Gotta try it…

I had a glimpse of it once when I was having dinner here and it sure looked good so I made up my mind there and then that I gotta try it sooner or later. In the meantime, I heard reviews from people who had had it and they were praising it to the skies so that afternoon, we made our way there for lunch and I ordered it. Probably people do not usually have that for lunch and the girl seemed kind of surprised that I wanted it. She even went to confirm that it would be available and yes, it was.

Of course I just had to order their very special ngor bee th’ng (five-flavour soup)…

Tung Seng ngor bee th'ng

…which is actually a Chinese cooling dessert, not a soup, and yes, it was as refreshing as ever and I did enjoy it a lot.

In the meantime, this was served – the fried rice…

Tung Seng fried rice

…which we did not order but we said that we did not mind having that so it was not really a problem. It was all right but I think we had something nicer a long time ago.

We also asked for the midin fried with sambal belacan

Tung Seng midin belacan

…and this too was just all right, probably because of the quality of the belacan used. I would go for the ching chao (plain fried) the next time around.

Now, if you are wondering what it was that I wanted to try so badly, well, it was their crispy pata…

Tung Seng Philippine pork leg

…or what we call the Philippine pork leg here. I really wonder how they did it for the skin was very nice and crispy…and there was hardly any fat inside – they probably managed to melt all of it away. If I were to do it myself, the meat inside would definitely be hard and dry but no, it was still quite moist and succulent.

The ladies liked it…

Tung Seng crispy pata

…very much but given a choice, I think when it comes to pork leg, I would prefer our stewed/braised version with soy sauce and five-spice powder with  hard-boiled eggs added…served with sambal belacan.

Of course that did not come cheap! The pork leg alone was RM60.00 each but it was big, VERY big. We barely ate half and we took the rest home and heated it up and had it for dinner. However, I thought the prices of the fried rice – RM12.00, mind you…and the midin- RM10.00 were a little on the high side. I don’t know if it was the sambal belacan but elsewhere, I think it is only RM8.00, the standard price for a vegetable dish…unless they have all jacked up the price now, I wouldn’t know.

Now that I’ve got to try what I wanted to try, I think the next time around I would just stick to their very nice sliced pork served with cincaluk dip…and also their lovely prawns with young coconut flesh served in a coconut. Personally, I do think those two specialties of theirs are a lot nicer.

After our lunch, my girl insisted on stopping by here so she could treat us to the cakes for dessert. It has been years since we last dropped by. We shared the tiramisu (RM8.80)…

Secret Recipe tiramisu

…which was all right, very strong on the coffee taste to the extent of being slightly bitter but we liked it more than their chocolate banana (RM8.80)…

Secret Recipe chocolate banana

…which was not bad but the slightly cheaper and very nice one here comes with ice cream and we sure enjoy that more.

I loved their durian cake (RM8.80)…

Secret Recipe durian durian 1

when I tried it the first time a long time ago and I enjoyed it everytime I had the chance to have it but this time around, I kind of found it…

Secret Recipe durian durian 2

…a little disappointing – the durian fragrance seemed a little off which made me wonder whether they used fresh durian or durian essence and the texture of the cake was a little dry, only slightly, but I do recall it being much nicer…and I was thinking I should have ordered the white chocolate macadamian instead.

It has been a while since I discovered that their drinks here were RM1.00 more expensive than at their outlets in the peninsula/Penang. I don’t know if it is still so but I was kind of pissed off by it. I would understand if the food and the cakes were more expensive but I could not understand why everything was priced the same, just the drinks…and for that reason, I have never been all that keen to drop by the outlets here…especially when we have places here that serve very much nicer cakes and desserts.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Gotta try it…”

  1. I think it is worth paying RM60 for the crispy pata since it is big and nicely done with juicy meat, crispy skin with no fat at all. So sweet of Melissa to give you all a treat at the cake shop.

    Yes, my missus said one pork leg that size at the wet market would cost around RM45, at least. I wouldn’t know, never bought that! Perhaps the girl was shocked as it was big enough for 10 people, at least and there were just the 3 of us. 😀

    Yes, my girl’s very sweet – would want to pick up the tab everytime but I would not let her, I always ask her to save – still young, and I have my monthly pension and I do not spend much on anything else other than utilities and food.

  2. I wonder if you could use midin to replace spinach in western dishes such as quiche and creamed spinach?

    It should be nice but it is crunchy if fresh and not overcooked, more like asparagus. There’s a variety of Chinese mustard green (sawi), smaller and very sweet – I would think those would be a great alternative for spinach.

  3. Ngor bee th’ng, very refreshing drink. Given a choice, I also prefer midin plain fried with a bit of wine added.That crispy pata looks really tempting. Being a durian lover, most probably I choose the durian cake.

