Wasn’t expecting that…

I wanted turkey for Christmas but my missus would not hear of it. She insisted it wasn’t nice, like wood, had a peculiar smell and taste, would be a lot nicer to roast a chicken instead bla…bla…bla. Sigh!!! We can buy the frozen ones here, a small one can set one back somewhere around RM150.00 – it used to cost around RM80.00 a long time ago…and that is a lot of money just for the turkey. I am sure we would have to cook some other stuff as well to go with it so in the end, I decided that we would all go out for one of those Christmas specials around here. I did not pay much attention to the menu as I wasn’t expecting much…but yes, I made sure it had turkey.

All in all, it was such a disappointment that I simply deleted all the photographs that I took and decided not to blog about it…and the turkey was dry, tasteless…and there was no cranberry sauce to go with it, just some brown gravy that did not help much to save the day. It really pisses me off how people would simply jack up the prices and cash in on this season of love and goodwill – if they want to charge that much, they should make sure that what they serve is extra special, value for money. Like I said I was not expecting much but I sure would expect to get a little bit more than sweet and sour pork and char kway teow. I could have taken what I paid and gone to some Chinese restaurant for those and eat myself to kingdom come. Tsk! Tsk!

However, there is this one place here that I went to once before. No, they did not have anything special – you can just order anything you want à la carte from their regular menu and the thing is they are giving a 15% discount on the bill throughout this festive season. Now, isn’t that really nice? Unfortunately, I did not go there for dinner – I don’t think they had turkey – but I did drop by a few days after Christmas for coffee with a cousin of mine who was home from Sydney, Australia.

I had the rainbow cake (RM11.90)…

Cocoa Coffee rainbow cake

…which was the craze at one time after red velvet had had its round. There was so much hoo-ha over it but I, for one, was not all that keen on all those colours which obviously, are the main attraction. My cousin crinched at the sight, refusing to try even a bit. It’s nothing, really, I had had people telling me, it’s just cake, a very colourful one. Anyway, I decided I would order a slice and try it once and for all so everytime, I see anybody raving about it, I would know what it is like…actually.

Yes, like what everyone has been telling me, it is indeed…just cake! Thankfully, it was quite nice, soft and not dry but I really do not see what all the excitement was about! I would much sooner go for what my cousin had – the chocolate mud cake (RM9.90)…

Cocoa Coffee chocolate mud cake

…which was so very nice that I would not mind going back for more some day except that if I am not wrong, the people here make different cakes on different days so what you enjoy on one day may not be available the next time you drop by. My cousin is very health-conscious, keeping a stringent regiment as far as his food (and fitness programme) is concerned so he would only eat half of that and gave me the other half and no, I am not complaining! Wink! Wink!

My girl who came along with me that afternoon had their classic maple waffle (RM12.90)…

Cocoa Coffee classic maple waffle

…and she enjoyed it a great deal. She said it was very much nicer than any she had had around here.

No, I would say the things here, like at all the rest of such coffee places that are sprouting here, there and everywhere around town,  are all that cheap and that applies to the drinks too. My girl had a maple orange (RM11.90) and I had an iced Americano (RM10.90) while my cousin had a hot cappuccino (RM10.90)…

Cocoa Coffee hot cappuccino

Even at those prices, there were many people there at around 3.00 p.m. that afternoon which surprised me very much – quite  a number of tables were occupied…but what I noticed was that they were there when we arrived and none had left when we were about to go. I guess this is what young people do these days – hang around at one of these classy places to chat for as long as they want (and take a lot of selfies too – saw those at one table doing that the whole time we were there) and that accounts for the high prices as there sure aren’t going to be a lot of people coming and going.

The bill for our little afternoon tea/coffee came up to RM68.40 and with the 15% discount, the total was RM58.15…and I really must say a big thank you to my cousin for the box of chocolates…

Chocolates from coz

…that he brought for me, that sure was so very sweet and thoughtful of him.

I wasn’t expecting this either but the postman came yesterday afternoon and passed me this card…

Hallmark X'mas card from cousin Yvette

…from his sister, my cousin in Perth, Australia. Thank you so much, cousin – it is so sweet of you to send me a card and I would say that somehow, a Hallmark one does seem to make it extra special.

The postman also delivered this stunningly beautiful calendar…

Calendar from Australia

…along with it – from my very old friend, Jasmine, in Adelaide, Australia and it certainly was a lovely surprise, I was not expecting that too!

Of all the months, my favourite has got to be my birthday month – December…


…and no, it’s not because of the macarons. I absolutely love the caption. LOL!!! Thank you so much to you too, Jasmine – I am indeed truly blessed. I sure am looking forward to seeing you back here in Sibu sometime next year. Oops!!! I must thank you for the Christmas card enclosed inside as well – I did not notice it at first as I was so excited upon receiving the calendar and I only found it when I checked the envelope again. Hehehehehe!!!!

