Special day…

Gee!!! How time flies! In the blink of an eye, a week has gone past since my birthday.

Well, of course, first thing in the morning, we had the Foochow longevity noodles, the mee sua (thread/string noodles) served in chicken soup cooked with our traditional red wine…

Birthday mee sua

…and after that, we had the birthday cake…

Birthday cake 1

…that my girl stayed up till past midnight the night before just to make for me and yes, it was very nice…

Birthday cake 2

– it was an orange cake and the texture of the cake and the fragrance of the orange were just right, with just the right amount of fresh orange zest and pulp added, not too strong like some that we get sometimes from the shops (probably that would be mostly essence)…and the colour was not as dark either (probably that would be mostly colouring).

Of course, after all those, we could not possibly have lunch anymore that day and at around noon, my good friend, Lim, and his kids dropped by to give me this cake…

Black Bavarian from Green Forest Cake House

– the Dark Bavarian or something from this bakery in town.Β Wasn’t that so very sweet of them to go through all that trouble? I have driven past this bakery a number of times but I never once stopped by to check it out. The cake was very very light, not sweet and very nice – I must make it a point to drop in at the shop one of these days to see what else they have in store.

That evening, my girl insisted on taking me out to dinner, a special one to celebrate my birthday, and we decided to drop by this place

Aussie Story

…that we had not had the opportunity to go to for a long long time now, not since that one time when it first opened. Good grief! Has it been THAT long? They are celebrating their 1st Anniversary now and everything is currently going at special discounted prices…

Special discounts

Now, that’s just great, isn’t it? Most places, or those around here, at least, would just let their anniversaries go by unnoticed…and carry on as usual, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

The seafood chowder (RM10.50)…

Aussie Story seafood chowder

…was very nice – it could have been just a little thicker as it was a bit on the watery side but it was good and we did enjoy it very much.

Now, these buffalo chicken cheese balls (RM9.50)…

Aussie Story buffalo chicken cheese balls

…sure took the cake, so to speak. They were very very nice – chicken meat balls with cheese inside…

Cheese inside

…coated with bread crumbs and deep fried, and they were quite big too – a bit bigger than golf balls. We enjoyed them very much and immediately made plans to try and make our own one of these days.

My missus had this seafood ariabata (RM19.00)…

Aussie Story seafood ariabata

…the last time we were here – I guess she had forgotten all about it – but she wanted that again as she saw in the description that it would be served in some spicy tomato-based sauce. It was not spicy at all though but it was all right, not bad…and an improvement from the last time now that they garnished it with a sprig of parsley, not Chinese celery like before.

The Irish lamb stew (RM25.00)…

Irish lamb stew

…was superb – their coleslaw was as good as ever and I liked the fact that the mashed potatoes were not so fine, exactly the way I would make mine, and nothing like the ones at some places where they probably used Β a blender or those that came out of a box.

They did not have any choices when it came to dessert, just their bread pudding served with yam ice cream (RM6.50)…

Aussie Story dessert

…which was all right, nothing to shout about…but at least, it wasn’t pricey unlike what we would get at some other places around town.

Iced water was free but the prices of the drinks may be on the high side. My missus had their Blue Lagoon mint fizz (RM7.90) while my girl had the red berries smoothie (RM9.90) but of course, berries, cherries and all those cost a bomb, if at all we can get them here.

All in all, it was a delightful dinner at this lovely place with nice Christmas songs being played at just the right volume – not so loud as in some places…and the people were very nice and friendly, conversant in English and rightfully so, considering that this IS a western restaurant…plus the service was very good too. I would say it was a perfect closing to the just-in-the-family celebration of my 63rd birthday…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Special day…”

  1. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you had a lovely evening. I’m rather sensitive to sound too – music in restaurants has to be just enough to cover the conversation of adjoining tables, but not too loud to intrude on your own.

    Thank you, it certainly was a great day.

    Indeed, nice, soothing music serves to complement the ambiance of a place, gives a nice, relaxing feel to it. In this same way, loud, lively music at pubs and clubs creates that mood befitting those places. There is a difference between the two and somehow, some people do not seem to see it. If it is too loud to carry on a decent conversation normally, it is too loud…and I get put off by that.

  2. What a great way to celebrate your birthday, Chinese traditional way & Western style. This Western dinner looks exceptionally good. Both cakes are lovely.

    All in one. We decided to drop by here as we wanted to go to a nice place and we had not been here since that first time a long long time ago. At least, we got to enjoy a lovely dinner and I would not have to blog about places that I have been to ever so frequently. Killing many birds with one stone.

