This place…

Eco-Delite western

…opened its doors for business sometime in December last year, if I am not mistaken, and we did make our way there one morning but I think it was their off day so it was closed. Actually, this is their pork-free café section serving western cuisine and it only opens at 3.00 p.m. till around 11.00 p.m. at night.

Attached to it is their kind-of-coffee-shop section…

Eco-Delite, coffee shop section

…and yes, they do have pork dishes here. I read somewhere that this part opens as early at 6.30 a.m. in the morning and stays open till around 11.00 p.m. at night as well. However, when we drove past one afternoon, we did not see any of  the stalls open so we just went on our way. There are a few that you can pick from and that day, my missus and I decided to try the beef tripe noodles, soup (RM4.00)…

Beef tripe noodles, soup 1

…from the kampua mee stall in front…

Beef tripe noodles, soup 2

…and yes, it was very good, no msg overload and we loved the chili dip that came with it.

No, there are no halal stalls here but I did see two, I think, at the other food court a little to the left…

Wonderful Fooc Court

…in that same area of new shops across the road from what we call the “Wonderful Business/Commercial Centre” in Ulu Sg Merah. Incidentally, when we were there, I spotted this pan mee lady, formerly at the Delta Seafood & Cafe – it looked like she has moved here now and is no longer at the former location but no, we did not go for her noodles again nor did we try anything there. Another time, perhaps…and to the right is this café that Huai Bin went to when he was back in Sibu recently.

Now, while we were there that morning, enjoying our beef tripe noodles, I got a call from my friend/ex-classmate, Robert. He said that he had something to pass to me so after we were done, we made our way to the town centre and he passed me this delightful acar

Angela's acar

…that his wife, Angela made. Oh dear! Oh dear! Thank you so much, Robert and Angela – yes, I’ve tried and yes, it is very nice. Now, I gotta fry some keropok to enjoy that with…and chances are it would not last till Chinese New Year. Hehehehe!!!! It sure is so very sweet and thoughtful of you two but please, don’t trouble yourselves to give me any more things as I don’t have anything I can give in return to reciprocate. *face palm*

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Delight…”

  1. i have mixed feelings about tripe … it’s not one of my favourite ingredients, but when it’s done nicely in a stew, it can add quite a lot of interesting textures to the dish 🙂

    I like tendon a lot more but I’m ok with tripe – wouldn’t mind having that if they can do it well, nice and soft…and no smell. Good sometimes, for a change.

  2. My favourite acar & I am sure most of us love to eat it with keropok. It is great to eat with white rice too, absolutely appetising. Arthur, like I always say, you are indeed truly blessed.

    Indeed, I am! This must be the Year of the Acar, last year, I got a lot of bak kua…and this year, this is the third bottle of acar that I’ve received. Half gone, ate with rice. I don’t think it will last till the time I get down to frying my keropok. 😀

  3. I do enjoy beef tripe! I’ve seen beef tripe in the frozen section of the supermarket but i wasn’t too sure how to cook that. Ooohhh…spicy nonya acar! I love that a lot but too lazy to make my own. Too much work 😦

    I dunno how to prepare and cook tripe too – they say must add something to soften it. Bought once long long ago, 70’s, cut so thinly…and yet, could not bite, could not chew. I never bothered ever again.

    My MIL used to make all the acar, made very nice one but she’s old now, can’t make anymore. Such a lot of work and so tedious. Other than this one, I have two jars in the fridge – from Kuching. Have not really tried, they say they are very nice…and then, my student says he will give me one jar again this year when he comes home from Penang end of the month. His mum makes the best acar, just like my MIL’s.

  4. I hardly eat acar as hard to find good acar…

    Maybe you can check out Katong, the nyonya/peranakan hub there. If any, it should be good.

  5. Your friends seem to be dropping by to hand you their goodies!! So nice of them.. but I guess you treat them very nicely too.. Really blessed… !!

    Indeed, I am. I try…in some very small way…sometimes.

  6. No wonder the place looks familiar! 🙂

    I was here to meet my ex classmate and friend (she’s now managing Wonderful Supermarket) and she was just telling me about the F&B outlets in the area – a lot of them are managed by her relatives (her dad built the area). I didn’t know how to find it at first coz I seldom come to this area, then I realized it was where her house was. We used to swim there at 2 am when I was studying in New Zealand and came back on holiday, this was when we were 15 or so.

    I plan to eat at the coffee shop when I come back, apparently there is two, both same name, Wonderful. I believe one is called Wonderful Food Court and the other Wonderful Coffee Shop but I may be mistaken.

    Everything is Wonderful there, so much so that some people may find it quite confusing. There is the supermarket, the coffee shop, the restaurant upstairs…and now the food court…and then there is a coffee shop beside Dewan Suarah, probably not connected…and thank goodness THE Wonderful Cafe (beside Delta Mall) closed down or that would be yet another Wonderful.

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