I won’t miss this chance…

It would not be that convenient to drop by here for lunch on school days when my girl comes home on weekends as parking in that area can be quite a pain on any day and especially on Saturdays and we would have to go earlier to grab a table as soon as they…

New Capitol Restaurant Sibu

…open their doors at 11.00 a.m. or the whole place…

New Capitol Restaurant, ground floor

…on the ground floor would be packed…and going on Sundays would be out of the question as well as we would be on our way to Selangau and beyond around lunch hour to send my girl back to her school.

My girl loves the chicken rice here and now that the schools here are having their end-of-year holidays, I certainly would not want to miss the chance to take her there to enjoy one of their signature dishes that they have been so famous for ever since way back during my childhood days. Luck was on our side as we managed to get a parking space a stone’s throw away! Behold! A miracle!!!

We had the half-chicken platter (RM20.00)…

New Capitol half-chicken platter

…an increase of RM1.00 from the last time I went not too long ago or was it because this chicken was a bit bigger?

My girl would always ask for the roast chicken everywhere else and would never want to go for this steamed version, only here and obviously, they can do it so very well. I did hear somewhere that if they can cook the meat completely and yet the bone marrow is still red in colour…

The perfect steamed chciken

…that’s the perfect steamed chicken.

Needless to say, the rice was good too (RM1.50 a bowl)…

New Capitol chicken rice

…and we sure enjoyed everything with the chili and ginger dips…

New Capitol chili and ginger dips

…that came with our order.

I just had to ask for a few of their Sibu Foochow-style sio bee  or meat dumplings (RM1.50 each)…

New Capitol sio bee

…to enjoy as well. After all, we do not get to come here all that often.

After having had our fill, we walked to the Sibu Central Market as my missus wanted to buy a few things and I managed to snap a photograph of yet another one of the wall murals/street art works in town

Sibu Central Market newspaper-wrapped poultry

…and for the uninitiated, you can click this link here to find out why the chickens and the duck are in that kind of predicament. Now perhaps you can suggest something for the speech bubbles, what they are saying to each other, something like this, for instance:

Chicken: Hello, it’s me! I was wondering if, after all these years, you’d like to meet.
Duck: Hello from the other side! I must have called a thousand times…but when I call, you never seem to be home…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “I won’t miss this chance…”

  1. A pretty and sunny place! The steamed chicken with rice…yum!

    Very very old school. Been around even when I was a kid and it has been at this present place for many many years now. Glad that they have maintained it nicely and really well.

  2. wah, that mural definitely is eye-catching and a lot more witty and humorous than some of the more recent street art we’ve seen around the peninsula. and i like your caption … it’s very current, very 2015, heh 😀

    Indeed, I am – always keeping up with the times, forever young. Hehehehehehe!!!! Yes, I have seen some really awful ones, not really representative of anything local. Ah well!!! One will never know what makes some people tick.

  3. I could have the chili and ginger dips just with rice. I think they’re the best part of chicken rice sometimes 😉

    Yes, sometimes is the word. The ladies sure enjoyed those dips a lot but not me. I will only resort to those when the food is not all that nice. Here, I would want to taste the sweetness of the special chicken and the rich fragrance of the rice without them being drowned out by the dips. Maybe I would just dip a bit to complement the taste but I would not go further than that.

  4. meat dumplings look awesome! i LOVE THEM!

    Yes, we love our local version, different from those at the dim sum places but I do like those too, the good ones, that is.

    Oh? You’ve moved. Ok, will change the link in my blogroll.

  5. Meat dumplings is my all time favourite…

    Come and try the chicken rice here, see if it is nicer than Singapore’s or not. 😉

  6. Steamed chicken and chicken mural. ^^

    I love chicken rice. Can have it anytime.

    Too bad you did not stop in Sibu, we could have gone for dinner here or at some nice place in town.

  7. The steamed chicken looks perfectly done. I can just eat the rice with the chilli & garlic dippings. Sio bee, always my favourite. Yummy!!!

    Ahhhh!!! Another one. See my reply to the yumlist above. I can do without dips if the food is good enough.

  8. I love steamed chicken done that way but I have not been able to do it like that at home. Somehow I can accept the bloody marrow when eating out but when at home, it feels different.

    I guess that’s the indicator – that it is perfectly cooked, not overcooked. As long as the meat is completely cooked, I am fine with it but I know people who would crack the bones with their teeth and suck out all the marrow and eat – they love it so much, say it is very nice…no, thank you. 😀

  9. Your comment about the cooking time affecting the colour of the bone marrow is interesting. I must try to get the timing correct one day.

    I am not sure how they do it, it is a lot more than just steaming, it seems. I saw that on tv, in Singapore, on Asian Food Channel. I’m not into the bone marrow so I would just go ahead and cook till it is all cooked. Not into eating anything raw, much less with blood in it still. 😀

  10. I haven’t been to New Capitol in a while. The chicken rice looks good.

    I’m the total opposite of your daughter, I’ll always go for steamed chicken, never roasted. I much prefer the steamed ones, tastes better to me.

    There’s a lot of street art in Sibu nowadays eh?

    The food here is very nice, not just the chicken rice but I hardly ever drop by as parking in that area can be such a pain and you would need to go early, before lunch hour as the place would be full and you would have to go some place else.

    This street art thing was done quite sometime ago, just that I never bothered to take a photo of this one as usually, people will park the motorbikes right in front of it and spoil it all. Yunno Sibu people… 😦

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