No, I’m not into Valentine’s Day but yes, I do think that our society in general and the world at large do need a lot more love…

Hearts 1

…these days so Happy Valentine’s Day, all.Β Keep the peace and spread the love!

It does seem a little quiet this year unlike in previous years, when all the florists and the gift shops and the restaurants would cash in on this special but over-commercialised occasion to fleece those willing victims and that is probably because it coincides with Chinese New Year and everybody was busy celebrating and they did not realise that Valentine’s Day was fast approaching…or perhaps, times are hard and with our frail economy, everyone is feeling the pinch and is careful enough not to squander everything away and would rather choose to be a little bit prudent and save what they can for the rainy stormy days ahead?

Or maybe it is the season of Lent for Christians beginning on Ash Wednesday which was a day of fasting and abstinence for Catholics…but elderly people over 60 years old like me are exempted. Nonetheless, I did abstain from meat and had light and simple meals for breakfast and lunch…

Light and simple

…till the sun went down.

I also took a break from my Chinese New Year open house that day and sadly, I had friends from Sarikei and Miri who wanted to drop by but they did not do so as they saw what I had posted on Facebook and by the next day, they had all gone back. I guess I would have to wait till Chinese New Year next year before I can get to see them again then.

My open house resumed the following day and that morning, I fried this plate of tom yam bihun

Fried tom yam bihun

…for breakfast but no, we did not serve any more of the food we had on the first and second day so those who dropped by only had the cookies and cakes to help themselves to.

We had a lot of rice left in the fridge – it sure looked like everyone would go for the dishes and not so much the rice so on another day, I whipped up my usual fried rice, Chinese-style in line with the festive season, with luncheon meat cut into small cubes, leek and egg…

Chinese fried rice

I would have used lap cheong instead but my girl is more into luncheon meat plus I am keeping the precious wine-infused ones I got from my friend, Annie – still in the sealed plastic pack and kept in the fridge, for other days.

Thank you so very much especially to those who took the trouble to drop by my house and extend their good wishes for Chinese New Year…and thank you once again to those who sent cards and gifts for this very special occasion, thank you for being so thoughtful and so generous..and thanks also to my old friend (kawan lama, not kawan tua…wink…wink), Siti, who brought these lovely chocolate almond cookies…

Chocolate almond cookies

…that her nieces made, for me when she came visiting…and thank you, everyone, for all for the greetings via Facebook or smses. Let us hope and pray for a wonderfully awesome Year of the Monkey for all of us! Cheers!!!

My girl will be going back to her school today so I guess that would be it for Chinese New Year visiting this year…

Hearts 2

…but of course, anyone, family or friend – is free to drop by anytime. Our doors are always open and all can be assured that they would be warmly welcomed.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Hearts…”

  1. Valentine’s…. what a day but looking on the bright side, i get to save a penny for not having a date! πŸ˜€

    Yes, at tough times like this, it is good to save and I do feel it is high time to teach all those individuals a lesson, boycott them…like how I did not buy nor eat bak kua this year and I do not buy those unreasonable-priced mooncakes anymore.

    1. I heard over the radio this morning… they called it “Single Awareness Day” aka “S.A.D” LOL! But it’s true that people become more conscious about their relationship status on that day πŸ˜›

      Oh??? So that is what the acronym is – SAD, did not occur to me at all. At times it is good to be single…and free. πŸ˜‰

  2. Wishing you and everyone a wonderful year too. I think it is good that once in a while we refrain from eating meat to develop our spiritual side.

    Thank you. Yes, sacrifice, do without or settle for less.

  3. i’m not celebrating valentine’s day this year either … but hopefully you and your wife will enjoy spending your day together … a long marriage does seem like the greatest valentine’s gift a couple can give each other πŸ™‚

    You’re not? Awwwwwww!!!!! We’re not either – for us, it’s like Valentine’s Day every day, giving and taking in everything we do and we do dine out a lot so no point paying through our noses to go and eat the same things that we get to enjoy all the time.

