My missus came home the other day with this pack…

Maggi Royale Sarawak sambal laksa 1

…of instant noodles – over RM8.00 each. My! My! That sure is not cheap for instant noodles, is it? I, for one, would never buy as it had noodles and standard Sarawak laksa is always served with bihun (rice vermicelli)…and for that reason, I would not bother buying the (cheaper) made-in-Kuching Lee Fah brand either though I have heard of people using their own bihun to make it more authentic and keeping the noodles for something else.

There are only 4 packets inside…

Maggi Royale Sarawak sambal laksa 2

Usually, there would be 5 or sometimes, 6 if there is a complimentary packet given.

Inside, there are two sachets…

Maggi Royale Sarawak sambal laksa 3

– the seasoning and the creamer which, I guess, is santan (coconut milk) in powder form.

Now, this looks quite promising…

Maggi Royale Sarawak sambal laksa 4

premiun laksa taste, mouthwatering…with 8 herbs and spices and a refreshing hint of lime.

I got down to cooking it to try, adding all that I had in the freezer – the mussels, sotong (squid), fish balls, not the usual condiments that you would find in a regular bowl of Sarawak laksa except for the thinly-sliced omelette and I even had some crispy lettuce by the side in place of the taugeh (bean sprouts)…

Maggi Royale Sarawak sambal laksa 5

So what’s the verdict? Unfortunately, I really must say that it was nothing like Sarawak laksa, far from it! Why, even the name is not quite there – we do not call it sambal laksa – it has always been Sarawak laksa or more specifically, Kuching laksa.

It had a very strong fragrance of the bunga kantan (ginger torch flower) and that immediately brought to mind the Penang assam laksa and the lime gave it a sourish taste, not quite that of the calamansi lime that we would squeeze into our bowl of Sarawak laksa sometimes, should we happen to like it that way. It certainly tasted like something we would find in Thai cuisine – my friend was running a restaurant in Kuching once and he had this very popular dish that he called laksiam, a cross between Sarawak laksa and tom yam bihun. I wonder if this…

Maggi Royale Sarawak sambal laksa 6

…is anything like that or not.

To give credit where credit is due, I would say that it was very very nice and if you are willing to fork out over RM2.00 a packet for this, I would say that you can go right ahead. After all, those from Korea or Singapore cost a whole lot more and the bottom line is they are what they are – instant noodles, nothing more and nothing less. Having said that, if you have never tried Sarawak laksa before and would like to find out what it tastes like, this is definitely not what you should go for.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Royals…”

  1. Oh…I never seen this before but I think no harm giving it a try. Nowadays instant noodles don’t come cheap, even those nissin noodles cost around Rm6+. OK, hope I remember to check this Sarawak Laksa instant noodles out this weekend in JB.

    You mean SGD6 for a pack of 5, Nissin, don’t you? They’re way over RM10.00 here. Or are they so cheap in JB? Yes, go ahead and try – I would say the taste is good, very nice but it is not anything like Sarawak laksa.

  2. When you posted it on FB the other day, immediately I commented it was definitely not Sarawak laksa looking at all the unfamiliar ingredients compare to a true bowl of Sarawak laksa, not knowing that you are creating your own laksa using this instant noodle. I have seen them on the shelves but never buy. If my memory serves me right, I think there is also kolo mee but is it this brand or other, am not too sure.

    Yes, my dad liked the kolo mee – would eat that for breakfast every morning…but not anymore. Dunno if it is anything quite like the real thing though as I have never tried – just can’t get myself to grab a pack when it is not all that cheap.

  3. I think I would go for those laksa cooked directly from food stall than tasting any of those instant noodles. ^^ Now you made me craving for a bowl. Lol. It has been weeks since I had my bowl of Sarawak laksa. I think the last time I had one was in January!!!

    Ok. Time to get my fix of Sarawak laksa (or like you said, Kuching laksa).

    Same thing with our kampua mee – sometimes, one is too lazy to go out so might as well cook one’s own at home. For one thing, the instant ones are comparatively cheaper, but minus all the condiments, of course…and the instant kampua is just like the real thing. This one is totally out – nice, but completely different.

  4. When I see the word Royal, I thought of Jackson’s family thingy (Tito’s grandson).. Showing now in Astro, “The Jacksons”, haha.. Eh, I want to try this Maggi Sarawak laksa flavour.. But since you said the flavour is far from the real Sarawak laksa, hmm, I won’t rush to buy it yet..

    Go ahead and buy to try! Even though it is nothing like Sarawak laksa, I would say it is very nice. Some may even like this a lot more than the authentic Sarawak laksa. I sure love the fragrances of the herbs added. If you love Thai cuisine, you will love this! Very nice!

    Oh? That’s his name. I was thinking of that Lorde’s song…

  5. Yea, doubted that too. I don’t think it’s the real thing, i didn’t see the sambal?

    Those who love those herbs like bunga kantan and serai and all may even like this more than the actual Sarawak laksa – I do! Of course, there will be others who will be put off by the “smell” – same reason why some people are not fond of Penang assam laksa.

