Any other way…

I bought a pack of instant noodles the other day but I did not feel like having anything soupy that morning so I decided to fry the remaining 3 packets of the noodles instead.

They do serve Maggi goreng (fried instant noodles) at some of the Malay stalls and shops like this one here

Maggi goreng
*Archive photo*

…for instance. As a matter of fact, I did try cooking my own before but no, I did not think it was something I would be dying to have again.

Well, this time around, I had some prawns and New Zealand mussels left over from our Chap Goh Meh steamboat dinner so I fried some chopped garlic in a bit of oil and then I threw in the crustaceans….

Prawns, mussels and garlic

…shells removed including those of the mussels, leaving just the tails of the prawns. I had boiled the noodles and drained and I tossed it with 1 and a 1⁄2 sachets of the curry soup base…

Noodles plus soup base

…saving the rest for some other day. I did not use all of it as I was sure it would be really salty.Β Oh dear!!! I forgot to rinse the noodles in cold running water so I was quite worried that it would all stick together in a Β clump.

I was thinking that I could have it “wrapped” in egg, no, not like how they do it with Pattaya fried rice, but the way they do it when cooking our Sibu-style Ah Tor kway teow

Ah Tor kway teow
*Archive photo*

…so I pushed the noodles aside and broke two eggs into the pan…

Eggs added

…breaking the yolks and spreading everything all around before moving the noodles on top.

Once cooked, I dished everything out and served…


Well, I would say the noodles tasted great even though I did burn the garlic a little without my realising it. That must have happened because I was trying to cook and take photographs simultaneously – I am really hopeless when it comes to multi-tasking, that I will have to admit.

The prawns were so very nice – still very fresh, firm and succulent and I absolutely loved the mussels. In the past, I had had some that were rather strong in that mussel smell but not these, only very very lightly and I enjoyed eating them. I bought a box (in half shell) that day and I still have at least half in the freezer – probably I will whip up some creamy baked mussels with garlic and cheese for my girl when she comes home tomorrow for the weekend.

I did think, however, that it could do with a little bit more oil as it was a bit on the dry side and next time, I would not bother about the eggs…

Noodles and egg

– I did not think it made any difference to the taste but all in all, I thought it was pretty good and perhaps, I should go out and buy those dried egg noodles and fry this same way again with what was left of the curry soup base…and adding a little bit of green vegetables or taugeh (bean sprouts) to it would be nice, don’t you think?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Any other way…”

  1. Yes, adding some greens or beansprout would be nice. I think having the eggs do make it nicer just because I love to eat eggs. πŸ™‚ A very tasty mee goreng you whipped up here. Yums!

    Yes, I always add eggs when I fry rice or noodles – will bring the taste to a whole new level. Perhaps I should have just mixed it altogether with the noodles. Maybe putting all the eggs at the bottom/on top like this wasn’t such a great idea as the taste did not go into the noodles. Perhaps that is why people say the Ah Tor kway teow here isn’t what it used to be anymore. I noticed that there wasn’t any egg in the kway teow unlike before – just on top like what I did here so the last time I had it, I did not really enjoy it.

  2. Yes, add greens & taugeh. I super love it for my fried noodles/kway teow. I have never done my eggs this way for my fried noodles/kway teow, instead mixed it altogether. Yours looks great too with the prawns. Yummsss!!!!

    Yes, better mix the egg with the noodles, can get the taste. This way, the egg is all at the top – can’t taste it in the noodles. Not worth the trouble of doing it, more a gimmick, really.

  3. Eggs make everything looks nicer but i’d like mine with runny yolks

    Depends on what one’s cooking. For instance, I sure wouldn’t want an omelette on my Egg Benedict, that’s for sure…or scrambled eggs with my nasi lemak.

  4. talking about maggi goreng which can be found at mamak/malay restaurants, did you know some of them actually have a choice of either the malay version, or the mamak version? One is sweeter with prawns, while the other is just plain maggi goreng with cabbages and some veggies. πŸ™‚

    Oh? The one I had in KL, some roadside stall in PJ, was mamak, I think. Did not think it was anything great. The one here was nicer – with chunks of chicken, not the typical mamak style, I guess. Indian-owned, Indian cook, not sure mamak or not.

  5. The seafood must have made the dish very nice. This reminds me that long long ago, the first dish I ever cooked was an omelette with instant noodle filling.

    I wonder what that tastes like. Maybe I can give it a try some day – at least, it would be something different for a change. I’ve seen people using instant noodles in place of bread to make burgers. Never tried that but I’ve tried the rice ones at the franchise Japanese place here, so so…

  6. oh, you’ve won my heart … fried noodles with eggs is something i would never say no to πŸ˜€

    Come on over, I can whip that up just for you in a jiffy. πŸ˜‰

  7. If I eat instant noodle, an egg is a must for me…

    Same here, otherwise it is so kosong, all carbs, no protein. If soup, I would just crack one and let it drop into the boiling soup…or I would boil, egg white hard, yolk still runny. If dry, e.g. the mi goreng ones, I will fry and serve it by the side.

  8. Those mamak fried maggi mee was good but overseasoned. I do not really enjoy it much.

    A good attempt from you. I think a bit of green would be nice too.

    I did not like the one I had in KL…and this one I had here was all right, but no, I never went back for more. I think mine was nicer, though it looked quite a mess. 😦

  9. Oh, you managed to “wrap” your noodles in eggs πŸ™‚ I love fried noodles. Perhaps I should have a go this weekend.

    I bought some bihun from the shop – will try frying that with the soup base I have left, see how that will turn out. No more prawns but I still have some mussels and sotong – those will have to do.

  10. Aiyo, don’t say yourself hopeless la, once you’ve done enough times of it, for sure you’ll get used to it.

    Quite hard to teach and old dog new tricks. πŸ˜€

  11. Very luxurious!

    It looks delicious, I love the huge prawns you have thrown inside. Yeah, the ones in mamaks are VERY oily, they really put a lot of oil inside to make it taste better and for the noodles not to stick.

    I should have added a bit more to mine, a little dry. Just a bit more would have been just right.

  12. I had the Penang Hokkien mee cooked with instant noodles the other day and somehow it didn’t blend well, have to stick back to the original yellow noodles… instant noodles is still best with their own sachets somehow.. so far, I have not tried frying them before, but the way you did it.. left me drooling… nice combination.. yes, add in greens will enhance the presentation too!

    Yet to come across some place where they fry those instant noodles and I like it enough to go back for more.

  13. I’m not a very good multi-tasker either. Your dish looks delicious though, burnt bits aside – you could say you ‘caramelized’ the garlic instead πŸ˜‰

    LOL!!! That is what they always say, I guess. Tastes nice when nicely browned but not when it has gone all black, a little bitter some more. Will be more careful next time but ah well, I guess it happens to the best of us – Ramsey burnt his toast to cinders, multi-tasking, I saw that on youtube. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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