It’s good to see you again…

My cousin and her hubby from the UK were in Miri for Chinese New Year with her mum and the rest of the family there and then, they flew to Penang with her mum and her brother’s children – like Kuching, they have direct flight connections via Air Asia, but not Sibu and I wonder why! – to visit relatives on the late father’s side…and they flew back to Miri on Monday and the couple caught a plane to Sibu that same day.

The MasWings flight was delayed by almost an hour and it was almost 8.00 p.m. when they came out of arrivals, bags and all. It sure was good to see the two again and we stopped here for dinner before I sent them to their hotel.

Unfortunately, the hubby (and one of the aforementioned kids) came down with food poisoning at the dinner at some restaurant in Penang so he did not have much of an appetite. At first, I thought of taking him for some porridge but I was not too sure whether they would do something like that or not in England. Here, we would always have porridge and some light stuff to go with it, things that the weakened digestive system would be able to handle better. This was the reason why I did not order our favourite here – the very nice prawns with young coconut flesh served in a coconut. The rich and thick and slightly spicy gravy might be a bit too much for him to handle.

I asked for the fried pork with cincaluk dip (RM18.00)…

Tung Seng pork with cincaluk dip 1

…but I told him not to use the dip and just eat the pork…

Tung Seng pork with cincaluk dip 2

We also had the fried cangkuk manisΒ or manicai with egg (RM10.00)…

Tung Seng manicai with egg

…and the midin, ching-chao (RM12.00)…

Tung Seng midin, ching chao

I enjoyed the steamed fish here on one of my previous visits so I thought that should be good for my cousin’s hubby so we had that as well (RM22.00)…

Tung Seng steamed fish, lajong

…and yes, it was very nice. Maybe it was a smaller piece but it was cheaper than what we had here and I did enjoy this one a little bit more. Unfortunately, the poor guy was not able to eat very much so the rest of us had to finish everything.

It was way past 9.30 when I dropped them off at the hotel. It seemed that they had moved the concierge booth/counter to somewhere further inside in the middle of the lobby, a bit too far in to see outside and we had to struggle to get all the suitcases and bags up those steps at the entrance and drop them onto one of the trolleys beside the door ALL BY OURSELVES before a bell hop came to lend a hand by which time, we could have handled everything on our own without anybody’s help. Tsk! Tsk! I certainly would expect much better service at a hotel of this class.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “It’s good to see you again…”

  1. skip the dip? but why? i love cincaluk! hehehe πŸ˜€

    We all do, even the hubby – he loves spicy stuff but he was recovering from an upset tummy, no appetite and we would not want it to get worse.

  2. Once in a while I love to have fried pork but not too often cos very heaty, it is a nice snack, good to go on its own

    We seldom deep fry, usually stir fry, stew or roast in the oven.

  3. Usually concierge is near the main entrance where the bell boy could see guests coming in. Tsk tsk. Poor guys. Already tired and yet have to carry own luggages.

    Love what you ordered for the dinner. That fried pork is my favourite!!

    Yes, two huge suitcases and two smaller ones and we old folks had to struggle to get them up the steps – some 10 steps, I think…onto one of the trolleys placed in the corner by the glass doors. By the time the bell hop came, we had got that done ourselves and with everything on the trolley, we could have managed it all on our own – no need for them anymore. And it’s not one of those cheap hotels. I heard the waiters at the cafe spent a lot more time on their smartphones than on paying attention to the guests – bad, real bad!

    You’ve been here before? Nice place but I would not say it is all that cheap, vegetables at RM10 or RM12 a plate seem a little pricier than a lot of other places.

    1. Never been to this eatery. I know where it is.

      So did you guys give the bell boy tip in the end? ^^

      I did try a couple of times earlier, nice but it did not stand out but now, it has a few outstanding dishes, getting to be very popular.

      I dunno if they gave – I just dropped them off to go and check in by themselves, did not go up to the room with them.

  4. Actually all are my favourite dishes & that one dish, fried pork with cincaluk dip is to die for. Love it heaps & heaps…..

    I love the prawns in a coconut here best.

  5. IDK those dishes but i love those greeny foods, nice that you enjoy the celebration with your family eh! Happy new year!