  6. Nowadays instant noodles is the last thing i want to eat, unless really nothing to eat at home, then eat instant noodles…

    We usually keep some in the house for days when there is nothing to eat for breakfast and it is too early to go out and buy or it is raining or we’re just too lazy to do that. Will certainly not have that for our regular meals.

  7. With all the seafood you added, it does look good. Assam laksa is not a dish I enjoy, I suppose I’ve never developed a taste for it.

    We’re not great fans of that either. Will eat but will not go out of our way for it and given a choice, we will certainly opt for other things, not that we can get it all that easily here, more commonly found over in the peninsula – not here. For one thing, it does not even look all that appealling.

  8. Wow!look so nice! but i never tried these coz i feel quite pricy, better eat hawker food already… :-p

    SP got hawker food, RM2 something kah? So cheap! Here, we have…kampua mee but add all those ingredients, not so cheap anymore lah. Got New Zealand mussels some more, don’t play play! Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. overpriced for a whole loada MSG! I won’t even touch the Ipoh White curry one.. also phenomenally priced. LOL. And yes.. i was wondering what on earth sambal laksa is.. hahaha

    Surprisingly, I did not have that unpleasant lingering msg sensation after eating, unlike most of the other brands…and anyway, you get loads of that at many/most Chinese restaurants especially. This one is bursting with flavours, the bunga kantan, the serai and all, truly flavourful…and I added the whole packet of seasoning some more, normally I would just add half – too salty, too much msg.

    Still, at the end of the day, it is what it is, instant noodles so what can you expect and over RM2 a packet is not cheap. Furthermore, with all those ingredients that I added, even fresh noodles in clear soup, cooking from scratch, would be nice.

    Ummmmm…you mean the Penang white curry? That one got my thumbs down. Was expensive for a while only and then the price took a tumble. Speaks volumes!!!

  10. RM8.00 thats not yet crazy, there was a time when My Kuali Penang White Curry Mee and the Prima Taste Laksa was NZ$ 5.00 thats nearly RM 14.00 each here due to popularity and shortage, whats worst I bought them 🙂 I love those noodles.

    You do? I’m ok with Prima Taste ones though I prefer the fish noodles in clear soup…but no, I’m not buying – I think now, they are around or over RM10.00 a packet! The noodles are different and there’s more in a packet. I did buy all of them to try…ONCE each. Not a fan of the Penang White curry, extra hot…too rich/lemak…and at the end of the day, they’re just instant noodles. Not cheap when they first hit the market, RM7 or 8 a pack of 5, I think but that did not last long. Dropped a whole lot soon after but no, I still did not rush out to buy.

  11. Finally I am able to access your blog! I don’t know what happened but I was unable to access it since last Friday 😦

    Me too. It happens at certain times of the day, rather moody. I would have to make several attempts, go through or…and try desperately to log in. Ok in the early morning but of course, the Sleeping Beauty would not be up yet at that time. Ummm…I hope you did not think I have closed down my blog…or died already or something. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  12. I like these Maggi Royale series. There are many other flavours that I find very nice. Of coz this is nice too and me, who has never tried the authentic Sarawak Laksa finds this very delicious 😀

    It is, VERY delicious…though that may be because of all the ingredients that I added. 😉 But no, it is nothing like Sarawak laksa – some may actually think this is nicer!

  13. i like the very nice packaging for the noodles … and the final result does look delicious with all the seafood you’ve placed into the bowl 🙂

    That is why presentation is always very important. 😉 Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  14. Your bowl of faux Sarawak Laksa is loaded with good ingredients! OK, I take your advice that this Maggi Royale Sarawak Sambal Laksa is nowhere near the real deal.

    It is nice though…if you’re willing to fork out all that money…for instant noodles.

  15. Wahhhh… the way you cook and presented this bowl of noodles, I want to eat lo!! So beautifully arranged with all the tempting ingredients!

    Looks really good eh? I thought so too. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  16. No venture, no gain. But in your case, you gain more enlightenment on your epicurean journey.

    Yes, we’ll never know unless we try, right? I would love to try their kolo mee too but I am not willing to fork out that amount of money. 😦

  17. It certainly looks good. RM 2 per pack is okay I guess since there are RM 11 ramen packs out there (although I’ve only eaten them a couple of times myself). Also, there was a RM 20.15 bowl of beef noodles from Ta Kiong (personally think it’s not worth it, found out the markup was really high).

    The Royale range is quite decent, worth a try based on your review.

    Yes, those Korean ones are so expensive. It’s a wonder that they are selling well. Tried one a long long time ago, long before there was this Korean craze – RM2 a pack then, dunno the current prices. It was nice, liked how I could boil the noodles as long as I liked and it would never get soft and soggy…but at the end of the day, it was what it was…instant noodles. At that price, I would much sooner go for something else.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of the Korean instant noodles. I know a lot of people are but I just can’t get into it. The spices are not to my tastes. I still prefer the Indonesian ones like Indomie. Japanese yakisoba is very nice too, but too expensive at RM 12 per pack/box. It was just 100 yen in Hokkaido, we saw the exact same brand so it shouldn’t be RM 12 since oil prices are dropping and shipping isn’t so expensive now.

      Same here. I guess it’s the trend, this K-pop and Korean dramas thing – a lot are into those, including the ladies in the house. 😀

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