girl did not like the smell so she was never into it but the ones in this box were good, just a slight hint of the mussel smell so she enjoyed eating them.

  12. I love how you cook those mussels 🙂
    How much are they there? here its cheap NZ$2.00 per kilo

    Dirt cheap! I hear you can go and catch your own there, FOC! Those that I bought were MYR35 a box…maybe around 50 inside so less than MYR2.00 EACH. 😦

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