Good enough…

We were out and about that morning and we dropped by the hypermart here and I saw these pies…


…and this box of lasagna…


They only have two choices – beef or chicken and of course, I grabbed all the beef.

They’re Malaysian-made – the address given is somewhere in Shah Alam, Selangor so of course, they are not as expensive as anything that is imported from abroad. If I remember correctly, they’re all over RM9.00, less than RM10.00 each.

I was wondering about the names of those pies though – I called all of mine shepherd pies, the ones where I used mashed potatoes for the pie cover…until somebody corrected me and said that those were cottage pies, seeing that I used beef for the filling and for shepherd pies, it has got to be lamb. Ok, so now I know!

However, both the pies that I bought were beef and they did not have any lamb and the only other option was chicken. Never mind the names – the test of the pudding or the pie is in the eating so we heated them up to try. The so-called cottage pie had slices of potatoes on top…

Cottage pie 1

…nothing like any pie that I had seen before but it tasted great! There certainly was a lot of meat in the filling…

Cottage pie 2

…and I could detect the use of some herbs in the cooking. As a matter of fact, I did find some bits of bay leaves in it. My girl was not all that fond of the peas (and the carrot and the corn kernels)…

Cottage pie 3

…in it though. Like the frozen ones we get here, they were kind of hard, maybe not so hard but no, they were not soft enough.

The so-called shepherd pie had mashed potatoes…

Shepherd pie 1

…as its cover and yes, the mashed potatoes were very nice – not over smooth and over-blended like some that I have had here and there and the filling…

Shepherd pie 2

…was great too. No, the filling of the two pies did not taste the same – each had its own and both were nice. I think if I had to make a choice, it would not be based on the filling since we liked both of them equally but most likely, it would be toss between sliced or mashed potatoes…and the latter would win, hands down.

The lasagna…

Lasagna 1

…was like lasagna, very nice too…

Lasagna 2

…and as for the taste, what can one expect from the tomato-based bolognese sauce? That was exactly what it tasted like. My girl liked it a lot and if it was good enough for her, it was good enough, period. For one thing, the only place where we could get to eat that does not seem to be serving it anymore – probably at RM18.00 for one not-very-big serving, it does not go down too well with the general public so they’ve probablyย taken it off their menu…and of course, since they started using those imitation crab sticks for their seafood one at the franchise pizza place here, my girl has not bothered going back for that one.

I checked the expiry dates and they are good till the end of 2016 so we may just go back there and pick up a few more to stock up in our freezer. Here, if we can get to buy something nice, we may not get to see them again…ever, like those bangers that I enjoyed a lot. That’s the way it goes.

In the meantime, this very pretty Christmas card, postmarked 18th December (Ipoh, not Taiping), came in yesterday afternoon…

Card from Yan

Thank you so much, Yan! Despite your very tight and hectic schedule these past weeks, you managed to take a little time off to send me a card – that is truly so very sweet of you. Bet you all had a wonderful holiday and your girls are getting all geared up for school when it reopens next week. All the best for 2016, all of you…and God bless always. Cheers!!!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Good enough…”

  1. The cottage pie and potatoes look great, and I love Shepherd’s pie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    All good, even the lasagna, just that I am not really into that tomato-based bolognese sauce. My girl enjoyed it.

  2. Wow looks good ! one of my personal favourite shepherds pie. I always buy the frozen ones and stock it at home. Unfortunately the frozen one i got here they are always very salty. Just dont know why they made them so salty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Yes, I sure am glad that these are very nice. Can’t remember getting any here but in Kuching, I had Mrs Mac’s from Australia, VERY salty. The four’n twenty ones from the US are smaller but nicer, not so salty. I did try some of those frozen pies in New Zealand, thought they were ok – did not sweep me off my feet. These are nicer.

  3. It’s been a long time since I last made Shepherd’s Pie, but you’ve inspired me. I think I’ll make one this week.

    Much easier making mashed potatoes for it compared to shortcrust or puff pastry unless you use the not so nice frozen ones.

  4. I like Shepherd’s Pie, but never buy the frozen one before…

    Nicer than the one I had once at Secret Recipe here – did not think too much of it, never had it again.

  5. If nice you better go stock up now leh…you know la…many people reads your blog. Nanti u go there people sapu all liao

    Yalor!!! But at 9 something each, maybe it will not be gone so fast. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Both looks equally nice but I don’t like the peas in the pies. Like the frozen one used in fried rice, I would pick up one by one. My favourite one in town would be Aloha or John’s pie.

    Those frozen peas used to be ok, only now…so hard no matter how long they are boiled. I will never buy anymore. Same here, don’t like them in fried rice outside too, like stones. Aloha chicken quiche is nice, not fond of their pies and I am not into John’s as I am no fan of puff pastry. We only have nice chicken pies at one place here, others around here all not worth buying so these would be good options for us, no other choice.

  7. Looks alright but yup, i won’t pay that much for it

    Those at the classy cafes there going for around this same price, I guess…and some can be a lot nicer, I’m sure. You have those…here, we do not have a choice. Don’t tell me you would not pay that much for those too? Gee!!! You must be very rich, hoarding all that money of yours. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Good to hear that they taste good so it was money well spent. I have not seen them here mainly because I seldom go to the frozen section. Will go see now to look for this.

    You can get nice fresh pies here, there and everywhere at your side, I’m sure…not here. Just one place with nice chicken pies, RM3 something only each but we would want something different for a change sometimes.

  9. Ohh. They looked good. I wouldnt mind trying if they are good. Convenient and save time than making yourself. I have been super lazy baking my shepherd’s pie.

    Happy new year to you and family, STP!

    Same to you and yours. Two more days…and my girl will be going back into the jungle. Sigh!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Shepherd or cottage pies with masked potatoes and easy to make. It is the one with shortcrust pastry that is a little bit troublesome. Have not made for a long time now. Like you, so lazy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I don’t mind stocking this kind of food especially rushing back to cook. Just my children prefer very simple dish..a soup and one dish preferable like egg or meat. Hahha

    Wahhhhhh!!!! So nice your girls, so easy to feed. LOL!!!

  11. i’m usually not a fan of bolognese-type sauces, cos they can be a bit sourish for my preference … but i’ll take shepherd’s pie any day, cos the combo of creamy potatoes and tender meat is irresistible ๐Ÿ˜€

    Not a fan of bolognese either, nor all the tomato-based sauces. Not much different from eating tomato sauce. Not into the creamy sauces either That is why fr pasta, I would go for aglio olio.

  12. Oooh! Those pies and lasagna look very good. I wonder if they are available over here. I must go take a look. Too lazy to make my own pies, might as well buy if they are affordable and good.

    Got them at Giant here, may have there too.

  13. Seldom buy frozen food from the malls… so not sure they have these type over here or not… but real convenient and easy if one likes to eat… yes, as long as your girl likes, papa will surely get them no matter what… hahahaa…


  14. I have been brought up eating the so-called ‘Shepherd Pies’ made by Mom. They turn out to be cottage pies. Still can’t get over that!

    Me too! All those years, I got it all wrong. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  15. I, too, never realised shepherd’s pie should be made with lamb. Makes sense. I must take mental note to check next time I have one. Always thought it was just the mash topping that distinguished it.

    Same here till somebody pointed out that I got the name wrong so I went and googled and true enough, I had been wrong all the while. Well, never too old to learn new things. Hehehehehe!!!!

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