Waited too long…

When my girl came back to town last Friday, she felt like having pizza so she went to that franchise place in town. She prefers thin crust but she does not mind those thick bread crust as long as it’s pizza. She sat there waiting and she said that the staff members were so busy walking all over the place but they did not seem to be serving or doing anything. In fact, everyone there already had their orders and were busy eating away. She called out to them more than once and they just retorted, “Tunggu!” (wait) and for some unknown reason, they seemed to disappear into the kitchen all the time. In the end, she just gave up and went some place else instead. Now, you can read the reviews/feedback on their Facebook page to see that this is not an isolated case, not at all.

Well, since it was pizza that she wanted, I took her here for lunch the next day and we decided to have something different for a change, their ham and mushroom (RM28.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro ham & mushroom pizza

The ladies said they would prefer our usual, their spinach egg but I thought this one was very nice too.

We dropped by here once as she wanted their lasagna but much to her disappointment, it was not available so of course, I had to order that (RM18.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro lasagna

…for her. She loves that a lot but I am not really into it as I am not really the tomato-based bolognese sauce but they did it very well this time around. They seemed to have toned it down a little so the tomato was not so overwhelmingly overpowering and I could enjoy the taste of the minced beef and the pasta in it…and needless to say, my girl enjoyed it very much.

I also ordered their mixed sausages (RM15.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro sausages

…and my girl asked if I was very hungry, ordering so much for just the three of us. Usually, we would order a small pasta dish or a salad to be shared but none of them wanted those so I thought I would try this for a change. I thought the lighter milder one, probably chicken, was nicer but the ladies liked the stronger darker ones more.

After seeing it in this blog…and this one too, of course, I just had to order their crème brûlée (RM8.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro creme brulee

…for dessert and as always, it was absolutely superb. We decided not to go for their very nice panna cotta this time around and had their tiramisu (RM10.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro tiramisu

…instead and yes, it was very good too.

The very sweet and friendly girl was around but there was another girl, probably a new one, who attended to us while we were there. Perhaps the former had been upgraded to supervisor or something, and rightfully so as I really liked how well she handled the diners every time I was there. I noticed that whenever I called the new girl, she would come close but not intrude probably to see if everything was all right. Well, I did not have a problem with the new one – I thought she was very good too, very fast and efficient in responding to any request I made.

The bill came up to RM83.75 (inclusive of GST) and I just paid RM90.00 and asked her to keep the change. She seemed rather surprised, though obviously very happy – I guess nobody or very few would do that – leave a tip to show one’s appreciation for the great service rendered. I do believe life is like that, a two-way street – giving and taking and it sure feels good once in a while to make someone’s day in some small way.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Waited too long…”

  1. The pizza is quite unique because it uses the Buna-shimeji mushrooms. I like the taste of this mushroom so the pizza must be tasty.

    Maybe it’s because they can’t get buttons perhaps? So hard to get hold of any here, once in a very very blue moon…and maybe, one or two tubs left on the shelf at one supermarket here (don’t bother about the rest, they never have these), turning black already. These Japanese ones are readily available, anytime.

  2. Thanks for the pingback! Wow, creme brulee is much more reasonably priced over there than here in the city centre.

    So I’ve noticed. I really wonder why it is so expensive. Isn’t it just egg custard with a thin layer of torched sugar on top? I wouldn’t want any if it is RM10 or more.

  3. I saw a sign next to the counter bar recently in a very trendy but small cafe in Paris which says Tipping is not a town in China…Lol! Very subtle but obvious message I reckon..

    As long as it is not like this place in Kuching – they state it very clearly in the menu that they do not have service charge and they ask you directly to leave a tip by putting it in the waiter or waitress’ hand or by dropping it in the basket provided on the counter – where there is a sign saying this same thing. So desperate! And the basket is so huge, enough for 1 kg of rice! Plus they charge 50 sen if you ask for an empty plate to share the rice. If your food is good and your service is excellent, I am sure some people would leave a tip on their own accord, no need to ask like that. I would never go back there again…ever!

