Let’s go again…

Despite the fact that this place is so very popular among the locals, we had only been here once before and my girl loved the tom yam hung ngang (the big bihun) a lot. That was why when she was home for the holidays, I made it a point to drop by so she could enjoy it again…

Tom yam fish noodles 1

She did not really want the mee (noodles) though but I did not know what transpired in between her and her mum and in the end the latter ordered the same…

Tom yam fish noodles 2

…for both of them. She enjoyed it though but the serving was too big and she finished everything but left some of the noodles behind.

As for me, I would only go for the clear soup…

Fish noodles clear soup

…never mind whether it is mee or hung ngang

Hung ngang

…and of course, I had no problem at all licking the bowl clean. Hehehehehe!!!!

We also went back here several times in the morning but not for lunch or dinner. We were taking my father out those few days and on those morning, we would stop by here for the noodles. My father would stick steadfastly to their Foochow fried noodles…

Y2k Foochow fried noodles

…with a special request for slices of char siew to be added. I had it once myself and yes, it was very good but all the other times we went there, I had their tomato fried kway teow

Y2K tomato fried kway teow

…which I really enjoyed a lot. I would say this one here is the one I like the most among all that I have had in town.

In the meantime, my niece, the one working in Singapore, came home on New Year’s Eve for the weekend and among the things that she got us from her recent travels to Japan, Korea and all over, she brought us this carrot cake…

Cedele, Singapore carrot cake

…from Cedele, Singapore and true to its tagline, it was purely irresistible. I have never had carrot cake that even came near to this one, it was that good!!!  Now I know what to ask her to get for me the next time she comes home. Anybody else from there heading this way too? Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Let’s go again…”

  1. I havent seen any tomato fried kuey teow here in the Peninsula. It’s either we don’t have it here or I havent look hard enough.

    I will never volunteer to eat clear soup noodles if I am dining alone. Will always opt for tomyam, kari or laksa BUT you’ll always see me eat clear soup noodles because I have to share it with Ayden *cries*

    Ahhhhhh!!!! That boy has good taste – can savour and enjoy the flavours without them being drowned out completely by all those add-ons. Say, tom yam or curry anything will taste like tom yam or curry – the original tastes of the ingredients would be buried in their very strong flavours, makes no difference what is in it.

    Tomato kway teow is a Kuching thing. We can get it here at some places, not everywhere and some do not do it so well. This one’s good.

  2. i still have one question lingers. Where are you from and where are u now actually? Kuching? all the food are from kch? or Sibu? Correct me if im wrong haha

    Didn’t you ask this in your comment on my previous post? I think I answered your question already. Go look it up.

  3. I love Y2K’s tomato kway teow bee hoon! You can’t get the same taste anywhere else in town…yummy!

    Ahhhhh!!!! At least there is one person who agrees with me, eh? 😀

  4. Topping my list are the clear soup bihun, Foochow fried noodles & tomato kway teow whereas tom yam/curry will be last. The carrot cake looks very rich.

    I think we share more or less the same taste as far as these noodles are concerned. Carrot cake was very soft and moist and very delicious.

  5. I have been wanting to bake a carrot cake and now that I see the magnificent carrot cake your niece bought for you, I shall not wait any longer!

    Ummmm…dijamin sampai hari esok? Then I can tell you whether yours is nicer or not. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. Just took my son and his family to eat kampua noodles in Thornlie. He said it’s the best noodles he’s ever eaten.

    You have Foochow blood in your roots? 😀 😀 😀 I’ve an old classmate home from Melbourne – he went to try the one there, he said it was no good…nothing like the ones he is enjoying here but the portion there is very very huge, he said. Well, it’s around three times the price around here, without conversion.

  7. Here we call it thick bee hoon, 粗米粉…

    In Hokkien, we call it tua tiow bihun, thick bihun too. Hung ngang is in Foochow.

  8. The tomyam looks very spicy… so reddish.. is it really that hot? Singapore carrot cake from Cedele… hmmmm…. I would love to try it the next time I go there… if I remember… ie. 🙂

    You can always drop by my blog and type carrot cake and click the magnifying glass icon to search. Not spicy, Chinese-run stall, favourite of many.

  9. omigosh … in kl there are only a few places that do amazing carrot cakes … must remember this name, cedele 😀

    All this while, all that I’ve hard were pretty standard, same taste, same recipe, was just ok with it – this was the first that swept me off my feet! Loved it so much!

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