So so…

First and foremost, I would like to thank my cousin and hubby and family in Perth, Australia for the very lovely Chinese New Year card…

Chinese New Year card from Perth, Australia

…that I received two days ago, exactly two weeks from the date it was sent, the one in the postmark. The monkey catches a fish, 年年有余, that’s nice, isn’t it?

Moving on to the post proper, this place (2.294135, 111.825980)…

Coffee shop sign

…in the Tuanku Osman area here, in the block of shops next to the one where this restaurant is located, seems to be very popular, judging from the crowd in the morning, Sundays especially. A long time ago, people were saying that the Malay stall there served the best mee jawa in town and at one time, I dropped by for the nasi lemak special whereby they served a bowl of curry or something else in a bowl by the side. I think I did blog about the latter – those days when I was still using my antique handphone and did not have any decently-nice photos but I can’t seem to find the post now.

On another occasion, we went there to try the fried kway teow with beef – if I remember correctly, the coffee shop proprietor himself was doing it but he has retired now and somebody else has taken over. The kopi-o-peng that we had was no good, unfortunately, not even remotely close to anything that I would want to have again.

Once, I heard that the kampua mee there was nice and then, there was talk going round that the kolo mee was good. That was why the other morning, when we happened to be passing by, we decided to stop there and we had their kolo mee special. It certainly did not look anything like any kolo mee that I had had before – they even had a few thin strips of beef tripe…

Tripe and fish balls

…and fried fish balls along with tofu stuffed with a teeny weeny bit of meat inside…

Tofu and meat balls

…and those frozen meatballs with the horrible smell and taste that I picked out of the bowl and left them all by the side…and they had pian sip in it too!

No, there weren’t any char siew nor minced meat (RM4.00)…

Kolo mee special

– none of the usual stuff one would find in a regular bowl of kolo mee…and no, it tasted nothing like it but yes, it was nice and I would say this much – that it was just so-so, at best a decently-all-right plate of kampua mee with all the add-ons.

It seems that the Malay stall at the back is still there and there is a guy at the middle stall selling all the fried stuff and what we saw him serving to the other tables around us did look rather nice. We would give that a try should we happen to be around here again.

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13 thoughts on “So so…”

  1. Something wrong with the line here. Lost my previous comment!!

    I am saying it does not look like kolo mee at all. Something like seafood noodle but not so complete seafood noodle. Haha.

    Lovely CNY card.

    Doesn’t taste like kolo mee either. It would pass as kampua mee…special but no, nothing like kolo mee.

  2. beef strips? haven’t seen any of those in kolo mee before, add-ons?

    Kampua in disguise, trying to be kolo mee but comes nowhere near. I don’t know why they call it kolo mee instead of just kampua special – can add anything they like, up to them and their imagination.

  3. That definitely doesn’t look like kolo mee, without minced meat/char siu. Ermm, Just with those few frozen meatballs & beef tripe, they call it special. I still like the original kolo mee. Lovely CNY card.

    The taste is totally out – as kampua mee, it isn’t too bad but it is no kolo mee, that’s for sure.

    Yes, love the card!

  4. gong xi fa cai! and here’s to many many many kampuas to come 😛 ..

    Not too much, go slow on the lard – everything in moderation and you can be assured of many Qong Xi Fa Cais to come…

  5. So many ingredients in the kolo mee. I don’t fancy fried fishballs and frozen meatballs.

    Neither do I! Those fish balls are tasteless, any taste would be just msg and artificial flavourings, no fish taste. The meatballs are so terribly smelly, and l don’t like those imitation crab sticks either. I guess many do not mind at all since they are serving those everywhere. 😦

  6. what a lovely greeting card, i like the illustration … hmm, someone mentioned today that she was mailing a letter domestically for the first time in a long time, and she was shocked that the postage for a regular letter sent within malaysia is now 50 sen … is that right? it sounds steep! (the last i recall, it was 20 sen, but that was way back when)

    Used to be 10 sen a greeting card unsealed, 15 sen for letters, cheaper for postcards and aerogrammes (I think many do not know what that is these days). Now it is 60 sen for letters, white envelopes…more expensive if coloured…and for greeting cards, it is 50 sen within the country, sealed or unsealed, all the same. I don’t mind paying if delivery is prompt, say within a week…not longer than that or worse, never reach the destination!

  7. Saw your FB . Very meriah this year. Loads of cookies and CNY cards ☺

    Every year, the same…except that I am making a lot of own homemade lanterns this year, jimat sikit, save on the decorations.

  8. Very interesting! I’ve never had noodles with these ingredients before.

    I heard that the beef noodles with tripe from old Chopsticks (from beside HSBC) in the 90’s has moved somewhere near our place. I’ve always enjoyed the old woman’s beef tripe noodles, am looking forward to eating that when I’m back.

    Right behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation, still going strong – sold out by 10. Go early as when she is busy, she may not be in a good mood and may snap at people.

    I’m sure you know this coffee shop, next block to Y2K and Mum’s…in front of Methodist side entrance. Lots of students stopping by there for brunch before going to school. I think you had the nasi lemak with curry or masak hitam there before.

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