Take me home, country roads…

After the week-long Chinese New Year holiday, we sent my girl back to her school and as usual, she was home again the following weekend. I always make it a point to take her to some place nice for lunch on the Saturdays when she is back and last Saturday, we dropped by here

Eternal Dining

I was here once before and they did not have a signboard then but they do now. They had their official opening two days earlier and I saw their open invitation to a buffet lunch on that day from 11.00 a.m. till 2.00 p.m. but no, I did not bother to go for that.

This was two days before Chap Goh Meh so the Chinese New Year decor was still up…

Eternal Dining CNY decor

…but it was quite minimal, nothing elaborate with just a little bit here and a little bit there…

Eternal Dining notice board

As you can see on the notice board, they are currently serving set lunches from 10.00 a.m. till 2.00 p.m. priced at RM10.00 and above and along with it, you will get a complimentary drink, one glass of iced Ribena…

Eternal Dining iced Ribena

…with a slice of lemon in it.

I did not go for any of those on their menu as I had their crispy roast pork in mind. I had that in the house pasta platter that I ordered the last time I was here and I loved it so much. In fact, I was so tempted to grab some for Chinese New Year, selling at RM8.80 per 100 gm but in the end, I did not as there were simply too many things to eat in the house already. Personally, I do feel that this would be a much better buy than those RM110.00 per kg bak kua (barbecued pork slices) and it was cheaper too.

Well, this time around, I opted not to have the grilled freshwater prawns and asked for an extra serving of the lovely roast pork (RM32.00)…

Eternal Dining roast pork

…to share and yes, we all loved it! My girl and the mum agreed that the pasta…

Eternal Dining house pasta with roast pork

…was different from any they had had before, chili flakes and all, and that it was very nice indeed.

My girl had their pasta Alfredo (RM29.00)…

Eternal Dining pasta Alfredo 1

…with bits of bacon in it and they certainly were very generous with the grated parmesan cheese…

Eternal Dining pasta Alfredo 2

…on top but like all pasta dishes with those rich, creamy sauces, one can only have so much of it so I had to help her out and licked the plate clean. Hehehehehehe!!!!

The mum went for one of the items on the set lunch menu, their dried chili pork rice (RM16.00)…

Eternal Dining dried chili pork rice

…and it did look like they used the very nice roast pork to cook…

Eternal Dining dried chili pork

…with the dried chili plus whatever sauce and other ingredients and yes, it was very nice. I did see somebody at the next table having the curry rice set and based on appearance alone, I think this one would be the much better choice.

Iced water here is free of charge, unlike a number of places in town and they were still playing the sentimental/romantic hits of the 80’s that they were playing the last time I was here. I was thinking that they could have turned it down a little bit and just when I was enjoying Miss Ross singing one of my karaoke favourites of all time, somebody turned the volume up. Tsk! Tsk!

My girl went back to her school on Monday – the school had taken the day off for Chap Goh Meh so we were able to have an early Chap Goh Meh dinner on Sunday night, nothing special – just steamboat at home for the three of us…and hey, It’s Thursday already which means that she will be making her way down those country roads to come back home again tomorrow, Friday. Now let’s see where I will be taking her this weekend…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Take me home, country roads…”

  1. now that CNY is totally over, it’s kinda sad to see all the decorations gone from everywhere … and with nothing to replace them, since there isn’t another major festival on the horizon!

    Easter is coming next month…so there will be bunnies and eggs. Good Friday is a public holiday here, not over at your side, and the schools here will take Easter Monday off so it will be an extra-long long weekend. Then in May, the Gawai Dayak decorations will be up – not celebrated there either. You’ll have to wait till Raya…and Deepavali, I guess.

  2. The pasta looks good and rich. And so is the roasted pork. Wish I were there.

    Yes. Weekend is pretty just around the corner. 😉

    I enjoy the house pasta, the alfredo’s just ok – like any pasta with the rich creamy sauce, not my favourite. Cheese lovers would love it.

    Yes, tomorrow’s Friday, coming to the end of February, 2 months into the year gone.

  3. Pasta, not for me. Looks too creamy & cheesy. Among all, I think dried chilli pork rice suits me but hey, not too fatty meat. Times flies, 2 months of 2016 just slipped pass like that.

