Turn up the heat…

I blogged about the frozen pies the other day and somebody said that she would be looking forward to my post on them.

Well, when my girl came home for the weekend on Friday, I heated up one of them – the lamb pie (RM8.50)…

John's Pie, lamb 1

It sure looks like they have baked it lightly before freezing. According to the lady at the shop, when one wants to eat it, one would have to take it out of the freezer and thaw it for around half an hour and then put it in the oven to heat it up and bake the pastry slowly till crispy and golden brown…

John's Pie, lamb 2

It was very strong on the herbs but like the German sausage I had here, once we got used to the taste and the fragrance, we thought it was pretty good…

John's Pie, lamb 3

However, despite all those herbs, the smell of the lamb was still noticeable and for people like my girl and I, who don’t mind it at all, we actually enjoyed it…

John's Pie, lamb 4

…whereas my missus tried a bit and that was it! I did wish, however, that there had been a bit of gravy inside. I love pies like that – when you eat them, the gravy would come oozing out.

I heated the other two on Sunday, the signature beef steak pie and the beef and potato pie (RM7.00) each…

John's Pies

…and I tried the former, the one with the Playboy logo…

John's Pie, signature beef steak 1

…and again, it was very strong on the herbs used and between the beef steak and the lamb, I think I prefer the latter as typical of beef here these days, I found that the meat was a little on the tough side…

John's Pie, signature beef steak 2

– not too bad but no, it was not tender enough for what’s left of my old teeth.

I let my girl take the beef and potato back to her school to enjoy it there so I did not get to try it. Perhaps the meat is minced, not in chunks, and with the potatoes in the pie, I would probably prefer that to this one, I don’t know…but having tried and enjoyed those, I guess we have had our fill of pies…at least for a while.

In the meantime, here, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to Yan in Taiping, Perak and also to a dear ol’ friend, TeeDee in Kuching for the lovely Chinese New Year cards…

Chinese New Year cards

…that I received yesterday. Oh dear!!! He never fails to send me a card every year and I can hardly remember the last time I mailed one back to reciprocate. *face palm* Like I said in an earlier post, I am not sending any this year – with all the cleaning and everything, somehow time just flew by so very quickly and I do not think the cards would make it in time if I were to dispatch them now. I really must do it early next year…and Chinese New Year is even earlier in 2017, January 28th – a little more than a month after Christmas.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Turn up the heat…”

  1. No, thanks to the lamb pie. Between lamb & beef, I still prefer beef though am not really into beef. Lamb has that kind of peculiar smell.

    Same reason why my missus will not eat duck…and is not fond of wild boar as well but she likes Payung’s Bangladeshi lamb curry. So well-cooked till all the ingredients have gone well into the meat so the smell is not detectable, no longer so over-powering.

  2. Yes, I agree with you that pies should have gravy – especially nice thick ones which hold the meat and filling in suspension!

    I love that…a lot! Quite a challenge baking them though as the gravy may boil and seep out, the pie will not look so nice, after that.

  3. I also go for lamb pie. Dont mind the filling to be slightly moist.

    I did not send any greeting cards out!! Now with those ecard, everything just a click away in social media, whatsapp. ^^ I am getting lazy at such stuff.

    If you like lamb, you would enjoy the lamb pie.

    Not sending any? Hmmm…I guess you have your hands full, taking care of the kids, the house, do all the cooking. Time flies by so fast when you keep yourself occupied. That is why I am not sending any either for Chinese New Year.

  4. Would you be kind enough to send this poor thing (me) a beef pie? πŸ˜€

    Nahhhh!!!! Bet you have lots over there, very nice ones…not like us over here, so deprived.

  5. I never buy frozen one before, maybe one of the day, shall try it out…

    Go for the fresh ones – I am sure you have very nice ones there. Why go for frozen? We do not have here, no choice – these are made in Kuching, sent over frozen and baked here for sale.

    There are some nice imported ones though – available in Kuching, not here either, like the “six & twenty” ones. Mrs Mac’s from Australia, I think, are way too salty, not so nice.

  6. lamb pie.. sounds pretty exotic to me. I’m so used to the usual chicken pie, or sambal ikan , or sardine.. hehe

    Bluff!!! Bet you have even nicer ones all over where you are, freshly baked, piping hot from the oven. Hmmmm…you missed out Seremban char siew pao. Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. Lamb pie! I want! I will go for lamb or beef anytime. As for the herbs, as long as it is not overpowering, I am OK with it.

    I am not so into those herbs but they were ok after a bite or two. My girl enjoys those though, she is more into those western herbs, me old school – a dinosaur.

  8. I like the platform change, STP. It has the Chinese New Year feel to it. πŸ˜‰

    The lamb pie looks really good, doesn’t have the runny juices flowing out of the filling when it’s sliced into half.

    I love the runny juices, the rich thick gravy…provided it’s not black pepper. Not fond of that.

  9. I think mutton or beef, there would be a stronger herbs smell to take off the meaty “aroma” if you know what I mean.. whereas the chicken meat does not need as much herbs as the other two… anyway, I will leave all these red meat pastries to my kids, I am more on the chicken side of pie.. πŸ™‚ Hope your girl will enjoy the other two in her working place… As for the cards, I am more “paiseh” than you, I didn’t even go out to buy any lest send.. 😦

    You are not so mobile mah!!! Next year when you can walk and run normally again, you can do that!

    There’s one place with very nice chicken pies – gone up from RM2.80 before to RM3.50 now and flatter, filling kurang already but at least, it is still cheaper in comparison. Some people love those herbs, like my girl – I am ok with it, nice once you get used to it.

  10. Oh yumm. It’s been awhile since I ate any pastries. huhu… Love the illustrations on the card. Very beautiful. 😍

    Their outlet is in Kuching, Stutong, I think but I am not sure if it is certified halal or not.

  11. I prefer Seremban Char Siew Pau over pies anytime. LoL. Frozen pies are costly too these days. It makes more sense to get them fresh at the bakery if you are in the Klang Valley I think.

    The ones at our bakeries are not worth the calories, much less the money…except for one, the nice chicken pie but at RM3.50, it makes more sense to go for a plate of kampua mee or Foochow fried noodles, cheaper and more filling.

  12. I bet you miss the great meat pies here in New Zealand

    I had a few of those frozen ones there, very nice but these are pretty close. Cheap there, very much cheaper – dollar to ringgit but after conversion, the prices are more or less the same.

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