We loved the cake that my friend, Lim, and his family gave me for my birthday very much and when I found out where he got it from, I quickly checked their Facebook page and I saw that they had macarons! We quickly made our way there…

Green Forest Cake House, Sibu

…in the hope of grabbing some to try. If anyone is interested, it is located in the left-hand corner lot of the block of shophouses right beside Medan Mall (Jalan Wong King Huo) to the right, somewhere behind the Italian restaurant there.

However, our hopes were dashed when I saw that they only had those few that they had used to decorate the cakes on display…


…but I spotted these mini ones on the counter…

Mini macarons 1

…so of course, I grabbed a jar to take home and try. Ooopssss!!!! Ah well! They’re not the only ones who can’t seem to get the spelling correct.

I thought that was a great idea – small ones around the size of a 20-sen coin of different colours…

Mini macarons 2

…so one would be able to sample all the flavours at one go. However, they all tasted the same to me – very very sweet, no difference between one colour and another, something like eating royal icing. There were 25 inside so it worked out to RM1 each but considering the size, I did not think they were cheaper than the big ones here, nor were they nicer.

I also saw the scones (RM5 for 2)…

Scones 1

…and of course, I had to buy a few of those too.

No, they were nowhere near those that I got once from Kuching but I think the latter did not come this cheap. The texture was all right, nice and crumbly and not hard at all – very well done…

Scones 2

…but it lacked the rich buttery fragrance that was in the ones I truly enjoyed before. Nonetheless, I had these with butter and they did taste quite good in the end.

Moving away from the cake house, this was on another day when we decided to stop by this place as we had not been there for quite a while now. Of course, my girl had the nasi bryani

Nasi bryani

…with lamb curry…

Lamb curry

…while I had the same but I opted for the beef…

Beef curry

…and I did think that the beef curry had an edge over the lamb but both were good.

I ordered these vegetables to go with the aforementioned – the cangkuk manis

Cangkuk manis with egg

…and the paku (wild jungle fern) with baby corn…

Paku & baby corn

…and my missus actually picked the same for her nasi campur (mixed rice) platter…

Soy sauce chicken

I did not know that earlier or I would have asked her to take the rice and the meat and share the extras that I had ordered. The meat she had picked was just soy sauce chicken cooked with some herbs or whatever ingredients that gave it some added fragrance but I did try a bit and was not all that thrilled by it. I did ask for their very nice and special, extra-spicy sambal belacan though…and of course, with that, everything would taste a whole lot more appetising and we sure did enjoy the lunch that we had that day.

The bill came up to RM30, inclusive of drinks, for the three of us. I guess the nasi bryani set does not come all that cheap – it was RM7.00 for lamb before and I don’t know how much it is now nor the price of the beef set as I did not ask for the breakdown of the prices…and looking back at my old photographs, I could gather from a label stuck above the stall that the nasi campur was RM5.00 for a meat and one vegetable at the time…so what my missus had probably cost a little more than that. All in all, I would not say it was all that cheap but as long as it was nice and we all enjoyed what we had, that was all that mattered…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Hopeful…”

  1. based on appearance, the macarons look very professionally made … can’t find fault with them! 🙂

    They sure look really good but as they say, the test of the pudding is in the eating.

  2. RM30 is reasonable as lamb & beef doesn’t come cheap. I love both the vegetable dishes.

    Yes, they do it quite well here, different from the Chinese versions but nice. Usually I do not like the vegetable dishes at the Malay stalls.

  3. Briyani is always a winner with me and wife. Macaroon – I’ve tried once but don’t really care for them.

    Not the ones here, just very sweet…can’t distinguish the flavours. Even at the other place, also too sweet but we did like one or two of theirs. One shared by two people or more is fine.

  4. I was craving for briyani and now see your briyani makes me crave more for it, hehe…

    Go, go. Where can you get the best in Singapore? Serangoon? Little India?

  5. macaroons and briyani.. what a unique mix.. haha

    i want both. maybe the briyani first .. then the macaroons for dessert!

    They were on two different days, two different places. Cramming everything together to get rid of the back log of stuff I have yet to blog about. Tomorrow’s post will be on two different days, same place. 😀

  6. I have not had scones before. Must bake my own someday. I’ve also not tried macarons. Every time I look at the price, I walk away 😀

    Just fork out a bit of your fortune to buy one to try – nothing to get too excited about though, I must say, those macarons. Just a trend, that got class got style kind of thing…and many cannot even spell it correctly. Duhhhh!!!! *face palm* I would prefer scones…not so sweet, rich buttery fragrance but at the end of the day, it is something like some very nice crumbly pastry.

  7. Looking at the briyani make me salivating only. Lamb curry for me.

    Oh. A bakery somewhere near Medan mall. Hmm. Never notice this bakery before. I only bought from another bakery somewhere there.


    Yes, that one is in the same area but more to the back, directly opposite the hotel…
    Can’t say I was too impressed by what I bought there either. Bryani, many places in Kuching serving pretty good ones – more Indians there bah.

  8. Wow, long time no eat macarons already!! Miss them la!

    You do? Can’t say I am all that into those sweet things, don’t mind eating once in a while but I can definitely live without them.

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