    My missus ate it all – usually, she’s like you – would peel off all the fat. On the other hand, she would go and buy the fatty pork belly all the time – insists the meat is nicer…and the problem lies in the fact that she will painstakingly get rid of all the fat and eat the lean whereas I never bother, all will go in. Frankly, I don’t mind whatever cut, whatever meat or fat, as long as it is not too often.

    I’m just ok with pasta, not really into it – give me our kampua or kolo mee…or our local fried noodles, anytime…plus they’re cheaper too! But my girl prefers pasta – young people these days.

  4. You do celebrate chap goh meh? We don’t unfortunately… but it was my birthday so we actually went out for a great lunch (i was on leave on that day)

    To preserve our culture and our heritage…and for this reason, I would have fire crackers too – the very tiny ones, never mind if the neighbours laughed and scoffed at me. Many got angry because people asked them to go home but to me, the sad thing is the fact that they’re like some poor lost souls, dunno anything about their own traditions, do not value their own and blindly following what’s “hip and trendy”.

  5. Mel’s pasta looks so creamy and cheesy, I could lick the whole plate clean easily, haha…

    You like such rich and creamy sauce? Not my favourite but I don’t mind once in a while.

  6. Very nice food here. Good to see some fusion – pasta with Chinese roast pork looks like a good match.

    It seems that roast pork is in style these days, making it into pasta dishes and salads too.

  7. The roast pork looks good! I would sure order that one hee..hee… The creamy pasta with parmesan cheese, no thank you. The smell is too strong for me 😦

    Very nice, nicer than the ones at the regular char siew and roast meat stalls in town.

    You can see that the parmesan is grated – not the bottled powder ones, not smelly like those. I also felt that exact same way till I got a block from my friend in NZ, so nice…not smelly. Trouble is once I used that all up, can’t buy anymore here. We only have those in the shakers, not nice. Maybe you can get the block ones over there? We do not have much to choose from here when it comes to cheese.

  8. The prices are quite “heavy” here, the food looks very quality… roasted pork with pasta? Wow… I would dig in to the RP, they look crispy and fresh! So nice of daddy to go fetching all the way each weekend… do you still drive or is she driving by herself now? Yes, tomorrow is Friday, time does fly…

    No, she comes home with a colleague but the lady goes back 5 am Monday morning and rushes to class. Not a good idea, so we send her on Sundays. Not driving on her own – if you take a look at the Pusat Gerakan Sarawak Facebook page, you will see photos of the almost-daily accidents, very worrying to let her drive on her own. They should make giant billboards – show all the photos of the horrendous accidents all along the way, perhaps everyone may be coerced to drive a little more carefully. Those Kawasan Kemalangan signs don’t help one bit.

    Yes, some people seem to like the food here a lot but yes, the general consensus is that everything is quite expensive. I would say not everything is good – I hear the pizza isn’t great. Ambiance or decor is nothing to shout about, music is loud and does not help one bit to create the mood, open bar at the other side, so there are flies…and mosquitoes at night. All things considered, I think for western, I would prefer my favourite Italian place in town.

    1. So all in all, it is not a good choice of a meal here with all those conditions stated above… anyway, I still believe that once awhile is fine with everything.. like the fine dining I took my sis to, I wont be going there for maybe a couple of years from now.. hahahahaha…

      The house pasta was good, the meat platter I had the last time was good…but at those prices, I would think it would be wiser to wait and see if anyone shares anything on Facebook and says it is so very nice before going to try. At those prices, wouldn’t be a wise move to go and try anything at random as some may turn out not so good. We have a few fine dining places here – not as expensive and the food is good, so better to go to those places.

  9. Spaghetti ah..no thank you…but roast pork ah…kasi all mali…super love roast pork especially those with the crunchy skin

    Apa, you spell your name wrongly?

  10. The roast pork looks good, i will go for it, hehe…

    Only a little over SGD10 the whole thing, so cheap! 😀

  11. Time flies. CNY is over. I still have lots of CNY cookies lying around though. Thought of starting my diet immediately after Chap Goh Meh but obviously it did not materialise.

    The chilli pork rice looks so delicious. Yums!

    Everything’s almost all gone now – we did not have a lot. When I was teaching, I used to take everything to school and let everyone finish them off for me. Diet? What’s that? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. Sibu now got many new eateries?
    I love the idea of pairing crispy roasted pork with aglio olio!

    Yes, so many! Not too sure which are good, will wait and see if anybody shares on Facebook or maybe, I would drop by and try.

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