  4. Long time did not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Well, showing love should not be on one day only.

    Over here, we spotted some road-side stalls selling those gifts and flowers. I guess they did earned well in the past to come back and set up the stalls this year.

    Lovely almond cookies. I would eat a lot of that. Wahahaha.

    Saw in the papers – bouquets of flowers made of red RM10 notes, a very popular gift. That sucks big time! They make Valentine’s Day so materialistic. Where is the love? It sure has lost its meaning, not at all romantic, anymore. Love for money, more likely, so stupid really! I would be so very offended if I were a girl and a boy gives me that – “You think I am money face or what?

  5. I celebrate Chinese Valentine Day (chap goh mei) but not angmo Valentine Day. I like both, tom yum bihun & fried rice. I usually fried rice with lap cheong and when I am out of lap cheong, I will substitute with luncheon meat too. The other day I saw on FB somebody fried with bak kwa, looks good too.

    I fried with bak kua too sometimes but not when it is selling for RM110 a kg, did not buy any this year.

    Will celebrate Chap Goh Meh a day earlier, Sunday, this year – my girl will be home for the weekend, Monday off…but she will have to make her way back to the school that afternoon. 😦

  6. Your fried rice looks most appetizing. Unlike your daughter, my wife must have lap cheong in the fried rice. And I agree with you, stormy days are coming.

    My girl does not mind lap cheong but she likes luncheon meat a lot more. Heard somebody talking about how it wasn’t a happy new year for quite a lot of people in the oil companies – they were given their walking orders prior to the day. Sighhhhh!!!!

  7. keep the peace and spread the love.. valentine’s day is just a commercialized day where couples, specifically the men need to spend more money. Not an advocate of it. πŸ™‚

    on another note, your luncheon meat fried rice looks delectable! yum..

    Oh? No invites to promote the overpriced Valentine’s dinners? I think I saw one. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Simple home-cooked. Great especially when one is sick of eating out, a nice change.

  8. wah … love shape cookies, so romantic ah? LOL
    Too bad you stayed so far away from me else I will definitely come to your open house….yummy….!!

    Can come anytime, will make sure it will be a worthwhile trip. πŸ˜‰ We had dinner at my house when Claire and the rest came to town.

  9. Valentine’s Day is so over commercialized. Besides, everyday should be Valentine’s day, eh? πŸ˜€

    Indeed!!! Exploitation!

    Incidentally, it’s the day for lovers – why is it usually the guy buying stuff for the girl instead of the other way round? Some do, I know – wives buying for husbands…but I do not hear a lot of these things happening. Whatever happened to equality and all that?

  10. Gee…my comment disappeared. When I commented a second time, a message said that I have commented already. Your site must be experiencing some “gangguan sementara” LOL! πŸ˜€

    Are you using a different device or something? You bought a new gadget? Regulars commenting using something different seem to have to await moderation. Yours got delegated to spam, and had to be unspammed, dunno why. Sesat sikit, I guess. πŸ˜€

  11. I always love your fried rice…

    It’s ok, nicer than some outside but I think some of them can do it a lot better.

  12. You could fry meehoon and rice so well! I fried meehoon yesterday but it was a failure. I soaked it in water but it was still hard after one hour(can’t remember the brand, never bought it before). So, while cooking, I added some water to soften the meehoon but it became too mushy!

    Just water? You need hot water from the flask. I don’t like boiling water straight from the kettle right off the stove as the bihun gets a little too soft. I go for the Thai ones, none of those from China for me, thank you very much.

  13. Valentine’s Day this year is indeed a quiet affair as we are all busy with the CNY celebrations. It will be better next year I guess with CNY falling on the 28 January so we will be in the mood to celebrate again when Valentine’s Day approaches.

    Only around two weeks, very close to Chap Goh Meh, too blotted and too fat to go out and eat to celebrate, so no need lah. πŸ˜€

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