We all want the same thing…

Last Saturday night, after the sunset service in the church that we frequent here, my girl requested that we dropped by this place again. We’ve been going there so often that I do not bother to blog about it anymore and actually, the previous Saturday, we were there as well and my girl and the mum had the lamb and chicken chops respectively while I decided to try the fried rice with the daging masak hitam. My girl tried a bit of the rice and she liked it very much so that was why she made the aforementioned request – she wanted the same thing!

However, for some reason or other, she and the mum are not all that fond of the beef, our very own Sarawak recipe…

Daging masak hitam

…that I do enjoy very much. That was why they had the same fried rice dish but with chicken curry instead…

Fried rice with chicken curry

My girl enjoyed the curry, so much so that I went and bought two more drumsticks (RM3.50 each) plus the gravy for her to enjoy back in her school and I heard that she had them with rice, Sunday night, and finished both in one sitting. Wowwww!!!

This time around, I asked for the nasi goreng sambal (RM4.50) instead but I asked them for the daging masak hitam to be added by the side…

Nasi goreng sambal with daging masak hitam

…so of course, that would cost more, probably RM8.00 for the whole thing.

My girl tried the fried rice…

Nasi goreng sambal

…and she said that it was nicer than the regular one that she was having.

Oh dear!!! Does that mean that we will be heading to this same place again, come Saturday evening? LOL!!!

Anyway, moving away from the post proper, the postman delivered this…

From Hong Kong 1

…to my door yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much to my blogger-friend, 小影, for this lovely postcard all the way from Hong Kong…

From Hong Kong 2

It sure was sweet of you to remember me while you were there having fun. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “We all want the same thing…”

  1. Yes, I think you will be going to eat at this place again! πŸ™‚ Sheta is always so sweet to send postcards when she goes travelling.

    Yes, so nice of her. Hmmmm…we’ll have to wait and see…

  2. Both looks great. Though not a fan of beef but between daging masak hitam & ayam masak merah, I still prefer daging masak hitam. Lovely postcard.

    Me too. Masak merah is just tomato sauce with all the usual suspects used in cooking curry and the like. Ok with it sometimes for a change but not into it in a big way.

  3. Rm 3.50 for a drum? One would easily cost up to Rm 6 here… especially at those nasi kandar stalls. There was once… i picked chicken, fish, mutton, beef in one ago… and omelette + vinegared greens… Rm 20

    Oh! Those places! I had a sotong and rice, that was all…and was charged RM14.00 for that. Will never ever go to one ever again.

  4. somehow i feel your cny red theme for the blog gets rather distracting.. the black words against a red background makes it somehow a pain to read the words.

    anyway, the daging masak hitam sounds delicious, even though it may not look the part. I always order these type of dishes when I’m dining out at malay cuisine eateries.. don’t know why, but chinese don’t seem to be able to cook this dish as good.

    Oh dear! Oh dear!!! It looks like you need new glasses or go and get your eyes checked. I use my handphone, handphone, mind you, not smartphone, to browse and I can see very clearly…no need for glasses, and at my age some more. I will change the colour though as I am not all that fond of red but that would be after Chinese New Year – dunno if it is going to be any better or not.

    Now that is not very true – never mind what race, some may do it better than others so even among the Malay stalls, some are nice and some, not really…and there are some Chinese places where they can cook those Malay specialties really well especially those with peranakan/nyonya background. This guy here was the executive chef at a leading hotel in town initially and then he was working at one franchise spin-off outlet for many years and now he’s on his own…and his curry, masak hitam, nasi lemak, Sarawak laksa and all are nicer than…say, his chicken rice or beef noodles…and he’s Chinese, originally from KL, married and permanently settled here now.

    1. thanks for the reply!, i must check back!.. my new year resolution, check back suituapui’s replies after i comment πŸ™‚ ..

      also, blog more frequently, and try.. try to reply people in my comments. hehe ><"

      Yes, I asked questions but no reply – like talking to the wall. 😦

  5. oh my, the food, the rice. tempting. I’m trying to cut on my rice now. Too much carb for me. But the foods. oh my. curry and daging masak hitam. with white rice. confirm drooling. hehe

    Yes, good to cut down on rice…or carbs but unfortunately, these Malay dishes go so well with rice. I don’t mind having them with bread too though – nice sometimes, for a change.