    I like midin, ching chao – can taste the fresh crunchiness and the sweetness – not too fond if with red wine, Foochow style but ok with it also. The durian cake used to be really very nice – dunno if it is the outlet here. Sometimes, it varies – these franchises, poor quality control. I hear they do not bake the cakes here – done in Kuching and sent over. 😦

  4. I miss that midin dish, pretty good actually… the closest thing we could get is probably kangkong 😛

    Same recipe but as as far as the greens go, they’re miles apart – not quite the same. I’d go for midin anytime!

  5. ngor bee th’ng looks like lin chee kang is it? I like that with the quails egg! Wow.. pork knuckle with most of the soft fat rendered leaving the crispy skin is just aweeee some! No wonder the ladies like it. LOL

    Not exactly but something along that same line – I think this one has those dried longans in it too, among all the other things but no, no quail eggs in it. The pork leg was good but I prefer stewed/braised to deep-fried.

  6. RM60 for that pork leg. Wow. I’ll be the only one eating that as the boys will be just to shocked to see something so big served in front of them. Haha!

    Wahhhh!!!! Your boys so refined meh? No German pork trotters for them then. I remember once at Modestos in KL, we wanted one each but the waitress kept insisting we had one to share. Good thing we listened to her – that one trotter with the salad was just right for the four of us (three ladies). 😀

  7. Wow! You guys sure can eat. After such hearty lunch you can take dessert again. Haha.

    My girl would be drooling over that crispy pata. Thankfully she got to taste it before back to Kuching as the uncle and aunt treated her to dinner a night before she flew home.

    We did not eat that much of the pork leg, just tried a bit and took the rest home. I guess your girl had the one at Hong Fu – my cousin’s hubby used to buy two or three back to Kuching, kept in the freezer…when he was working in Sibu. Dunno of any good one there – had it once at the Filipino restaurant at Padungan, not very nice. Almost all fat. 😦

  8. The crispy pork leg looks fantastic. I must check out our local Filipino restaurant and see whether they’ve got that. Haven’t been there for many years.

    They should have. It’s the most well-known Filipino dish.

    1. The restaurant I was thinking of has just closed down, but I found another one near my son’s house which has crispy pata for $18. They say can feed 4 people. I’ll try it next time I visit my son.

      That’s cheap! Cheaper than the one we had here, after conversion. I’ve had some very nice German pork trotters at a few places before too. Loved them!

  9. i think RM60 is decent value for that pork leg … since it probably has enough meat for five people, right. so RM12 per person 🙂

    Big enough to be served to a table of 10 but of course, I would expect there would be other dishes as well. Definitely too big for the 3 of us, even if we do not order anything else.

  10. Wah, that pork leg does look very crispy! I would love to eat that and any leftovers can boil it with kiam chye. I used to buy the German Pork knuckle from a pork outlet at the old Jaya Jusco. It was very hard, which was why I boiled it with kiam chye and it turned out so good 😀

    Oh? Those German ones that I had before were all moist like braised or stewed, so never hard. I like theirs very much but it has been a long time since the last time I had one. Pork belly with kiam chye is absolutely awesome, I like that too.

  11. I want that midin thingy, I don’t care if the belacan isn’t up to par!

    You have tried it before, I guess? I hear they export it to Singapore these days, air flown…and of course, the prices here keep shooting up. 😦

  12. The Pork Knuckle really looks crispy and nice.. anytime I like it done this way…. less fats maybe? It looks dry and can be eaten just like that… RM60 is on the high side.. The German PK cost around 5-10 euro depending on which place… cheapest is 4.90 euro.. hahaha… Really cheap!

    So cheap there, dunno how much in KL, can’t remember. Any German restaurant in Ipoh? None in Sibu. 😦

  13. That soup is something new to me, I think I will order it if I were there.

    Oh, the dessert? You do not have it there. This one here is very nice, I would always order it. Some others at some hawker stalls in town, not really to my liking.

  14. Hahaha… I thought what soup is that – In my mind it looks more like a dessert to me. Kekeke..
    I like the Pork Leg more..Slurp

    You’re not into that? I thought these cooling Chinese desserts are so popular there. People in Ipoh like Claire seem to love it a lot. None here, only this one…and I only like the one here, would not bother about those elsewhere. Wahhhhhh!!!! And I thought young, slim ladies are not into pork leg, too fat – watching their figure. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. I know this dessert… something familiar with our side here… Leng Chi Kang soup.
      Once a while having that is ok right? Some part doesn’t really are fats – contains collagen hehehe.

      Yes, they say will keep one looking young so must eat more. Hehehehehe!!!!

      Not really leng chi kang but something along the same line – there are dried longans inside and a lot of other things – minimum 5, that is why it is called ngor bee or five flavours.

  15. SR Tiramisu is not that good though. Chocolate Banana is nice and so does the Durian one – delicated taste.

    That is the problem. No proper quality control. The one here is nice, but of course, cannot compare with a lot of other places – not quite like tiramisu, actually. Just like their regular tall cakes with a lot of cream and strong coffee flavour. The banana one was ok too but not the durian one, disappointing – not quite the fresh durian fragrance or taste. Will never go back for that again.

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