Special treatment…

That day, we decided to drop by here (2.291406,111.829162)…

Noodle House

…for lunch and to try some of the very many new desserts that they now have on their menu.

My missus stuck loyally to her favourite here, their kway chap special (RM8.37, inclusive of GST)…

Noodle House kway chap

…while I decided to give their kampua noodles (RM4.77, inclusive of GST)…

Noodle House kampua noodles

…another try, along with their pian sip, dry or what they call wanton (RM4.77, inclusive of GST)…

Noodle Hosue wanton

…on their menu. Yes, both tasted very good, much nicer than how I remembered them to be when I had those a long time ago but I certainly would request for a little less msg, should I ever order those again here. Perhaps others may be quite all right with it but I thought it was a little bit too much for me. For one thing, at those prices, unless you are short of time like if you only have a few days here and you would like to try everything or as much as you can at one single stop, you may be able to get these elsewhere for a lot less and there are places where they may be a lot nicer even.

My girl wanted their sizzling roasted honey spare ribs (RM26.29, inclusive of GST)…

Noodle House sizzling pork ribs

…but she was not sure if she could finish it. I told her to go ahead and eat all that she could and I could always help her deal with the rest. Well, she must have enjoyed it very much for she actually managed to finish most of it herself so there wasn’t much left for me to finish off in the end.

For one thing, they did not have wedges like before and instead, the ribs were served with this bowl…

Noodle House potato gratin

…of potato gratin which was fine by us as my girl loved that very much too.

We ordered the macaron salted caramel hazelnut gelato, I think, but the boy came to inform us that it was not available/sold out so we decided to have the macaron tropical papaya gelato (RM11.55 inclusive of GST)…

Noodle House macaron tropical papaya gelato

…and yes, the gelato was very nice – not sweet with just a little hint of papaya in it but the macaron…

Hard as a cracker

…was hard like a cracker when it was first served, right out from the chiller but it was all right after a while.

I asked my girl if she noticed that the very nice and polite, soft-spoken boy was shivering when he was talking to me and she said she did! Oh me oh my!!! It can’t possibly be because I am so big that I look intimidating. See this face! Don’t I look so nice, so kind, so very fatherly? Muahahahahahaha!!!! Maybe it was because he was conversing in English and he was not confident in the language? Well, if that was the case, he shouldn’t have worried as I thought he was very good, very fluent, very proficient – I wouldn’t have done as well if I had to struggle to talk with him in Mandarin.

I did not like the coffee choux semifreddo the last time I was here as the coffee was kind of bitter and the choux pastry outside was kind of hard but my girl seemed rather keen on trying so I ordered the strawberry (RM7.31, inclusive of GST)…

Noodle House strawberry choux semifreddo

…and we sure were glad we did for it turned out to be really very very nice and we loved it immensely.

The exterior was not hard this time and the strawberry ice cream inside was very nicely done…

Noodle House strawberry choux semifreddo, inside

…and with the cream on top and the piece of white chocolate and the rose petals, I would say it was a winning combination.

Just when we thought we had it all, the aforementioned boy came again and served us this – their coconut sorbetto…

Noodle House coconut sorbetto

…He said that the boss (who was not around at the time) had sent them a message and instructed them to serve us this on the house. Good grief!!! The last time, it was a slice of cake and this time, it was this. That was so very nice of him/them but I do feel bad getting freebies – once in a while would be fine but not this often.

I googled to check and found out that  sorbetto is a creamier version of sorbet and sorbet is often confused with Italian ice and often taken to be the same as sherbet. Well, I know what sherbet is and this wasn’t anything like it. My girl said she could taste the coconut water used in the making but to me, it was their own-made coconut ice cream with a sprinkling of toasted grated coconut and crushed peanut and I must say it had an edge over the one sold in tubs (Magnolia) at the supermarkets that I actually quite enjoyed, a lot richer and nicer that that.

Well, we certainly enjoyed the lunch especially the desserts and of course, we would be back again to see what else we can try.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Special treatment…”

  1. All looks great especially the honey roasted spare ribs. Very nice desserts too. Poor boy, maybe he is one of your students whom you can’t recognise.

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! I was so scary that my students pee-ed in their pants? No lah!!! I was so very nice one. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  2. The desserts are all presented very nicely. I’d order the coconut sorbetto for sure.

    Would be great if they could have young coconut flesh in it – the young, still translucent one, not so fond of it if it is already white and crunchy.

  3. Fatherly? Nice? Judging by the look… No. Poor boy though… but again, its common when people are not confident enough in speaking english, they tend to shy away but in your case, he might be afraid that you will beat him up if he choose to do so wakakaka!

    No, you find me so intimidating! You mean you would be shivering too should we ever get to meet face to face? Oh dear!!! 😀 No lah, I’m so very nice, will not go round beating people one. 😉

  4. wow, i really like the look of the food here. i think i would have polished off the entire honey ribs, and i’m not sure there would be any remaining for you after that, heheh 😀

    Never mind, I’ll just watch you eat and lick the bones clean. Hehehehehehe!!!

  5. You are quite a celebrity in Sibu, with the boss tracking your movements and giving complimentary desserts. The kway chap looks good – can’t really get that over here.

    Yes, I do enjoy their kway chap very much too but I thought I’d go for something else so I would have more photos to take and share. Sigh!!! So sad, being a blogger, can’t just simple eat. 😀 Not really, it’s just that Sibu is such a small place so most everybody knows everybody. You know, little towns. 😀

  6. I would choose kampua and piansips.. and the coconut sorbet looks good for my sweet tooth… Yes, I think the bosses all like you… promoting Sibu to the whole world…. !

    Not really, I think some are not all that in favour of people coming and taking photos and commenting top, bottom, left, right and centre. Generally, everyone is so full of himself, wants to think of himself as the best, none can be better.

  7. “soft-spoken boy was shivering”. oh my…. hahahaha… the same goes to the fierce lady at PERKESO yesterday when i park in front of their office (when i’m not allowed to, only for staffs but there were no parking and i needed to make payment).. when the lady saw my big size younger bro in the car, she didn’t dare to confront him, instead she went into the counter and say.. “siapa pun kreta tok”.. i just kept quiet and leave after i made payment.. hahahaha…

    and the prices of the food inclusive gst ended up can buy 4D 😀

    2829 sounds like a winning number. Go! Go! Try your luck. Don’t forget to give me a treat when you strike.

    Hmmmm….no bending of rules, my dear lady. Spank! Spank! Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. The strawberry dessert looks really good. And oh my, you even got a coconut sorbetto on the house!

    Yes, the two were great, the strawberry especially. We enjoyed that very much.

  9. Maybe you look fierce that day that scare him off, hehe…

    See my face! So cute, where got I look fierce one? 😀

  10. I will go for the wanton, keke…

    It was good…but you have wantons in Singapore, maybe a lot nicer even – why go for things you can get there, like that – might as well stay home.

  11. The pork ribs sure look good! Your girl must have really liked it… it does look like a pretty big portion 😉

    It was huge! She must have enjoyed it a lot to be able to finish that…almost.

  12. That macaron gelato looks really interesting, what an interesting combination looks similar to the ones I had in Switzerland called Luxemburgerli, its not ice cream but nearly similar

    Yes, it seems that gelato is the Italian version of the regular ice cream, a little bit different – not too different though.

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