I was wrong…

If I remember correctly, it was Huai Bin who mentioned in passing that the fried noodles from the stall at the back of this place was very nice. Fried noodles? Stall at the back? Gee!!! I never noticed there was one there or if I did, I never gave it any due attention as there were so many stalls around and one would be spoilt for choice. I guess everybody would have picked something to order and enjoy before reaching that section…

Chopsticks chu char stall

…which is not all that visible actually because of the structure in front.

When my girl was in primary school, I used to pick her up at the end of the day and if the mum was on morning shift, there would be nothing to eat in the house so we would have to drop by some place to have something that she liked before going home. One place that we used to frequent quite a lot would be this one, since moved here, and she enjoyed the rice platter with sweet and sour pork ribs by the side. Back to this one, we did go and see what they had on their menu once when we went there for the very nice beef noodles and when my girl saw that they had “set meals“, she said that she would want to go back there for one of those but she never asked for it again. Maybe she has forgotten. Probably it reminded her of those days when she was still so very young and carefree…or she did enjoy it quite a lot.

Anyway, we did drop by the other day and I ordered what I thought was something like the pork belly with salted fish…

Pork belly with salted fish
*Archive photo*

…that we would have occasionally when we were eating out. The nice guy asked me if I would like it hot and I said yes – usually, it can be a little spicy with the dried chili added. My missus wanted the same so we requested for two of that.

When it was served…

Chopsticks salted pork rice set

…I was sort of surprised that it was nothing like what I was expecting.

Oh dear!!! There wasn’t any sauce and I would want to have that with the rice so I had to mix it with the meat to eat and at times, I had to resort to the soy sauce and chili dip…

Soy sauce and chili dip

…that they gave.

This is what we call kiam sor too bak (salty crusty/crispy pork)…

Chopsticks kiam sor too bak

…and to give credit where it is due, it was really very very nice, nicer than any of the same that I have had elsewhere…and yes, it was very spicy with the chili added and also very fragrant with all the ingredients thrown in.

I went back to have another look at the menu and yes, I was the one who was wrong! Somehow or other, I had perceived it to be something it wasn’t…and on the menu, it stated: “Salted pork/fish” and not salted fish pork. Thankfully, it was good and we enjoyed it very much. I sure would want to go back there again to try whatever else they may have in store…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “I was wrong…”

  1. Just a little twist of the words, the whole thing came out different & luckily it was nice. Yes, I also like to drown my rice with the gravy of the pork belly with salted fish. Yummsss!!!…. Weekend is here again, have you done your homework? where to bring your girl jalan jalan cari makan.

    Yes, it’s Friday again. No place in mind at the moment but I think I will try and cook some nice stuff for her for a change. Stay tuned.

  2. I love salted fish pork belly. And I also love crispy salted pork. I used to eat that often when I used to work in the city centre. There is one Foochow cafe in Pending that I love to frequent for its salted fish/pork/chicken fillet rice for lunch. But now I hardly go….

    Reading this post makes me want to go back there. Haha.

    But Pending is so so so far away from where you are, like from our area in Sibu all the way to Farley or even further than that. That is why I have never gone back for the very nice salt-baked tilapia at the Lanang Bridge. Just thinking of driving all the way there tires me out already. 😛

  3. I will prefer the crispy salted pork…

    This one here is extra nice – I sure would want to order that again.

  4. Error or not, I like the salted fish pork belly.. Here I call it ‘harm yuen fa lam pou’.. Can eat so much rice with that alone..Hmm but yours was salted pork dish, looks good too anyway..

    Dunno Cantonese so dunno what that is.

    1. She means Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish

      Oh yeah! Yes, that was what I thought I ordered – the sauce would go so well with the rice…but unfortunately, it turned out to be something else, no sauce. My mistake. 😦

  5. well, as long as it’s good, boleh lah! :D.. sometimes good surprises like these can make our tummies happy 😛

    Yes, glad it turned out to be good, at least now I know where I can get to enjoy very nice kiam sor bak.

  6. Good that you checked the menu first otherwise you might not want to come here again… hahahaa….

    No lah. It was very very nice, never mind that it was not what I was expecting, so for sure, I would want to come back and try the other dishes that they have here.

  7. ‘salted fish pork’ would be pretty confusing to someone who’s not used to malaysian chinese cuisine … i can imagine wondering, is it fish, is it pork, or is it both? 🙂

    Can’t blame them, my bad. There was a slash…and it was pork first – salted pork/fish. If it had been the other way round, salted fish/pork, then they may be the one at fault, partially, at least.

  8. It looks nice, that crispy pork. I love anything deep fried. You like gravy with your rice? I am OK without it.

    Oh? But it is usually so dry and tasteless… 😦

  9. Hmm…I’m not a huge fan of dry stuff like this as well, except for fried chicken. Pork is very dry, it really needs a bit of help from sauce. I like gravy with my dishes that go with rice too, even at Ming Mei Shi I’ll ask them to do the prawns with butterscotch sauce (which they have trouble doing).

    They do not do that, just Ruby. MMS’s is creamy butter prawns, the creamy sauce clings to the prawns, no gravy.

    Yes, the fried pork with cincaluk dip at Tung Seng tends to be kinda dry – not that fond of it anymore. This one’s very good – I did hear something about the people at such places deep frying the meat first to seal in all the juices and keep it nice and tender. Not everyone does it well, of course, but they certainly got it just right here though I am not sure if that’s the way it is everytime. Gotta go back there again to find out.

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