Not all bad…

Well, actually, the nasi kerabu that we had here was not too bad, just that we thought the one at this other place was a lot nicer…but no, I wouldn’t want to order their ayam percik again, not when they are using that kind of frozen chicken with the somewhat mushy texture of the not-too-tasty meat.

However, we went back there again the other day because I saw that they had laksam on their menu and my girl loves that! This is a Kelantan dish (RM6.00)…

Keripan laksam

…with those chee cheong fan-like sheets all rolled up and served in rich, thick fish gravy. The gravy was very nice despite the fact that my girl spotted two or three fish bones in it but unfortunately, the “noodles” were hard/chewy/rubbery, not nice and fine and smooth like really good chee cheong fan so my girl did not quite enjoy it.

The mum had the nasi lemak

Keripan nasi lemak sambal sotong
*Now, that has got to be the ugliest fried egg I have ever seen!*

…with sambal sotong (RM6.50)…

Sambal sotong

…and they even gave a slice of salted ikan kembong with it…

Salted fish

…and yes, it was very nice but when I tried a bit, she had already mixed everything together so I was not able to tell how lemak the rice actually was.

As for me, I saw lontong on their menu and I quickly ordered that to try. So far, I have not seen this served in any of the shops around town and all that I had had so far would be those sold in packets at some stalls and I would not say that any of them swept me off my feet.

The one I had that morning was pretty good and it had tempeh in it (RM5.50)…

Keripan lontong, tempeh

…and was served with a bit of the nasi lemak sambal ikan bilis

Keripan lontong

Yes, I would say it was very nice but at that price, maybe I would think twice about having it again or if I do, it probably will not be all that soon…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Not all bad…”

  1. I would like to try the laksam. Never had it before. Such pity it wasnt that good.

    The gravy was great, just the texture of the “noodles” – my girl did not think it was good and was not all that thrilled. Like chee cheong fan, I guess. Some know how to make really great ones – so thin and fine and smooth, almost translucent, others not so.

  2. LoL at that fried egg. That is not too bad. I’ve seen worse.

    I have not eaten laksam before. Would love to try it out one day.

    You have? Yours? Muahahahahaha!!!! You’ve had lontong? Any nice must-eat one over there? There was the Lontong House in Singapore…I first had this there a long long time ago, 1973. 😀

  3. I think Absolute Tribal has laksam if I am not wrong but unfortunately I have never eaten before and so is lontong. Though the egg doesn’t look presentable but still the nasi lemak looks good to me.

    Not the same. Theirs is Laksiam – a cross between our Sarawak laksa and Thai tom yam. I never tried either, seems a lot of people loved it. Yes, the nasi lemak was good, nice sambal and sambal sotong but even plain rice would be nice if mixed with the sambals like that.

  4. Good morning and happy CNY to you & family! Am back to work, and am feeling like a newbie reporting to work on the first day.. huhuhu..

    Hello!!! And a Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Welcome back! You sure sound thrilled to be back at work? Hope everything’s good at your end, baby and all.

  5. Not fond of lontong. But would order nasi lemak. Fry egg i hentam aje la

    Any in KL? If you do not like lontong, then you will not like Katong laksa. The broth is along that same line, like masak lemak.

  6. That Chee Cheong Fun is fun to eat sometimes but probably a little jelak to finish all

    Oh? Penang ones maybe? With all that thick rojak prawn paste. Elsewhere, it is usually something with a mild taste and there is usually not all that much to go round. All gone in no time at all.

  7. I don’t know laksam – have never heard of it before. Is the nasi lemak green because of the pandan leaves?

    Yes, the pandan would add to the fragrance but it’s the lemakness from the santan that I would look for.

  8. yes the rice has to be totally lemak otherwise fail! And that’s why generally as a rule of thumb I don’t eat Chinese Nasi Lemak coz they always wanna make money and stinge on the coconut milk. Malay ones in Ampang area on the other hand, rock the lemak! haha. Also, that egg fail la in your photo. I won’t even eat yolk that’s cooked like that!

    I don’t see what is so difficult about frying eggs. I do it all the time, no problem at all…except maybe when I am not careful, the yolk gets broken but I sure would not end up getting a fried egg looking like that. How can one be in the food business when one cannot even fry an egg!

  9. laksam in sibu! that’s quite unexpected! even in KL, laksam isn’t easy to find … some outlets serve it only on weekends, cos they say it’s quite painstaking to prepare 😉

    They have fish in the gravy, like Penang assam laksa – maybe that is the tedious part in the preparation and three strands of the bones managed to escape into it. 😦

  10. Somehow I am not fond of laksam. I prefer the red laksa. As for lontong, I like the gravy and everything else except the ketupat LOL!

    I love ketupat! If I go for satay, I would want ketupat to go with the peanut sauce, more than the meat. Would be so disappointed at some satay p[laces here – they do not have ketupat, not even the factory-produced ones. 😦 Red laksa? I wonder if they have that at this place – will check it out next time.

  11. Is that green rice I see in the nasi lemak?

    Pandan leaves colouring – easy, just pound the leaves and use…and you will get the nice flavour as well. They do sell this bottled too if you can’t get any fresh leaves where you are. Lots here.

    1. I haven’t seen it around in the Asian market, but I’ll be sure to ask the shops. =)

      Probably those selling bakery supplies there would have it.

  12. It has been a long while since I have Malay food… Miss the nasi lemak and the laksa… yes, the salted fish too.. it really goes well with nasi lemak or any curry rice..

    Been eating all the good food here, there and everywhere, eh? You have lots of Malay food there, not a problem – not so much here, there are not so many of them here.

  13. I love lontong anytime especially the gravy, but I usually don’t eat the “hard thing” inside lontong, wonder what is that called?

    What hard thing? There’s just the ketupat or nasi empit, nothing hard – or perhaps it was not well-cooked?

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