It’s New Year’s Eve today, so what have you all got planned? Maybe I would drop by the aforementioned place for dinner and enjoy the 15% discount…or maybe we’d go elsewhere – I have not decided yet.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Wasn’t expecting that…”

  1. You mean the Christmas special has both char kway teow and a turkey dish? How weird. I don’t dare to eat the colourful cake too, just too colourful for me. A good way to spend the late afternoon catching up with your cousin with cakes and coffee at your leisure. The calendar is so special – it has 16 months in it.

    Wouldn’t be so bad if if the turkey had been good, I could have just feasted on that…but it wasn’t and served in thin bits, almost like shredded meat – not nicely sliced. I do not expect a wide spread, a few nice options would be enough and for Christmas, I would expect a western theme. If I had wanted Chinese, I would have gone to a Chinese restaurant.

    12 months but 16 pages, with some add-ons, this and that. You wouldn’t too? Perhaps someone can tell me why it was so very popular – everyone was eating it and sharing the photos like it was something to die for. I, for one, would not think so. Just a passing trend, I guess…like red velvet cake, mille crepes, macarons.

  2. I used to not like turkey but somehow the turkeys I ate this year do not disappoint. They are all surprisingly very good. I wont roast my own turkey for sure. Too much hassle. We’ll just order from somewhere reliable.

    Not difficult! Just put the bird in the oven and turn on the heat – have to take it out of the netting/bag & plastic wrapper, of course. 😀 😀 😀 Once the thermostat shoots up, it’s done. Of course, if you want to make some nice stuffing, then you need to do more. The thing is in my case, one big bird for a family of 3 and two are not into turkey, I would probably have to eat it for a month to finish it all.

  3. Lindt chocolate is fantastic, and the rainbow cake looks very nice! 🙂

    Very colourful, I think that’s the main attraction. Otherwise, it is just cake…and the one here is good, soft & moist, not dry like some.

  4. I didn’t have turkey this year. Too expensive and no space to keep it in freezer. Lol.

    Lovely rainbow cake.

    It is raining pretty heavy outside now. So a very cold and wet new year’s eve in Kuching. Going for a family dinner with my side of family tonight.

    Whatever your plan tonight, happy new year to you and family.

    Have to buy on the eve of the eve and then let it defrost overnight in the fridge, not in the freezer. There are small ones – the big ones are really too big for a family unless one plans to hold an open house.

    Yes, raining heavily in Kuching, I see friends sharing photos of flooding already here and there. Sibu weather was gloomy, little drizzle on and off – now bright and sunny already, thank goodness.

    We’ve decided to eat at home, so it will be steamboat tonight. Happy New Year to you and yours too! Cheers!

  5. I vote for roasted chicken instead of turkey. My 1st try in turkey was during a Christmas gathering some years ago, oh dear!!!!…it’s like eating tree bark, really. The waffle looks good & guess what I like most, of course, the chocolate. As long as it is chocolate I am game for it. Happy Blessed New Year 2016 to you & family.

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. You sound exactly like my missus…and she’s worse! She does not eat duck and many other things, not fond of lamb…so there really isn’t much left. 😦 Chocolate’s good for health, they say – dark chocolate.

  6. oh my god, the cakes. all your pictures food always looks so tempting!!

    Not these, except maybe the rainbow cake. The place was rather dimly lit so I had to depend on the little bit of sunlight coming in through the window. Everything sure looked a lot better actually. 😦

  7. I had a horrible serving of turkey at one of the cafes too, for our Christmas gathering with mates. Never mind on the food, i value my dining partners more. Happy New Year to you and your family Arthur!

    Thank you, and to you and yours too! Oh? So you did not have nice turkey too? Oooooo….I wonder who your “mates” were, wink…wink!!! LOL!!! 😀

  8. Actually i bought ticket to go to a Zumba Party which i look forward, but have to go away with it, haiz… Something else crop out…

    Oh dear! I think I got the hint from one of your Facebook posts. 😦

  9. aiya….sorry to hear that the dinner was not good. Hmm….turkey maybe same like duck…an acquired taste. Can taste gamely if not cook correctly. Some said have to remove something from the butt so that it wont taste gamely wor.

    Very cheerful rainbow cake there. Have a happy 2016

    I always thought it was not much different from chicken breast. Of course, many here do not like breast but I’m fine with it. In fact, if it is duck, I prefer the breast. Turkey these days, just unwrap, put in the oven and roast till the thermostat shoots up, so easy – it’s pre-marinated, no need to do anything unless you want to put your own nice stuffing.

    Same to you and papa and little kucing.

  10. Sorry your turkey experience didn’t turn out so well. Your sweet pics today are making me want to make a cup of coffee and munch on something sweet.

    You have a sweet tooth? It was nice, the tea I had with my Ozzie cousin…just that I thought it was not cheap, the drinks especially but I guess those would be the usual prices at such places.

  11. We have turkey every year, and I look forward to it. Can be a bit dry at times, but this year my wife followed some internet recipe which required the turkey to be soaked in brine for 24 hours before roasting. It turned out very moist, but slightly salty. Must find a way to counteract this saltiness.