  6. I can go to the same restaurant again and again if I like it; but my wife cannot. She always wants to try new places.

    I would want to go to new places too…for the simple reason that I would have things to blog about. But this one’s so convenient, near my house, parking is a breeze…and no parking fee! Plus what the guy dishes out are generally all very nice.

  7. I must say the fried rice looks good. Overnight rice or they have good grains there!

    Dunno what rice he uses but his fried rice sure tastes great!

  8. I have not had daging masak hitam and I saw one recipe. But I don’t know if it is the same as the Sarawak one. One fine day, I will cook it hee..hee…

    I’ve looked at a few recipes – some do not look black enough…and I positively remember adding chopped/blended raisins, theirs do not seem to have those. Anyway, with all the ingredients used, I bet it will definitely turn out nice.

  9. wah.. i like the way the curry gravy banjir the fried rice.. that’s my kinda style! haha. Nice layout btw.. love the CNY spirit! πŸ˜€

    Even if the gravy is by the side, I would banjir it eventually and eat, best! πŸ˜€ Thanks, so far the feedback regarding my current theme has been positive…except maybe one. Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  10. I love daging masak hitam but not too sweet and meat must be tender. ^^ The fried rice looks good and enough “wok hei”.

    That is why my girl likes it…and does not fancy mine so much. My fire not big enough. 😦

    This guy’s masak hitam is not so sweet and very well-done, very tender. Maybe that is why the meat is cut in huge chunks – must have cooked for a long time for the flavours of the ingredients to go into the meat and for it to be tender. If small thin slices, sure the meat would fall apart. I wonder if he uses a pressure cooker – I can’t seem to get our imported beef to be tender enough these days. 😦

  11. wow.. I dont know which to choose… three of them are pedas.. hehehe.. as if I am the one eating here… anyway, I would like to taste a bit of everything cos I know I cannot finish even one plate by myself.. blame it on age.. ! πŸ™‚

    Then this is the place for you – Chinese guy, from KL…the things are not very pedas. You eat so little kah? Old age? Same as my missus – one plate like that, good for two meals at least. Me? I’m still young. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  12. They are generous with rice but not the beef ah . Only 3 ketul there

    Beef is not cheap wor…imported from Australia or New Zealand and the fact that our currency is not worth more than toilet paper sure does not help one bit.

  13. I will go for the curry chicken…

    You don’t like beef? Should try our masak hitam – curry, you can get anywhere.

  14. Oh wow. Nasi goreng with daging masak hitam sure looks good. The chicken drumstick is super licking good I’d finish both in one sitting too! I’m sure you’ll be heading to the same place again as long as Melissa loves it πŸ˜€

    Hopefully, we’ll go some place else or I’ll have nothing to blog about… 😦

  15. How unfortunate that she’s so far away from town until you have to buy drumsticks for her dinner!

    Oh well, it builds character (or at the very least, it saves money, or so I hear). Rural postings are apparently quite important in the past, at least if you want to advance, not sure if that’s still relevant nowadays.

    They always tell you to go rural while still single but it is always so hard to apply to come back – they will just tell you there are no vacancies when we do know of many in the schools in town. Plus there are some lucky ones posted to the town and they stay there like forever – yunno how these people in the government office work, they’re not very smart, those incompetent nincompoops so anything goes. As long as it can go in, go ahead – never mind if it fits or not so we do see cases like religious teachers sent to schools where there are no Muslims or Chinese language teachers to schools where nobody is taking the subject…and they conveniently forget about it.

    My girl does her own cooking and she always insists on that. They have nice quarters there, private bedrooms, kitchen and all but knowing her, she works too hard and is often too tired to cook so she would just have some cookies and a drink and that’s it. Anything she enjoys very much here, I would buy for her to take there…in the hope that it would induce her to eat something while she is there. That was why I got her the curry chicken drumsticks.

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