One more time again…

My cousin and her hubby from the UK were here before and she mentioned in passing that she would like to go back there one more time again the last time they were in town but we did not have time for that and this time around, she said that she would love to go back there for the rojak

Payung rojak

…and so we did and that was what we had. I also ordered the pomelo salad…

Payung pomelo salad

…that I thought they would love and yes, they did! The hubby loves pomelo, something they can’t get back home and enjoyed this very much.

He was still recovering from the bout of food poisoning that he came down with when they were in Penang so I decided not to order all the nice curry dishes that they serve here. We had the Payung chicken…

Payung chicken

…with its thick yogurt and green peppers gravy and also the Payung fish…

Payung fish

– their version of our Foochow-style ikan keli (catfish) with soy sauce and lots of ginger. It was a bit spicy that day with the chilies added but he was all right with it and I, for one, enjoyed it a lot.

I also ordered the mushroom roll…

Payung mushroom roll

…and we also had the durian and quinee (our local mango) ice cream for  dessert.

This was on the house, their herbs salad…

Payung herbs salad

…and together with the drinks they had – one pineapple ginger soda and one banana shake or something, the bill came up to over RM80.00 which was around the same as what I paid for the dinner we had the night before when they arrived but this time around, my cousin insisted on picking up the tab.

Thank you so much, Eleanor. I do hope you enjoyed the food here as much as you did the last time around.

Author: suituapui

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16 thoughts on “One more time again…”

  1. wow! is it the photo angle or the rojak looks “fine dining”

    This place is a little “atas” but generally, very relaxed, very casual – come as you are kind of place.

  2. Am sure they missed it so much the last time they dined here. Hope they enjoyed their experience this time.

    I’m sure they did. I was thinking that perhaps they would like to try places they had not been to but they wanted to come back here, eat the things they enjoyed so much the last time they were in town.

  3. One look at the rojak, I know where is this place. As always food looks great except the chicken as I am not a fan of yogurt.

    It’s quite nice – I’m ok with yogurt, most Northern Indian cooking uses that but I am not a fan of green peppers, so chau chay, the green smell. My girl likes it.

  4. Sekali pandang the rojak, I know this place already.. The Payung chicken looks so so creamy and yummy.. I thought chicken with cheese baked with creamy mushroom gravy.. I want jeli pisang 😛

    She didn’t ask for the jelly pisang. Anyway, we were already so full after all that we had. The sister in Miri would surely ask for it if she comes over, she loves it!

  5. You’ll probably visit this place 180 days out of 365 in a year.

    Not even 52 but yes, quite often – usually when there are visitors to town who would like to go there or for some reason or other. Would prefer to go elsewhere so I have new or different things to blog about. The downside about blogging about food – can’t keep going back to your favourite places.

  6. This place is a must go eatery place, when in Sibu ya…

    That goes without saying – they did not win the special award for nothing.

  7. Oh… Pomelo! Come to Ipoh and you can get the big , fat and juicy ones here and sweet too! Ask Reana to bring you around to get it ! Hahaha

    My flight attendant friend, Ivan (formerly with Air Asia, now with Emirates) brought me one all the way from Ipoh one Chinese New Year…
    …but no, we did not enjoy it as much – wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, overrated. There is a variety here – the honey pomelo, much nicer but still, one would need to know how to choose and buy the nicer ones.

  8. i like pomelo salads too! on its own, am not a big fan of pomelo as a fruit (the taste is a bit blander than other fruits and the texture isn’t quite what i like from fruits either), but it’s a great ingredient in a salad! 🙂

    I think you must know what to buy, how to choose. I do not go out and buy the fruit nor would I usually enjoy it in the fruit platter at the dinners at Chinese restaurants but the boss here knows how to pick the best fruits and theirs really taste great on its own but of course, in the salad dish, it goes up to a whole new level – very juicy and sweet and refreshing with a hint of the sour taste in the salad dressing plus the exotic herbs added. We all love it!

  9. Nice! I haven’t been to Payung this time around, my sister wanted to eat more traditional CNY fare since it was CNY. I think her maid would have enjoyed this, we had a little trouble getting halal fare for her, but she really enjoyed our Sibu Malay fried noodles, it was apparently very different from Singapore ones (maybe different region of Indonesian influence/cooks and here is closer to home) and delicious for her. Other times she just ate the non-pork dishes.

    Oh? Indon, I guess. They are not very particular, as long as there is no pork, they are fine with it. So our Malay fried is more like Indonesian? Can’t remember trying any in Singapore, Malay food, yes but not their fried noodles.

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