The only thing that matters…

If you were a teenager or in your twenties in the 70’s, you would probably know this rock band that took its name from a character in Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield. No, I was not into their songs, hits or otherwise, until I heard this one…

…which has remained a favourite of mine to this day.

Indeed, I was surprised to come across a contestant in a local talent show a couple of years ago named Uriah, pronounced you-rai-yah, and boy was he good! Of course he won in the end – the Astro Star Quest Chinese Singing Competition that year. This handsome young man…

Uriah See live in Sibu 1

…from Pontian, Johore whose mother, a piano music teacher, came from Sabah here in East Malaysia, went on to win the TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in Hong Kong that same year, beating the best from China, the US, Australia, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand. Now that was quite an accomplishment wasn’t it?

I saw some fishtail banners along the roads here publicising his show last Friday and it was in the newspapers too so when my girl came home that afternoon, I asked her if she would want to go and watch and she did – this would be a welcome change from our usual routine, a chance for her to unwind and relax a bit after the dreary and gruelling week at her school…so there we were that night for his live performance at a mall…

Uriah See live in Sibu 2

…in town. Gee!!! The last time I saw a singer perform live at a mall was Singapore’s Tracy Huang way back in 1973 at one place along Orchard Road, just imagine that!

Uriah kicked off his show with the rousing theme song from the movie Ola Bola. I didn’t know this one, only this slower one by Sarawak’s own Zee Avi, that was on television day in, day out way before the movie was released – it was screened during Chinese New Year and by the time I was free to go and watch, it wasn’t showing anymore. That’s how it is here in Sibu. Those genres that I like will never get shown here and if they do, it will not be for long.

This was the very pretty and eloquent emcee…

Uriah See live in Sibu 3

…for the show and for his second number, Uriah did a really impressive cover of Josh Groban’s You raise me up

Uriah See live in Sibu 4

…followed by his rendition of John Legend’s hit, All of me

– one of the songs that he sang in the competition on television.

He also played the violin…

Uriah See live in Sibu 5

…when he sang his own original composition, The only thing that matters, the Mandarin version…

Incidentally, the  music video was filmed on location in Melbourne, Australia.

I was kind of disappointed he did not sing it in English…

– he penned the lyrics for this one himself, available online on…but never mind, we certainly enjoyed the one-hour performance that night. If he were to come for a full concert, I certainly would love to go and enjoy more of the very nice songs…

…from this very talented young man.

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9 thoughts on “The only thing that matters…”

  1. very talented is right! i hadn’t heard of him before this (and i also haven’t watched ola bola, heh), but i bet we’ll be hearing more about him in the future! 🙂

    I only happened to see him in the singing competition two years ago on Astro and I did check out his youtube videos at the time. Had not heard of him since then, till now. Didn’t even know that he won an international contest later.

  2. It’s been a long time Arthur. 🙂 I pray that you’re doing fine.

    1973 and 2016 is such a long time. This singer is really good to make you watch another live performance again.

    Not the same singer but yes, that was a very long time. I’ve been to shows though, indoors and those singers and bands at music lounges in hotels and places like those…just not one in a mall like this.

  3. Talented & handsome young man but unfortunately I knew nothing about him. He has a Chinese look but his name sounds otherwise. Glad that Mel makes a welcome change from the usual routine.

    The surname is See and his name is Khai…so See Khai. Uriah is his English name.

  4. My taste in music is mainly from the fifties and sixties and a little bit of the seventies. Never paid much attention to Uriah Heep, but I must admit the song above is quite nice.

    Not into Uriah Heep as well except this one song. In fact, I wasn’t into those rock bands and their rock songs much except maybe a few hit songs like Deep Purple’s Highway Star and Smoke on the water. Memories of the swinging days at Barbarella, Ming Court or Lost Horizon, Shangri La…or Hotel Malaysia, later Marco Polo…or was it the other way round? Saw Heather & the Thunderbirds there. Know them?

  5. I thought some political party brought this guy in since the election was coming up so I was looking at the backdrop to see if there’s any indication of that. The only logo I could recognize was MyFM. I haven’t heard of this guy but music seems decent.

    Nothing of the sort. If you click the link to read the newspaper report on this show, you will find CafeCafe in the list of sponsors as well.

    1. Interesting…on a similar note, I bumped into Peter the day before I flew here to Japan.

      He was doing his dental work at the same place as I, Imperial Dental in Bangsar.

      Small world, eh? I think they’ve gone off to Thailand…

  6. Yea, I know this perfect guy, very talented and handsome (most importantly) >.< That was so close to the stage, guess in KL here…don't ever think of can get much closer to the stage, coz it was gonna be full of his fans…

    Sibu is a small town, not that many people…plus not much has been heard from him since he won that contest on Astro. I was surprised to see the banner that said he would be coming to Sibu. Great singer, very talented and we sure enjoyed the performance very much.

  7. Oh yea..I watched his performance during his finale at the TVB International Chinese Singing. He certainly is a very talented young man. I thought he looks a bit like Wang Lee Hom.

    No, Lee Hom is a lot better looking but ok, he’s handsome too. Hehehehe!!!!

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