Nothing has changed…

…other than the fact that the previous owners have given up this place

Jack Pork Sibu

…and somebody else is running it now. Word has it that the new owner has retained the old chef so the menu stays the same and of course, what we used to enjoy here will still be as good as before. Other than that, I noticed on their Facebook page that they open from 11.30 a.m. till past midnight, 12.30 a.m. unlike before when it would close at round 2.00 p.m. and then resume business at around 5.00 p.m.

At this point in time, there is this special lunch promotion…

Jack Pork lunch promotion

…so for your order of one rice set at only RM10.00 nett, you will get a free drink…

Hot lemon tea

We went there for lunch that day as my girl wanted the pineapple chicken rice set…

Jack Pork Pineapple chicken rice

that the mum had once and she liked it a lot. Yes, it was very nice and she sure enjoyed it. The pineapple and whatever else underneath tasted something like the Thai-style mango salad…but the serving was really so very huge, so much so that she could not finish all of it and guess who had to help her out in the end. LOL!!!

I had the vinegar pork leg with rice…

Jack Pork vinegar pork leg with rice

…that I had before and for this set, you get a bowl of the lovely vinegar pork leg…

Jack Pork vinegar pork leg

…and a bowl of rice with preserved vegetables and minced pork by the side.

However, what stole the show that day was my missus’ choice of their pork belly with salted fish rice set…

Jack Pork pork belly with salted fish rice

The meat was really good with the very generous addition of the long kiam hu (salted fish). At other places, despite the name of the dish, one would hardly be able to get a mild hint of the salted fish but that sure was not the case here.

We’ve always enjoyed the potato salad (RM16.00)…

Jack Pork potato salad

…that we used to get together with their awesome pork ribs so I ordered that to go with our meals with a special request to leave out the pork crackling that was mentioned in the menu. The salad was great and I liked the fact that they added an egg to it but I thought the bacon was somewhat overdone till it was very hard and over-crispy. Otherwise, it was really good.

I do think this RM10.00 (nett) lunch sets are a steal. If you go and have a plate of chap fan (mixed rice) or something at a coffee shop and if you order a drink to go with it, you would probably need for fork out at least RM7.00-8.00 and sweat it out in the hot and crowded and noisy place so at such a reasonable price, I certainly would rather make my way here and enjoy my lunch in air-conditioned comfort while being entertained by the nice music that they play here – why, lunch hour would go by so quickly you’d wish you could stay longer and not go back to the office.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Nothing has changed…”

  1. I like pineapple with ham but have never liked it with chicken. However, I have made boneless chicken breasts with mango and it was delicious!

    It is just batter-coated fried chicken fillet, probably breast too, placed on a bed of Thai-style pineapple salad – very similar to the mango. You have the option to eat them separately or together unlike the one at a Chinese restaurant here where they toss the fried chicken or fish fillet with the mango salad. Very nice too but that way, it is best eaten quickly before the chicken gets soggy.

    I’ve seen pineapple ham a lot but I can’t recall ever trying that – that is western, we do not get a lot of that here.

  2. Everything looked great here. Your vinegar pork trotter is worth trying while your missus’ is a steal indeed.

    Hope the owner has a brisk business and maintain the food standard and quality.

    Indeed, that long kiam hu is not cheap these days – they must have used quite a lot, so fragrant! I do hope he/they does/do well – love the food here, wouldn’t want it to close down as well…like Zen, no good Japanese places around here anymore.

  3. Yes, Rm 10 is competitively-priced, they seem to be quite generous with the lemon slices (for the drink) as well.

    Yes, the drink was nice too.

  4. Do you know if they do take-aways?

    They do! I’ve bought their very very nice BBQ pork ribs a few times – my father loves it! I asked for more potato salad, packed separately from the ribs…and asked them to leave out the fries – nice eaten there, not nice when taken home, worse when heated in the oven.

    If you buy the rice sets, I would suggest that you ask them to separate everything like the pineapple chicken rice – rice + fried chicken + Thai-style pineapple salad. I don’t think it will be nice anymore if you buy home, all mixed together.

  5. The place looks like it’s serving western cuisine with the lamp and etc, looks so western but instead it served delicious oriental food! I like the salad though !

    It’s a pork place – Asian/local delights but some western – stuff like pork ribs and burgers. No prize for guessing which menu would be more expensive.

  6. See the vinegar pork leg makes me crave for it, usually mostly i see braised pig trotter, seldom see vinegar pork leg here…

    Not commonly found here too but there are a couple of places selling this. Cantonese, I think. Sibu is predominantly Foochow.

  7. Yea, noticed that, the one hour is like so fast, but 1 hour in working is like never comes to the end….

    Time flies when you’re having fun! πŸ˜€

  8. I agree that it’s worthwhile in the tropics to pay a little more for air conditioning. And the food look really good.

    I’m not really into air-conditioning, as long as the place is cool and airy and there is a ceiling fan above me, I am fine. Some coffee shops are over crowded, hot and stuffy, very poor ventilation (and not all that clean). I would stay away from those.

  9. Ooohhhh!!! I’d go for that vinegar pork leg anytime πŸ˜€

    You like that? I’m ok with it, will go for it sometimes but will not go out of my way for it. Love the sauce with the rice.

  10. a potato salad with large chunks of hard boiled egg, bacon PLUS pork crackling optionally? that sounds like the best potato salad i’ll ever have, heheh πŸ˜€

    Yes, it was good – it comes with their barbecued pork ribs and that is why when I order that, I would tell them to leave out the fries…and give me more of this very nice potato salad instead.

  11. Yes, it is a good deal…. and that meal can last me one whole day… can take something light in the evenings..and that will be enough for me.. πŸ™‚

    Yes, we do that too if we go for something this heavy for lunch…or we will go for brunch, skip lunch and then have a good dinner.

  12. Every dish looks appetising. Anything with salted fish, I like it but provided the pork belly aren’t too fatty.

    Yes, I think it was ok. My missus was eating away, otherwise she would be busy separating the fat from the lean and leaving it all by the side. Not me, I’d just pop it all into my mouth, no time to do all that. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  13. Yeah, RM 10 is a good price for lunch, even over here RM 12.50 is decent, there’s a nasi padang place near my house that offers a set like that.

    The food looks lot different though, which is a given, considering the place is under new management. I think this style would suit the people of Sibu more, especially the office crowd. Someone once told me when I suggested Western for the third day in a row while working in Sibu that Chinese people generally want to eat noodles or rice and I find that quite true. I get cravings for rice too.

    Perhaps you are thinking of their ribs and burgers – they still have those. What we had were their RM10-rice sets from their Asian menu – these are cheaper. You can get the western stuff for lunch too – still the same and just as nice but of course, you will have to fork out a lot more than just RM10.00. I don’t mind not eating rice but at home, it will always be rice for lunch and dinner, noodles sometimes for breakfast…or leftover rice, fried.

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