  3. Tsk tsk tsk, you sir… have been eating a lot lately. Tsk tsk tsk.

    Have I? Well, what are birthdays for? At my age, no more partying and painting the town red anymore, unfortunately. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday!!

    Lovely cakes from Melissa. And the cake from your friend too.

    Everything looked good in Aussie Story.

    Yes, they’ve been around long enough now, have ironed out the teething problems, tweaked their menu – it appeared they’ve got rid of some and retained those that have done well. I liked their Greek lamb or something with rice dish though but it is no longer in the menu. Wouldn’t mind dropping by again sometime to try some of the rest.

    Thanks for the greeting, and yes, we enjoyed the cakes, both of them.

  5. Such a nice birthday celebration – from home cooked food and cake to a nice dinner out. Happy birthday and many many happy returns!

    Thanks. Yes, too old for partying now so something like this is just nice, slow and easy. πŸ˜‰

  6. happy belated birthday again LOL. Wah.. aren’t you lucky.. so many cakes! And I also like chuncky mash. that stew looked great. I guess u had an awesome celebration! well done

    Thanks again. Yes, it was good, a quiet family affair.

  7. Happy Belated Blessed Birthday once again… πŸ™‚ Thumb up to the cake Melissa baked… πŸ™‚

    Thanks. Thumbs up indeed!!!

  8. What a sweet Celebration especially on your Big Day with your family… Like the cake that Melissa baked for you, not easy to decorate with so many flowers…

    Her first attempt, using fondant and cream icing. Turned out ok, not bad.

  9. Now you’ve reminded me that it’s been too long since I had me some red wine meesuah, I know it’s not in this post, but now I want it!

    There it is! The first thing I had that morning, our Foochow tradition for longevity and prosperity. πŸ˜‰

  10. Lovely dinner! The Irish Lamb Stew looks really good, I would go for that.

    Yes, very nice. The Irish lamb shank is good too. Definitely one of the better places in town if one is looking for western fare.

  11. Belated Happy Birthday hope you had a good one. Mee sua is a nice dish to have on your birthday and like in our culture it will give you long life πŸ™‚

    Thank you. Oh? There are so many similarities between us, even in the language. Interesting.

  12. A belated happy 36th birthday wish to you Arthur. December babies are always the cutest πŸ™‚

    I remember the chinese celery story like it was just told yesterday. How time flies. That is such a lovely cake from Melissa.

    Another place here, the Italian restaurant that I like very much, started off using a bit of lettuce instead of parsley. I was so put off I never went back again for a long time. They can just go without, dunno why they should do such things.

    Thanks. Oh? No wonder I am so cute. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  13. Belated happy birthday!
    The second cake looks yummy to me!

    Thanks. You would love it – very very light taste – almost bland/tasteless, probably butter free…and maybe eggs too, and very very soft. Nice but maybe those into the very rich and heavier cakes would not like it as much.

  14. Happy Birthday !! Ooh… I love that bowl of longevity noodles with hard boiled eggs inside. Hard to find here! Yes, Melissa is one sweet girl and I am sure you really enjoy the cake as well as the treat from your friends! πŸ™‚

    Thank you. We have the noodles all over but like everything else, one must know where to go for the really good ones. The red wine is very expensive so most will use the cheap ones that are not so nice…or they use the residue so theirs look horrendously red in colour – a little red is ok but not that red, like blood!

    Yes, both cakes were nice – different kinds. Thank goodness my friend did not get me those cheesecakes from Secret Recipe anymore – he would do that every year and I am so off cheesecakes, used to love them but had one too many at one time, more than enough to last a lifetime and so not into those anymore.

  15. Happy aussie birthday! Glad you had a good time there.

    Thanks. More Irish/British than Aussie, I would say. The partner who is the chef worked in the UK before, as a chef – so he rules the kitchen here. I think the one from Australia is the barista – taking care of the coffee.

  16. Nice! Sounds like the perfect birthday, out for dinner with loved ones and family.

    I find that I’m too old for big nights out nowadays, when I was younger I wouldn’t have nothing else, would spend the night at clubs or raves (usually taking illicit substances) and party the night away. That doesn’t appeal to me anymore, would rather have a nice dinner with loved ones.

    Your daughter is awesome to bake that lemon cake for you. I can see the detailed frosting on top, no wonder she needed to stay up late to do that. Happy belated birthday mate!

    Thanks. She insisted on doing it so if it makes her happy, I am happy too!

    What? You??? Gee!!! I was still partying away till maybe my 40’s and into my 50’s. Was still going strong…but I’ve finally gone past that stage. Hehehehehe!!!!

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