Your turn…

When my cousin and her hubby from the UK came to town, we dropped by here

*The view from the restaurant if you opt to sit outside*

…and had their steamed fish which I thought was really very nice and that was why when my girl was home for the weekend, I took her here as well for that (RM25.00)…

Tung Seng steamed tapah 1

…but unfortunately, they were out of the lajong that we had previously so we had to settle for the tapah

Tung Seng steamed tapah 2

…which was not as nice. I am never all that fond of this fish as it is not as fine and smooth and because of the stronger smell, I asked for it to be steamed, Teochew style with the salted vegetables and all. It was very nicely done and I did enjoy the more fatty bit by the side and I liked the tofu too.

My girl wanted this mixed bean combo (RM10.00)…

Tung Seng mixed bean combo

…with belacan (dried prawn paste) and yes, it was very nicely done…and we also had the Foochow-style tofu soup with canned oysters (RM8.00)…

Tung Seng tau hu tear

…which came in such a huge bowl and we could only manage to finish half of it. No, it was nice even though we felt we would have liked it more if they had added a bit more of the oysters for a stronger taste of those crustaceans but we also ordered this pork belly with salted fish (RM15.00)…

Tung Seng pork belly with salted fish

…as well and we were all too full so we had to leave behind what was left of the soup.

It sure was a scrumptious and delightful lunch, I must say. Now I’ve got to start cracking my head to see where I would want to bring my girl when she comes home for the weekend in a few days’ time…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Your turn…”

  1. Oh, so you like to eat the fatty parts of fish? I find those parts very geli though I guess the fatty parts contain good fish oil.

    Omega 3 but no, I do not go for it because of the oil. Sometimes there’s no oil at all, depending on the fish but often have I heard it said that people who knows how to eat fish would go for that part – it is nicer and smoother, finer like the more coveted expensive fish. I do think, however, that some fish are nicer than others, some are more oily and like I always say, to each his own. Many would go for chicken claws and chicken butt, for instance – not me, thank you very much.

  2. I actually like the fatty part of the fish (depending on my mood). Sometimes I’ll stay away from it but sometimes when no one is looking, I’ll suck them all in 😀

    Suck? Suck what? Wahhhhh!!!! You so good at that kah? Suck it all clean? Muahahahahaha!!!! Nothing much to suck leh? This part, only big bones if any, very fleshy. With fish that has a lot of small bones, usually this part, not so.

  3. I also never enjoy tapah fish because of its smell.

    But the pork belly with salted fish is my favourite. Of course cannot have it too often. Very oily. Sinful. ^^

    Weekend coming soon without you realise it and it is time to bring your girl around makan-makan.

    Yes, time really flies…and the end of next week, it will be school holidays again…and the following weekend, our Good Friday/Easter Monday long long weekend. So nice, eh? 😉

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Someone who is the same as me – not a fan of tapah. Dunno why everyone seems to like it so much, will have that everytime. Next time if they do not have lajong, I will have something else. The pork belly was nice, the sauce went great with rice.

  4. So comes every weekend you have to do your homework, crack your head & look out where to bring your girl to eat. What a good papa. All the dishes looks so so good & I specially love the tofu soup & pork belly (not too fatty) with salted fish. Yumsss!!!!!

    Yes, I was quite surprised as we ordered pork belly – mostly lean meat, only a few slices of three-layer pork but it was nice, even the lean meat was not hard.

    Yes, after a week cooped up in the jungle, not really proper meals – often she would not eat, just have a drink of oats – too tired, she says, to bother to cook or heat up anything…plus the stress too, of course – no appetite. Poor thing! That is why I make sure she gets to have at least one very nice and special meal everytime she come home.

  5. skipped through all the seafood and other dishes, stopped at pork belly and started to salivate.. 😛

    Porky eh, you? Hehehehehehe!!!! Fish is good for you.

  6. Never heard of tapah fish but I like those fish with thick skin, heard they are collagen, good for our old bones.. hahahaa… so now I eat more of that… but I don’t think I will go for tin can oysters, never bought or taste them before.. other than that, the dishes look appetizing especially the pork belly with salted fish… Really nice to see your girl each week… though I have three kids, I see them once awhile only… 😦

    Aiyorrrrr!!!! So kesian you! Your girl does not come home every weekend? So busy kah? Around 30 km only, my girl is around 100 km away, 1 and 1/2 hours. Their school is good, lots of work – sometimes, even afternoon and night and even on public holidays if it is on a weekday, they may have something going on but they all have an agreement that as far as possible, they would not have anything on weekends and during the holidays. That is why my girl can come back every week.

    Canned oysters, you can get that only in Sibu – hard to find even in Kuching, it is a Foochow dish – that soup. We do not eat it any other way, just use to cook the soup. Very sweet and tasty! You can try the next time you come to Sibu.

    I love fish skin. I noticed that my cousin would not eat it…and my girl too so of course, I ate it all. Collagen! No wonder I look so young. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. The soup looks very good. I have been looking for canned oysters recently, but have not found any. Keep on trying, I guess.

    Maybe not there, more a Fuzhou thing. My aunt in Kuching would cart home no less than half a dozen cans when she comes to town. Tried with (frozen) fresh oysters and dried ones, very nice too but not quite the same.

  8. Looks good all the dishes. I have tried pork belly with salted fish and I must say that it is one very appetizing dish. Must have two bowls of rice with that 😀

    Yes, the sauce goes so very well with plain rice – to me, that’s the star attraction.

  9. The prices are quite reasonable.

    I like tapah fish myself, I actually enjoy a wide range of fishes, even catfish (there’s a quite good one they call pak suk gong – grand old man?) over here.

    Not me, not tapah. I think it is a variety of catfish. I love ikan keli though – the one at Payung is so very nice – not bothered to cook our own, those slippery eels are so hard to handle…and my missus would not touch it. 😦

    Bak suk gong is ikan baung – used to catch those (small ones) in the river/stream when I was young. So hard to handle when unhooking as it has something very sharp, the fins or whatever that will cut the hand badly. That is why I never buy those – they do sell it at the wet market here. They’re very nice though, I used to enjoy eating them, just deep fried, plain.

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