Long ago…

They were my students long ago in Kanowit and I was their class/form teacher in Form 2, 1980 and Form 3, 1981, around 35 years ago…and last Sunday evening, they held a reunion here and I was invited to their gathering. It sure was nice that they have not forgotten their old teacher and I was pleased to see that they are all doing well in their own fields. A few of them even took it upon themselves to sponsor the dinner, the hotel stay for some coming from places like Sabah, Langkawi and even Thailand!

It was a buffet dinner with a whole lot of choices to pick from…

Buffet 1

I loved the fish fillet – using fresh fish, probably red snapper, not those frozen fish fillet (dory) and there were freshwater prawns…

Buffet 2

too! I wonder how much that was per head but I am quite sure it did not come all that cheap.

This was home-cooked and they brought it along – the sour duck…

Buffet 3

If I am not wrong, this is a Cantonese delicacy – many of them are Cantonese and they would chat among themselves in their dialect. We do not get this too easily here and the one we had that night was a lot nicer than what I had here or here…but it was sour, if you can catch the drift. LOL!!!

There was also the ethnic Melanau umai

Buffet 4

…which was very nicely done and also the beef salad…

Buffet 5

…that I quite enjoyed too.

This was the salad and dessert bar…

Buffet 6

…and while the ladies had a go at the food first…

Ladies first

…I decided to try the Sarawak laksa

Laksa 1

…from the laksa stall…

Laksa 2

It was mild, not spicy at all…

Laksa 3

…but on the whole, I thought it was pretty good except that I did not like those factory-produced fried shallots sold in plastic packs at the supermarkets – they have a certain smell that I do not quite fancy at all and I would much rather go without any if I can’t have any freshly-fried ones.

Β The students even went through all that trouble to get this done for the teachers…


…with the original school crest that would date back to 1978, the year they entered the school in transition…and my first year of teaching after graduating from college. It seems that the school has changed to a new one now since 2011 so this one has become part of its history that is definitely a lot more relevant to all of us.

Of course we had a group photograph taken…

Group photo

…for remembrance. There were two other teachers, my ex-colleagues, who were present that night…and goodness, how they have changed and grown from the little boys and girls that I used to know…

SMK Kanowit Form 2A 1980

I could remember some of their names…and others, I could remember their faces…but of course, I could not remember all. On a sad note, I heard that six of them had passed away – life is indeed so very fragile, we never know what tomorrow may bring.

I think this is the first ever reunion they have had and they are planning another one next year in Bintulu. It sure was nice to see all these wonderful ex-students of mine once again after all these years and if I do get invited again, I sure would try my best to attend. In the meantime, thank you once again to all of them, God bless and do take good care till we meet again. Cheers!!!

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14 thoughts on “Long ago…”

  1. besar nya peroooot… heh heh heh… very prosperous…

    Kesian… That’s what people say but in my case, duit tak ada, tahi banyak. Sobssss!!!!!

  2. Great spread of food. Nice reunion. You must have play an important role in your students’ lives that makes you stay in their hearts.

    Must be all that caning! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ But one did say that their English was not so good but they all did ok in the exams and at least, till today, they can speak the language though not as fluent as they hardly ever use it anymore but they are much better than their children, coming out of the universities, unable to say a word. Times sure have changed…

  3. Such a nice gesture for this reunion. You must have left a really good impression as the best teacher there is.

    John travolta days indeed.

    Yes, the disco days… I was young once, and free…and had my share of fun! Not so old and boring, big and fat like now. πŸ˜₯

  4. I felt very grateful to be here to attend the Reunion Gathering and meet teachers and schoolmates . I hope that we all keep in touch with one another. As for the food , I like the ‘sour duck’ the most . Yummy!

    It was a great dinner – I enjoyed everything! Of course, the best part was being able to get together with all of you again, looking forward to the next one.

  5. What a lovely gathering. It must be interesting to hear what students are up to now and if they have changed much since you knew them as students.

    They sure have changed a great deal. They were little kids when I last saw them, when they were still students.

  6. Such nice choices of food on the buffet spread! You must have been one of the favorite teachers to be invited. When I had my school reunion earlier this year, we also invited our favorite teacher, the one that left an impression on us to this day. It was sad too, to learn that a few of my ex-classmates had left us way too early.

    The buffet was great – now I’m thinking of going to their New Year special on New Year’s Eve. Yes, real sad especially when they were my students, still so young.

  7. must have enjoyed yourself very much during the reunion πŸ™‚

    It sure was nice, getting together again and talking about the good old days and sharing things of interest that have transpired over the years.

  8. very heart-warming πŸ™‚ the years go by, and then the decades, and before we know it, we’ve gone from schoolchildren to middle-aged, but hopefully the experiences and memories we’ve garnered on our respective journeys will leave us feeling thankful for life πŸ™‚ oh, the food at the gathering looks tasty too … i’d go for the umai, the salted eggs, and the laksa πŸ™‚ p.s. in 1981, i wasn’t in kindergarten yet πŸ™‚

    You’re so young! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ They’re middle-aged now, I’m old…ancient. 😦 Yes, I am thankful, so grateful for all that I’ve been through – life has been good, indeed, just can’t ask for more.

    The food was good, but the laksa – we would be able to get some a lot nicer outside. You know, hotel food…always nice but not necessarily the best. The umai was good but there were no salted eggs though, just the deviled eggs at the salad bar. I did take one, very good too.

  9. It’s so sweet that your students still have you on their minds after all these years.

    Yes, so very sweet of them, indeed.

  10. Wow.. you are really the guest of honor there…. that is your rewards, Arthur.. those days teachers were very much respected… still is but the students are now not so fearful of the teachers as we did during our time.. hahahaa…

    I guess that’s one good thing about being a teacher – the grateful ones will keep inviting you back to their reunions. Other professions, once you’re out, it’s goodbye, close the door behind you. thank you very much. Same thing with teachers as far as the school, department and ministry are concerned, if not for the students.

  11. The first thing i look out for at the group picture, is to look out for you…

    Hard to miss, I’m sure. πŸ˜€

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