So I’ve heard…

I heard that they have very nice claypot chicken rice here

Le Cafe Sibu

…but it is only available on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays. My girl enjoys that and after the somewhat disappointing ones that we had here, and the one I had here which I felt was not quite there, we couldn’t wait to give this one a try.

They’ve added a bit of decor here…

Decor 1

…and there…

Decor 2

…but generally, it is very minimal…

Decor 3

Of course, that isn’t important and what matters would be the food served – how good it is.

We placed our orders…and the drinks came very quickly but I would say we had to wait quite a while for the food. Finally, it was served – the claypot chicken rice (RM20.00)…

Le Cafe claypot chicken rice 1

…that came with a bit of salted fish…

Le Cafe salted fish

…and one could choose whether or not to sprinkle that all over…

Le Cafe claypot chicken rice 2

…and toss everything together which we did…

Le Cafe claypot chicken rice 3

…before we dived in.

Yes, it was very nice – very much to our satisfaction and more or less like the pretty good ones that we have had in the towns and cities over in the peninsula. This is their medium-size portion, supposedly for two, but the serving is huge and is more than enough for three…or perhaps, even four if you’re not very big eaters.

We also ordered the bak kut teh, small (RM10.00)…

Le Cafe bak kut teh

…mainly for the soup to go with the rice and yes, it was very much to our liking too and the fried baby kailan (RM7.00)…

Le Cafe baby kai lan

…was great as well.

That certainly was a delightful lunch, reasonably-priced too…and without doubt, we wouldn’t mind coming back here again…for this or to try something else on their menu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “So I’ve heard…”

  1. nice pics of the decorative features at this place …. and i like the look of the claypot chicken rice … it’s 2:45 am now and i wouldn’t mind a steaming serving of that rice for supper 🙂

    Wow!!! That would be real heavy for supper, no? I would love it for dinner…or lunch, not even for breakfast unless it is a late one, brunch – two-in-one.

  2. That claypot chicken rice is sure a winner of all & anything with salted fish makes it double yummy. Is the BKT broth more on the herbal side taste or soy sauce.? I prefer it to be more on the herbal taste. Indeed a nice & satisfying lunch.

    Yes, it was good – we all enjoyed it a lot…though I was hoping they had the same but with pork. Maybe they will add that to their menu sometime, fingers crossed, when they get more and more people dropping by for this. It was not on the menu…and on the banner in front, I only saw the bak kut teh. I would not have known they have this here is somebody did not tell me.

    Soy sauce soup in bak kut teh? Now, that’s a rip off!!! It must have that coveted herbal taste. The one here is good enough, not too strong, just right Maybe there are people who do not like it very strong, the kind of Chinese medicinal taste?

  3. The claypot chicken rice is very tempting. A winner!!

    Been there once when they just started. Only served bkt that time. Tasted it; it was okay. The soup was mild for my liking.

    Yes, I saw your post and that was why I did not go to check it out for a long long time, seeing the not-so-good review. Then I saw a friend’s photo of the beef rendang there so I had to go and taste – good, very nice…big serving but not spicy and we never went back again till I heard about this claypot chicken rice. We certainly will go back again sometime as they seem to have quite a lot of new dishes on their menu – would probably give those a try…or go for the claypot chicken rice again.

  4. Thumb up to the claypot rice…

    Know of any good place in Singapore? I only had this in KL, Penang and Sg Petani before, nice!

  5. Sign me up for any chicky-dish!

    I did ask if they had pork but unfortunately, no…so chicken would have to do and yes, it was nice, very much to our liking.

  6. Love claypot chicken rice, especially the crusty base. The wooden tiffin carriers look interesting.

    Yes, that caught my attention too and yes, I thought it was very nice too, just that placed up there on the empty ledge like that, it looked quite pathetic, so bare. I would say fanciful decor here is definitely not their forte.

  7. Cool! This is KL style claypot chicken rice. I’m quite fond of it over here too, love the salted fish and lap cheong and the crispy bottom.

    Good to hear it’s available in Sibu.

    I’m quite puzzled by the wooden tiffin carriers. I’ve never seen them before, didn’t know wood would be a practical material (hard to wash and doesn’t keep the heat in). Is it for show only?

    I guess it is for display only.

    Yes, I had claypot rice in KL and a few other places in the peninsula – nice. Glad we have one here now that is good too.

  8. The claypot indeed looks very tempting and with the added salted fish, yes, it enhances better flavour to the dish… Sometimes I do this using the rice cooker, add extra ingredients such as mushrooms, ginger, chinese sausage, a pot will last two meals… hahaha.. this is called a lazy mom’s dish.. 🙂

    Yes, it had all those ingredients. Maybe I can try one of these days, use a rice cooker to cook.

  9. The claypot chicken rice looks so good! I have a claypot but I am not confident cooking with it. That’s why I do my claypot chicken rice in the rice cooker 😀

    Had a not so good claypot but I broke it while cooking with it. I have another one, Japanese. Been using it to cook, ok but usually soups. No lid, broke it already…so substituted with the one from my broken/thrown away slow cooker. 😀 Been wanting to try but so so so lazy! Now that there is a good one available outside, even worse! 😦

  10. The claypot rice is huge if 3 persons can share it. I love to have it with BKT too. The baby kailan is quite pricey, no? I mean over here it is priced at RM6 – RM8 on average but I found it to be steep coz these veges are not that expensive. Ok maybe I should take into consideration of their overhead and blah, blah, blah but I don’t know why I still find a plate of simple vege like that to be pricey. Slap me already!

    So cheap there!!!??? Here, the standard price for a vegetable dish in most restaurants is RM8.00 and for meat, it’s RM12.00 but prices vary and it also depends on the ingredients used.

    This one was plain-fried with added fried shallots and oyster sauce on top so the price was ok. Most importantly, it was very nicely done, not overcooked or anything, very nice. I never liked baby kailan elsewhere and only ordered as my girl does not like the other option – taugeh! Thankfully, it turned out good.

    Yes, the claypot rice serving was very big – they said medium, for two…but more than enough for 3, I think. BKT was their small serving but it was big too, also enough for three…with rice.

  11. all my favourite cuisine.. claypot chicken rice and bak kut teh. yummm…

    I’m ok with these – bak kut teh, we have a lot around here, give or take a little here and there but the claypot chicken rice was a rare find – had not had it for a long time so we sure were pleased we stumbled upon this very nice one.

  12. Claypot chicken rice…yumm with salted fish. I think some places over here will charge for it as an additional add on.

    Oh? I thought they always put it in together with the rice there. I liked that!

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