  4. I also prefer thin crust pizza. All your order looks good & I love the mixed sausages most.That little gesture sure makes someone’s day, who would not?

    Sometimes I wonder how much they are paid. I don’t think they get minimum wage especially if they’re categorised as part-timers. Some not-very-nice bosses do that, no need to pay EPF, SOSCO and all.

    The ones here are very good – they stand by the side, different parts of the restaurant and the moment you gesture, they rush to your side. At some places, they are so disorderly, busy chatting with one another, walking about doing their own thing…or like they’re so busy and yet are doing nothing, so hard to get their attention. I would not bother leaving a tip for those.

  5. oh my i LOVE CREME BRULEE.. but cannot eat too much. and i love pizza at Fork & Knife in Kch actually. Think crust. but the the taste. wow for me. Im not sure for yours. And it Cost RM15 that time

    Why not? Like my missus, not into egg custard so much? I love egg custard…in any way, tarts, custard caramel, all I love! RM15 is so very cheap, small one? Personal pizza? Bet you can’t get anything at that price, not even at Pizza Hut!

  6. I had pizzas 2 days in a row over the weekend. Blog on it coming up!

    I always wanted to make own creme brulee but not really into it yet. Haha. Maybe one day. Your dessert looking appetizing and tempting.

    Pezzo again? My girl bought three slices to take back to the jungle to eat during the week – over RM20, so works out to over RM40 for one whole pizza, SO expensive…and no ham or bacon, halal.

    I wonder how they make that – egg custard underneath, pour a thin layer of syrup on top and torch till caramelised and hardened?

  7. Pizza Hut doesn’t seem to be too popular here too. Some local chains do quite well – Eagle Boys, and Domino’s. One independent one here called Caesar’s Pizza (I think) won some world pizza championship a few years back. I had their pizza once – they were a long way from my house – and it was indeed very good.

    Had Hell’s Pizza in Auckland, they were good – like the ones here, after all, they’re all pizzas but I’m not a fan of the Pizza Hut ones but at least, they have an edge over any from the local bakeries. They just use the cheap frozen sausages, not much cheese, of course so theirs would be very much cheaper.

  8. Mentioning about Pezzo as per your reply to Rose, i bought a piece back home to eat last week, didn’t take picture of it, $4.90 for that piece of pizza…

    I guess the ones here are a little cheaper, not a conversion of your Singapore prices, multiply by 3, thank goodness for small mercies, but around $15 for 3 slices, $30 for one whole pizza isn’t cheap at all…even without converting to our miserable ringgit. 😦 They’re not all that nice, are they?

  9. i also have a pet peeve about tomato based sauces for bolognese pastas and lasagnas that are too sourish or artificial-tasting … so i steer clear of those unless the sauces are made in the kitchen of a decent independent outlet 🙂 i do like how the lasagna in your photo is very tall and thick though 🙂

    Yes, they did it very well this time around – I liked how it was not “all tomato” like before or those they serve with spaghetti at other places – like ketchup straight from the bottle. 😦

  10. Wahhhhh…so generous of you! Surely she will remember you when you come by next time.. Give with a cheerful heart, you feel nice doing that…. Good food, great company and friendly service brightens up the day!

    Yes, always a delight dining here – food’s great and service is always good, will surely go back there again and again.

  11. Long time never have pizza already, hubby is not a fan, my son too 😦

    You mean the ones at Pizza Hut? You won’t find me craving for those there either. These here are very nice, maybe you can check out the Italian restaurants there, your hubby and Aden may find something they like.

  12. The first pizza shop that you went to was terrible. The staff don’t care about their customers and maybe don’t care about the restaurant at all. Maybe the owner doesn’t know what’s happening with his restaurant. He should monitor his employees more closely.

    I don’t know who the franchise holder is, never seen anybody who’s like the boss around, just the workers. Those at the other one outside of town are better but the food is not at nice and there are hardly any customers, very few, so of course, they will attend to you as soon as you step in the door.

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