Brother & sister…

My ex-colleague dropped by here…

Loco Kitchen, Sibu 1

…and shared some photographs of what he had on Facebook. He said it was good, nicer than here and reasonably-priced and when I asked, he told me vaguely the location of the place. I drove round the area a few times but I did not see it until one day when I went there for the sole purpose of looking for it, and yes, I found it. However, parking there was such a pain and we tried going there once but there was nowhere to park and we ended up here instead – it’s pretty close by, just round the corner.

This time around, we were there early, 5 something, just so we could find a place to park and luck was on our side – there was a vacant spot almost right in front. Of course, at the time, there were no other customers around…

Loco Kitchen, Sibu 2

I looked at the menu and I knew right away that this place would have some connection with that other one – they were identical. I spoke to the very nice and handsome proprietor…

Loco Kitchen, Sibu 3

…and yes, he said that the lady there was his sister and he used to be there too for the past few years and now he has started out on his own for some four or five months now…

Loco Kitchen, Sibu ginseng wine

As soon as we sat down, we were served these appetisers…

Loco Kitchen appetisers

– they were all ok, nothing to shout about and I do prefer the braised peanuts at some of the Chinese restaurants here.

We did not want any of the sets – we were persuaded to have one when we went to the sister’s place – as we wanted to order the Korean items on their menu but they do have a whole lot of other local favourites as well, I noticed. Of course, we wanted to try their bibimbap

Loco Kitchen bibimbap 1

…and it was all right. My girl liked it…

Loco Kitchen bibimbap 2

…but the general consensus was that it was not as nice as what we had here.

We also felt the same about their haemul pajeon or seafood pancake…

Loco Kitchen seafood pancake

Perhaps they should add some chives or leek or spring onions, for the colour, at least, if nothing else.

Likewise, the jab chae… 

Loco Kitchen fried glass noodles

…was nice but I would say it tasted like one of those fried glass noodle dish at the Chinese restaurants.

I don’t know if the Koreans have this pickled jellyfish dish or if this is a Thai exclusive but the one we had here…

Loco Kitchen jellyfish

…was pretty well done.

All in all, I would say it was a nice dinner, not as nice as what we had here and maybe, not as authentic as well, but a whole lot cheaper and definitely nicer and cheaper than here. All in all, inclusive of drinks, the bill came up to a little over RM43.00 only, believe it or not!

I did ask the guy what the name meant, whether it was a transcription of  a Korean word but he said no and from what I gathered, it was supposed to be “local“,  something completely different from the name in Chinese…and somewhere along the line, it became “loco“…and if anyone is interested in checking this place out, it is along Lanang Road Lane 2 where this popular kampua noodle coffee shop is. Drive straight ahead – it is in the next block of shops, on your left…opposite the Teck Huat mini-supermarket there where this over-30-year-old bird is something of an icon in this town…


…and according to the boss, many know his shop as kedai burung (bird shop) and not by its actual name. If you look across the road from here, you will see it…

Loco Kitchen Sibu 4

…in the block opposite.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Brother & sister…”

  1. It looks like a pretty good feast, and I love the cockatoo! 🙂

    It’s like an icon – everyone familiar enough with the town would know where one can get to see this bird.

  2. Though the food is not THE best but the price is reasonable and the bird is nice so that will do for me 😀

    The bird is across the road. I think now that I have tried their Korean dishes, should we drop by again, we’d just pick one of their many sets available. Very very cheap…and you’d get a whole lot to eat!

  3. Not a big fan of Korean cuisine. Hehe.

    Me neither. Will eat a few of their specialties, not kim chi…but the ladies in the house are crazy over anything Korean. Duhhhh!!!!

  4. Yeah looks pretty mediocre. You guys didn’t have booze either right? So the price is just OK for me … LOL. Not that cheap.

    Relatively cheaper – these Korean places here are so very expensive. What to do? My girl and the mum are so into anything Korean – gotta take them to eat sometime though I would much prefer going some place else. The other one we went to a while ago was very much nicer and I would think it is a lot more authentic…but of course, that was even more expensive…by a mile! Ah well!!! What is cheap these days? 😦 Nope, we don’t drink.

  5. Not quite luring unfortunately. I think I need to go to Korea this year, haven’t been there before, shall include that into my travel list 😛

    I got some feedback from people who went there recently – not very encouraging, not very nice the place, the people, the food, they say…nothing like what we see on tv. They all say Japan is a lot nicer. I went to both a long long time ago and even then, I would think so too.

  6. Am not into Korean food but the pickled jellyfish & seafood pancake (though pale looking) looks good to me. Best part, the price.

    Me neither, will eat…will not go out of my way for it. Pretty cheap here compared to the other places in town but not necessarily as nice as one that we liked a lot.

  7. I also has Korean food over the weekend in uncle jang and Seoul garden. I love their pancakes , very similar to what you had by I still prefers Japanese food!

    Me too, not really a fan of Japanese food but between the two, I would choose that over Korean, anytime.

  8. Me got eat Korean food, but not into it…

    Same here and it seems it is the same with everybody. How come so popular, even the supermarkets and shops are all selling kimchi and all kinds of Korean noodles, I’ve noticed?

  9. The jab chae looks similar to our chap chye, similar sounding name, too.

    More like what we used to call the imitation sharks’ fins – the dry version, fried with thinly-shredded Chinese cabbage, shitake mushroom, minced prawn/crab meat and meat and egg and using glass noodles instead of the expensive fins.

  10. You don’t sound very impressed with the food, so I guess you would not be rushing back there all too soon. But at slightly over RM43, that’s very, very affordable for Korean food.

    You know I am not all that crazy about Korean food, just ok with Japanese…but I don’t mind going once in a while, bring my girl to enjoy. She loves both!

  11. it’s nice that they open that early.. some eateries don’t open until after 6 plus.. 🙂

    all that for only RM43?? now that’s a good price!

    Usual hours here, 11 – 2 and in the evening 5 – 11. Not many places open longer than these hours but there are a few. Yes, it’s relatively cheaper for a Korean place, all the rest seem rather pricey.

  12. I like the Korean pancake… remember asking them to replenish when it was emptied.. hahaha.. Seldom go for Korean actually… but once awhile, it is fine for a change of food.

    So far, we’ve never asked for refills, all the places that we’ve been to – after eating our orders, too full already.

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