This time of year…

Well, it’s this time of year again…and no, I have not finished my spring cleaning and everything yet. At my age, I am going very very slowly, doing a little at a time so no, I have not put up my decorations yet, unlike here…

Payung Cafe Chinese New Year decoration 2016

…at one of my favourite cafΓ©s in town…or at this megamall here…

Star Megamall 3 wise monkeys

…where the decorations have not failed to impress…

Star Megamall CNY decor 2016 1

…each year…

Star Megamall CNY decor 2016 2

…and this year is no exception.

Of course, you will get to see anything and everything that has got to do with Chinese New Year…

CNY lanterns & decor

…everywhere for sale, like these lanterns and decorations, for instance…and all the jars of cookies and stuff and these edibles…

CNY edibles

…that seem to be the favourite of many.

Well, there is still a little over three weeks to go so I guess I still have time to dilly dally a bit and get everything ready before the time comes. What about you?

Author: suituapui

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13 thoughts on “This time of year…”

  1. I thought I went to the wrong blog. Aha, you give your blog a makeover just in time to celebrate CNY! I see you have started taking photos of the CNY decorations in Sibu. I have not done so yet, neither have I started cleaning the house but I have finished buying CNY stuffs to give my in-laws (simple items only as a token gesture due to cash is preferred) – that’s one item off the list.

    That’s one thing we have not done yet. Usually my missus will make cakes and cookies to give to them but she hasn’t started making yet. Maybe we’ll just go and buy this year but other than the pineapple tarts I bought that day, we have not come across any nice ones so far, worth buying and giving.

  2. Everything so in red during Chinese New Year festive. πŸ˜„

    Supposed to symbolise good luck. I don’t mind the colour but I cannot stand the music especially when they play it full blast, sakit telinga. I would quickly leave, in the end, did not buy anything.

  3. Nice makeover of your blog. CNY mood on the go, eh??..Like you, I am going slow too. Doing a bit here & there each passing day. Baking is not in my list & just like every year I will go & buy some nice cookies. Love the beautiful shots of the CNY decorations.

    Not really – CNY, hong sek hong sek… Now that you mentioned it, maybe I’ll change it to red for the festive season…for good luck. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. Not only you, I also taking my sweet time this year. Dont know why, maybe the festive mood is not here. Haha. Still havent done my spring cleaning. Lol.

    And wow! Your blog so red! I was surprised when I came here. Thought I clicked wrong url. Lol.

    Hong sek! Hong sek! For good luck this Chinese New Year – will change it after the festive season.

    No mood kah? Aiyor!!! Burnt out, sending the kids to school and all that? I’m only doing a bit, not going all out like in the past – no more energy to do that. 😦

  5. YEs everything is so red during CNY including your blog! Hope your season will be filled with happiness. (Advance wishes.LOL) Anyway, megamall is one of my usually place to grocery shops before. Miss that place a lot. I bet you guys have a lot of preparations to be done. Happy New Year!

    Thank you. Good luck and prosperity come pouring in! πŸ˜€

    Can’t say I like shopping there – too big, my head will go spinning, old man. I prefer my small neighbourhood grocery store or wet market. Their festive decor is always very nice though – best in town.

  6. wah, i think this is the first layout change since i started reading this blog … pretty cool! it’s a nice, easy-to-read, clean layout, with all the important text and photos standing out – it seems a bit faster for my browser to load, and it’s easy to get to the comment box too, heheh … perfect for chinese new year spring-cleaning πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! Everyone must be getting so bored with the old one. Easier to load? That’s good. I was thinking if I should pick another theme. Ok, I’ll stick to this one then but I’ll change the colour after Chinese New Year. In the meantime, it will be red all over.

  7. Whoa! New look πŸ˜€ I have not started anything for Chinese New Year. Terrible isn’t it? I just don’t feel anything right now, too much work at the office that’s bogging me down 😦 Maybe I will feel the motivation when it’s nearer. Or maybe I will panic hah..hah…

    In the past, I would just take off somewhere and come back when it was all over – my girl was frightened of the firecrackers and fireworks so we would go some place peaceful and quiet. Not going all out, anyway – just doing a bit here and there in keeping with the tradition and to preserve our heritage.

  8. I got a shock when i first came into your blog, i thought i came to the wrong blog…

    I like the 2nd picture of the monkey CNY decorations…

    Yes, very cute – the Three Wise Monkeys. No worries, correct blog, new clothes for Chinese New Year. πŸ˜€

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