Before it started…

This was the day before Chinese New Year’s Eve, the day of my nephew’s tea ceremony and the wedding dinner.

We were out that morning and I decided to stop by here for breakfast. The place was gaily decorated for the festive season…

Chinese New Year decor

…and despite the fact that we were quite early and it was raining, it was quite busy at the time but then again, since the old lady moved from her old place and set up her stall here, they have been enjoying quite a bit of business.

I saw people sharing photographs of her meatball soup on Facebook and I heard that it is one of her main attractions so of course, I ordered a bowl…

Delta meatball soup

…to share and yes, it was really very good, very rich bone stock soup and she uses fresh meatballs, not those smelly frozen ones elsewhere that I really do not fancy at all.

I also ordered a plate of her very nice kampua noodles…

Delta kampua

…ranking among the top of all the favourites in town. It was RM8.00 for the two so my guess was RM5.00 for that big bowl of soup and RM3.00 for the noodles. I remember it used to be RM2.70 and I do not know if she had hiked up the price for the festive season or whether this would be a permanent increase.

Long ago, all shops would be closed during the first few days of Chinese New Year and then a few of them opened even on the first day and charged double or even triple the regular prices and their coffee shops were packed  to the brim! Eventually, I heard everyone followed suit and did the same but this year, a cousin of mine home from KK, Sabah went around town but none were open so they ended up having their breakfast at a Malay coffee shop. Yes, it did seem a little quiet this year – probably times are hard and everyone is feeling the pinch or because of the astronomical airfares, over RM1K from KL or anywhere to Sibu, many have opted not to come back.

Back to what we had that morning, my girl and the mum had the Foochow fried noodles (RM3.50)…

Foochow fried noodles

…from the chu-char place at the back of the coffee shop and yes, it was very good. I would say this may be considered as one of the nicer places in town to go for this.

While we were there, I noticed that they even have free wifi…

Free wifi

…at the coffee shop. Gee!!! The sign of the times.

So after we had had our fill, we went home to change into something more appropriate and proceeded to my in-laws’ house for the tea ceremony.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Before it started…”

  1. ooo, the question is whether their wi-fi works or not, hehehe 😀 i’m hoping that in the next decade, we’ll be able to have free wi-fi at any shop, eatery or business that we visit 🙂

    We didn’t try but there’s a computer shop on the first floor of one of the sections of that coffee shop. Maybe they set it up for them. If I’m not wrong, they have Unifi in that area.

  2. Nice breakfast indeed. Am a noodle lover & what you have ordered suits me well especially with that bowl of meatballs soup. Yummy!!!

    They do it very well here – most places have the chap chap soup, a variety of ingredients but the soup is very diluted, rather bland, not like this one here.

  3. Wow! I am impressed that a coffee shop offers free wifi. I haven’t seen one here that does that. A normal coffee shop I mean, those fancy cafe will definitely offer free wifi. The food looks good. The price is ok too. Here a normal coffee shop charges 1.80 for a small cup of coffee during cny period and the price will go back to 1.60 after cny.

    Dunno the prices here but my kopi-o-peng, with ice, is RM1.80 a glass usually, only RM1.50 at some places. Dunno if they hike up the prices around Chinese New year or not, only heard about the noodles.

    We had free wifi at a coffee shop located at the back portion of a shopping complex, at the other side of town. Dunno if anybody made use of it or not. Have not seen any others other than that one and this one. Usually it is in the upscale cafes and restaurants but some opt not to have free wifi – they encourage people to chat and socialise.

  4. I’ve never seen free wifi offered via a QR code. But then again, QR codes are not widely used here.

    Search me, I am not into these things. I’ve seen places where you scan that thing to check in and then you get free skyjuice (iced water). I don;t have a smartphone so count me out, cannot scan. 😦

  5. Getting married just two days before CNY? Must be an auspicious day… my nephew got married on the third day of CNY and everything was so expensive on that day… Anyway, congratulations to the married couple… during this CNY, I have eating and eating non stop.. so nice to be in KL and being served instead of cooking away.. hahahaa..

    They got married in the middle of January in Chiengmai and they are home for Chinese New Year, so took the chance to have the wedding celebration for the folks back here in Sibu. Expensive? Dunno, but never mind, doing so well the Sangkaya venture, can easily afford. I would pick the 7th Month – nobody, best food, best service…and can ask for discount some more. LOL!!!

  6. I have a smartphone and yet I still don’t know how to scan those codes LOL!

    I hear you can use those to check in when flying on the budget airline? Dunno, don’t ask me, never tried…and I do not have a smartphone, me dinosaur…and so poor! 😀

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