This wasn’t in our plan…

I mentioned in my previous post that I had to drive to my girl’s school on Monday and bring her back to town. This wasn’t in our plan. We sent her to her school on Sunday as usual and she was supposed to hitch a lift back the following day. A colleague of hers commutes daily as he stays with his family here in Sibu. However, his baby fell ill so he took the day off…and it wasn’t till almost 10.00 a.m. that I received word from my girl regarding this and we were on our way.

We got there at around 12 noon but since we left right away, we did not have time to cook anything nor did we stop somewhere to buy something for our lunch. That was why we stopped at the Selangau Bazaar on the way back and for a change, instead of going to the chap fan (mixed rice) shop facing the market, we decided to go back to this one that we went to once, way back in 2013.

My girl said she wanted the Foochow fried noodles that we had the last time and I tried discouraging her as I did not like how the sauce was clear (RM3.50)…

Foochow fried noodles

All this time, ever since my growing up days, the sauce had been dark because of the soy sauce and other things added. I do not know how or when they started doing it this way – and yes, they do it like this too at a number of places even in Sibu and needless to say, once I see that, I would never go back there again.

Well, she and the mum went on and ordered that and it turned out that she did not enjoy it very much as she thought there was way too much msg in it. Thankfully, I ordered this plate (RM12.00)…

Roast meat platter

…of roast pork…

Roast pork

…and roast chicken…

Roast chicken

…to share. The pork was a little way too fat but the chicken was good.

I ordered the dry version of their fried noodles (RM3.50)…

Selangau fried noodles, dry

…for myself and yes, it was good too and yes, there wasn’t too much msg in it.

So as soon as we had had our lunch, we went on our way…back to Sibu.

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16 thoughts on “This wasn’t in our plan…”

  1. Eeeeww. Too fatty, I also wouldn’t enjoy my roasted pork.

    It is funny that the Foochow fried noodle gravy was clear. Like you said, it supposed to be black and thick.

    Exactly! But there are a few places in Sibu doing it like this – I dunno where they learned it or how it started. Others do not seem to mind but for me, it’s a no no!

    Too bad about the roast pork – it tasted great, just way too fat and that put us off.

  2. Yes, Foochow fried noodles usually had dark thick gravy & this one looks like the imitation, hihihi. I like your dry version of fried noodles. Say No, thanks to the fatty roasted pork but give me the roasted chicken anytime.

    I know, none for you nor pork leg…nor phak lor sam cham, eh? 😉 No, not imitation – we have places doing it this way in Sibu too like here, for instance…
    No second time for me but obviously, many people do not mind seeing that they do serve it like that here and there.

  3. Foochow noodles with clear gravy? I think they fried the noodles first, dish out, and then make the starchy gravy from clear soup, then pour on top. Yup, got a feeling it has a lot of msg.. Clear starchy soups like “wat tan” gravy always got a lot of msg…

    Yes, that’s the way they do it – fry the noodles first and then cook the sauce to pour over it. I like it better where they put back the noodles into the sauce and let it simmer for a while before dishing out and serving. If my girl thinks it is bad, then it must be really bad. She is not as sensitive to msg as I am.

  4. If me, i see too much fatty, i will dig out the fatty part and eat the lean meat…

    That’s what we did and since it was so fat, there wasn’t much left to eat. Thankfully, we still had the roast chicken. 😦

  5. A bit on the fatter side, otherwise the three layer RP looks very tempting! Actually I prefer the noodles to have a lighter gravy, I don’t like the gravy to be too dark cos I don’t really fancy black sauce, too much makes the dish bitter too…

    You like roast pork, eh? Tastewise, it was ok – I think we have better ones in Sibu. Roast chicken was good, same like most elsewhere. Black sauce, bitter? What do they use? It’s just soy sauce.

  6. Do you find most places over there use msg? I usually get a headache after easing it so am a little cautious.

    Most Chinese places and now, the Malays are following suit. In the past, they used sugar in their cooking, no aji-n-moto. I do not understand why they need to do that as unlike Chinese cooking, they always use a lot of ingredients, all the taste and fragrance would make the dish very nice already.

    I would avoid places where there is an overdose…or if the food is nice, I would put in a request to add less or none at all. I do not have any side effects other than that very unpleasant taste in the month for a long long time after eating. Even drinking lots of water does not seem to help. 😦

  7. That roast pork and chicken will most certainly keep me happy. Roast pork, one of my favourite foods!

    I love roast pork too and my girl as well who for some reason, does not like char siew so I would never order that. These days, we do find leaner pork belly – thinner layers of fat. We would prefer those.

  8. I prefer dry fried noodles rather than with gravy. Very nice that roast pork and roast chicken. I don’t mind the fatty bits.

    Oh dear!!! If I had sambal belacan, I would gobble it all up, that’s for sure. Heaven! 😉

  9. quite reasonable, the price for the pork-chicken platter … it might cost closer to RM20 in KL!

    KL, everyone there kaya raya mah, so very rich. Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  10. Roast porkkkkkkkkk……argh…..dun wanna friend you liao…. hungry liao….faster poslayu roast pork over… oppsss…. havent use that packet of 5 spices powder to make roast pork yet

    Aiyorrrrr!!!! Expired already or not? So far I got very positive feedback from everybody I gave it too but no, I have not gone to buy more for my own cooking. Lazy.

  11. It’s too tiring to drive for 2 hours… back and forth.

    3 hours, 1 and half each way but no, it’s not tiring. I quite enjoy the drive out of the town – the only challenge would be overtaking the slow coaches especially when they are huge tankers and overloaded lorries and long vehicles and timber trucks. Our pan-Borneo trunk road is single lane…and overtaking is not that easy especially on busy days and peak hours as in a split second, there will be on-coming traffic, gotta get out of the way fast! Ah well!!! I guess that’s the only excitement I have left in my life these days. Hehehehehe!!!!

    But lots of you over there are stuck on the road longer than that and worse in KL, I know – the horrendous jams and many drive between island and mainland as far as BM and Kulim or SP but of course, your highways are multi-laned, very nice…paid for with our oil royalties.

  12. I first noticed hotels like Paramount doing it a few years back.

    Tanahmas was also doing the transparent gravy a few years back. I’m not sure what’s going on, it used to be dark sauce for me too, I’m quite puzzled at the new developments. The “authentic” one is always dark sauce for me.

    It’ll be interesting to find out who did that first and why people started to change coz for people like you and me, we’re purists and we don’t like this new see-through sauce so why do it? I’m sure there are people who like it, I’m just curious to find out why they changed and when exactly.

    I guess there are many who are not bothered as long as something is edible. That is why there are so many food stalls and cafes and restaurants that are not so good but they can still stay open. Some, in fact, do really well for the simple reason that they are cheaper than the rest.

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