    Oh? I wonder if it will be moist if it is soaked in just water. I saw two leftover turkeys in the freezer at a supermarket here – I wonder if they will put them on special offer now that the festive season isover. I would not mind buying if it is less than RM100. 😀

    1. I read an explanation somewhere which implies some sort of osmosis activity takes place with the brine. Too technical for me. But I saw some recipes which use a lot less salt than the one my wife chose. Must try with less salt next year.

      Good luck! You use fresh turkey there? Our frozen ones come pre-marinated, no need to soak in brine. Maybe that is why everyone says it is like tree bark…not as nice as what you have there?

  12. Too hassle for me to roast a turkey. Maybe not that really hard for me to do so, because it is still a chicken from different family… hahaha. But it is pricey to get one whole frozen turkey. Chicken will do right?

    Traditionally, overseas, they would have turkey for Thanksgiving and for Christmas so it it is chicken, it is just not the same, I’m afraid. Like braised or stewed duck – we can have chicken or pork, but they are all different – all nice, but different. These days, turkeys come pre-marinated – just defrost, unwrap and roast till the thermostat shoots up. So easy! But they are rather expensive now, even the small ones, over RM100. Chicken is a lot cheaper.

  13. You had cake again. Rainbow looks good to me. I have yet to make my own rainbow cake. Will be in 2016 baking list.

    Happy Birthday STP…

    So much trouble to make one cake – not worth it considering that the layers taste the same, just the colours are different. I guess some people like that – so colourful. Not so bad if they use natural colours.

    Thanks for your greetings, happy new year to you and your loved ones too. Cheers!!!

  14. hah..hah… turkey “like wood” 😀 I have not had turkey except for turkey ham. From what I heard from my dad, turkey is not that great. I don’t know, maybe it depends how it was roasted. I read that it has to be brined, soaked on salt water overnight before cooking or something like that.

    It is usually not advisable to go for any Christmas or New Year specials. I went for one a few years back and it was such a rip-off. The food was mass produced to cater to the crowd and it was so lousy.

    These days, the frozen ones come pre-brined, already marinated – just remove the netting basket and the wrapper…and pop into the oven to roast. There is a thermostat stuck in it – that will pop up once it is done. So very easy! Of course, if you want to make your own nice stuffing for the turkey, then you would need to put in a little bit of work, not difficult.

    I will never go for any of these specials ever again – used to go to the ones at the hotels but yunno hotel food – can only be good to a certain level only. Nice but not great. I’ve stopped going as these have become a lot more expensive – not really worth it for people like my missus, especially – just one helping, already full.

  15. I agree with your wife.. hahaha… Chicken is of course nicer, but if not for Christmas, turkeys are not as popular, have to stuff a lot of ingredients into it and eaten with cranberries jam… otherwise quite bland… hahahaa… anyway, once a year, it is nice to have turkey cos we eat chicken almost every day! And your desserts especially the one your cousin ordered… really really GOOD!

    I saw somewhere, they line the turkey with bacon under the skin for the flavour especially from the melting fat during roasting. A friend of mine once told me to add lap cheong to the mashed potatoes in the stuffing – will bring the taste of the turkey to a whole new level. Have never tried though. Indeed, like you said, we can have chicken every day – turkey, just once a year, so it is something special to look forward to.

  16. M not a fan of Turkey too but if we celebrated Christmas at home we always will have some… My sis recommended me the frozen one,the brand is steggles, it comes cooked in breast or thigh portions, either 1 o r 2 kg n kept a long time n delicious too n u can just prepare your own gravy…, maybe if any of your oz cousins or friends going to visit u next yr can get u some! Haha! Hope u have a nice New Years Eve n Happy n Blessed New a Year 2016!

    Same to you and Simon and all your loved ones. Where are you now? London? Paris?

    Cooked already? That would save a lot of trouble…or take away the pleasure of roasting one’s own. We have turkeys here, not hard to roast just that I will be the only one eating…but it sure would be nice to have it once a year, something special, otherwise Christmas would be just like any other day, eating the same ol’ things…sweet and sour pork and char kway teow. Eyewwwww!!!!!!

    1. Thanks.Still in London but going Paris soon…ya cooked but very delicious.

      Ok, enjoy yourselves. Going to be Ah Ma soon, maybe not so free to fly here and there anymore after that. Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. Oh my gosh, that rainbow cake looks so fun! I can’t imagine the work that went into making that. So many layers! I’m not a big fan of turkey, actually. I’ll eat it, but I’d prefer just about anything else.


    I guess that is why the rainbow cake is so popular – so vibrant, like a lot of fun. Little kids especially would love the colours. Yes, we have lots of layer cakes here, a lot of very fine layers, much thinner than this. Really a lot of work to make one. I can’t say turkey is a favourite but I would love to have in once a year, in keeping with the tradition.

    Your first time here, I see. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do hop over again sometimes. Cheers!

  18. That rainbow cake looks cool! I want to make one for the longest time but did not find any time to do it.
    Have a Prosperous and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Same to you and yours. Tedious job. My missus made layer cakes one year – the following year, she just mixed everything together – tasted just as great, just did not look as nice. 😀

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