    Bet you have steamed fish there but yes, everything was good. Happy New Year to you too.

  6. Cincaluk dip sounds interesting.. Never tried cincaluk before, I only know it’s in a bottle, dark pinkish-greyish like that..

    Very little in the dip, don’t mind it a little stronger…with our own cincaluk from Bintulu, more fragrant and not as salty as the ones from Malacca.

  7. All the foods, i like, especially the fish…

    Yes, fish was good. I think I would take my girl there soon for that. She’d love it, I’m sure.

  8. good idea, eat the pork, savour the sensation, enjoy the flavour, the juices. Dump the sauce.. eh wait. Why don’t want to dip? Cincaluk should be good, no?

    VERY good, all of us enjoyed dipping and eating. It was my cousin’s hubby, recovering from food poisoning in Penang, some restaurant at YMCA or where. But I did see him dipping the meat in the cincaluk too, regardless but he stopped eating after a while – couldn’t take in anymore. Sad.

  9. Yea, they need to have direct flight to Sibu from Penang, i’d drop by and say hi if they do so πŸ˜€

    You would see me there very often when they do! πŸ˜‰

  10. A very long way to come, from the UK. I don’t think I’d enjoy the long flight. The pork with cincalok sounds very interesting.

    Me neither but they travel a lot so I guess they are very used to it. Flying off today to KL, transit to Bali…and they will be flying straight home from Bali, transit KL. I heard that they flew to New Zealand with just a transit stop in KL. That would be so many hours. Shudders!!!

  11. Oh dear, how awful to get food poisoning while on holiday 😦

    Yes, luckily, it was just that night when they arrived – the poor guy hardly ate anything, just drank 100plus. Thankfully, he was ok already the next day.

  12. That’s such a pity of the hubby and kid to be down with food poisoning. It was nice of them though to still carry on with dinner. If I was in their shoes, I may just want to lie down and rest in the hotel.

    The kid – our nephew, son of the brother of the cousin who came – went back to Miri, he did not come with them. Yes, that was why we just had a quick dinner on the way down from the airport and then I sent them straight to the hotel…with two cans of 100plus on standby.

  13. Getting food poisoning when traveling is a nightmare too… cannot enjoy food… I remember when I was in Kuching, I had food poisoning too… missed the buffet dinner my office organized and stayed in bed instead… Not all hotels bellboys are observant… some wait for you to go inside the hotel while some stand outside to wait for guests…

    It used to be very good at this hotel – they would come running out the moment they saw anyone coming and they would open and close the door for you no matter how many times you walked in and out. The problem, I feel, is they moved their station to the middle of the lobby, further in, so they cannot see what’s outside so they will not come running unless you go in and call them.

    My cousin and her hubby did not mind though and they said the people at the reception counter were very nice too – they were rather pissed off by the waiting staff at the cafe though. The hotel admin sure would need to do something about it – I did see a lot of grouses on their Facebook page too.

    Now when I travel I will bring my bottle of chi kit pills – instant relief, works everytime so I no longer have a problem. Can eat anything and everything!

  14. always enjoy seeing my favourite cangkuk manis. seems like quite a common dish you enjoy having.

    Yes, we love its sweetness – prefer it to a lot of other vegetables, commonly available everywhere.

  15. RM 22 for steamed fish is a great price!

    I’ll be sure to pop over next time and order some too. I think that ordering fish is always a bit tricky, the prices can fluctuate so much, for CNY the one I had was over RM 200+ for 1.3 kg but the price was written clearly so I don’t have a problem with that. A lot of places don’t tell you the price beforehand though, and some have really high cooking charges. Usually it’s about RM 25 for cooking charge over here (if you bring your own fish) though it can be higher for premium restaurants so RM 22 for a fillet of fish is quite good.

    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised too. Usually I would not order steamed fresh fish – the bill can be quite substantial, same with prawns and crabs. Same here, I would want to go back there again for the steamed fish – they do it really well. Over RM200 for over 1 kg? Gosh!!! What did you have? Empurau? That costs a bomb, Chinese New Year or no Chinese New Year

    You must try the prawns with young coconut flesh served in a coconut here – it is very nice!!!

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