Be nice to me…

After our lunch that day, we dropped by here (2.302792,111.843028)…

Sweet Factory

…a coffee and bakery place right next door. Compared to the somewhat cold reception at the cafe, rather befitting their Frozen Christmas theme, I must say, the warm greeting from the ladies at this shop sure was a welcome change.

They just left us alone to let us browse around which was something that I liked. I just cannot stand those places where they stalk your every move like a bloodhound without saying a word. Others may follow you around and tell you about their products, giving suggestions as to what you should buy and why – I do not mind that but most would do that in Mandarin and with my limited grasp of the language, I may not be able to understand all of what they say at times. They do not do that here but if you ask them anything, they are very quick to respond…in English and I liked their very pleasant tone, quite unlike some that would get rather impatient if you ask one question too many and have not decided what you would want.

From what we saw, they had the usual bread and buns that one would see at other bakeries around. I would not know whether theirs would be any better as I didn’t buy any of those. My girl did ask for the lemon meringue tart (RM2.90)…

Sweet Factory cakes & tarts

…from the glass counter (bottom, second from right) to try. The meringue was a bit too watery while the crust was a little hard but it had a very nice buttery taste to it so on the whole, it sure has a lot of room for improvement.

We did not get to try any of the cakes and muffins…

Sweet Factory muffins

…nor any of the puffs and stuff…

Puffs and stuff

…as we were really very full and did not feel like eating anything. Perhaps we can do that some other day when we drop by for tea or coffee and sit in the area designated for that…

Sweet Factory seating area

Well, Christmas is coming…

Sweet Factory Christmas cookies

…and they have some cookies for sale and because the ladies were so nice and conversant in English and they happily answered all the questions that I asked, I just had to buy a tub of these cuties (RM22.00)…

Sweet Factory cookies

…to reciprocate. Now, what do you think those are? From one angle, it looks like a man with a thick moustache…and from the other angle, it is probably a sheep with ribbons in between the ears. The cookies tasted very light, not sweet at all and had the fragrance of milk powder. Needless to say, we walked out of the place to the very friendly wish of goodbye and thank you and do come again. The young guys next door should come over for a lesson or two on social pleasantries and good manners.

After our brief stop at this shop, we went to one of the megamalls in town (2.325549,111.853472) where we came across this stall…

iwateyaki stall @Giant Megamall

The iwateyaki

iwateyaki 1

…looked so irresistably cute that we just had to buy some and try. They were RM1.00 each but for RM10, you can get 12 of them. Inside, you will find a little bit of egg custard filling…

Egg custard filling

…that sure helped enhance the taste and I would say that we enjoyed them very much.

The young and handsome guy manning the stall was very nice and pleasant too and he explained how he would go about making those iwateyaki using this…

iwateyaki maker

…and he was rather apologetic that he had just finished making one batch…

iwateyaki 2

…and would not know when he would be making some more so I was not able to watch him doing that. I told him it did not matter and perhaps, I would catch him in action the next time around…and I would surely buy some more from him then.

There! Isn’t it so much nicer when people can be a lot more pleasant? I do think that being cordial and social can go a long way especially when you are in this line of business. What do you all think?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Be nice to me…”

  1. I quite agree that those in the hospitality business should learn to be well, hospitable. My friend one time was so upset with the service that she asked the girl at the counter if she was deaf mute. On the other hand, I have been to car dealerships and some major chain stores that on the survey they have to achieve 5/5 or they get into trouble! Some get sent to remedial classes!

    I guess they can do that if they pay well. Some pay so little and yet demand so much – this is probably the case where you see new employees everytime you drop by a place, none that will stay very long. Experience is a good teacher so those who stick around longer are usually better than the newbies. Obviously that is the reason why they only want to employ people with experience these days, not those fresh grads from the unis – they will have to train them from scratch, and some are not at all trainable…and young people tend to job-hop a lot these days so it may not be worth their effort.

    Hmmmm…have to be careful when calling people deaf and dumb. I know a hotel here employs those physically-challenged, probably in their effort to help the less fortunate. I heard the guy now has to wear a sign to tell everyone of his predicament – maybe he has been scolded one time too many by not-very-patient customers.

  2. I would want to go in there too. Friendly people and lovely pastries.

    Yes, would feel very comfortable with the very warm reception.

  3. custard! I think i would love to try that, young ppl like me love milky stuff πŸ˜›

    You do? It’s fattening, no? Never mind, there isn’t all that much in it, unlike cream puffs. πŸ˜‰

  4. Nice bakeries, I especially like the blue wall with “windows” and real flowers. I think the owners manning their shops are more savvy about pleasing customers than staff who don’t really care about business.

    Yes, I guess the two ladies were the owners but not all owners are that nice, some can be a real pain as well.

  5. I think most of us will feel comfortable to be left alone freely to browse through & only call when assistance is needed. Once I was told by someone that it is part of their job scope, so can’t blame them too. If I am followed in every move, I will just walk out of the shop. The iwateyaki looks too cute to pop into the mouth.

    The worst is after you’ve looked at some of the clothes on the rack, they’d come up from behind and rearrange everything…loudly, angrily to show their displeasure. I’ve looked back at them with a fierce pissed-off look on the face to show them that two could play that same game. It wasn’t like I messed it all up or what, I made sure everything was nicely in its place. I really don’t know what kind of attitude that is.

    The iwateyaki was very nce, you just can’t stop at one. πŸ˜€

    1. Yes, I agree & pissed off too on the rearrange of everything immediately after people browse through. I always give them a fierce look too.

      Hahhh!!! I’m not the only one then. Thought I am old and cranky, others do not mind it at all. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. I also don’t like to be followed when I am browsing around, not just cake shops, in any other shops as well… unless I need their assistance… anyway, if I enter a cake shop, I sure end up buying a piece or two.. otherwise I wont go in… too good to resist not buying..

    Not here. Selections may be limited and most do not look so enticing. We would buy to try if something looks nice though and if it’s really good, we would go back for more. Otherwise, we would not bother anymore – just go some place else.

  7. I don’t like to be followed when browsing thr things, and when needed their assistance, nobody is available…

    That’s poor service. Happens to me too sometimes. I would just put back the things and leave. Not so desperate, seems like we want to give them our money but they do not want.

  8. I super-agree with you. I would like to meet nice people when I shop. I think that good treatment, courtesy, makes clients to be more willing to buy products or take their services. Unfortunately, many store owner and staff don’t understand that. Thus, they shoo customers away with their bad character.

    I am amazed how at some places, the people are rude and may even scold you…and they make you queue and wait and all and yet, there are people who are willing to subject themselves to such ill-treatment and give those characters their money. I would think that is simply ridiculous, so stupid. Never mind how nice what they are selling may be, I would rather not eat or even settle for something less.

  9. I was in Sibu last month on the very last day Zen and Jackpork was still operating and one of the owners came up to our table and we talked about the cafe situation in Sibu.

    He told me that there was a huge number of cafes that opened in Sibu last year (2014) – can’t remember the figure he told me but it was very high. I was quite surprised, apparently Sibu can’t support such a large cafe network, not enough people but Kuching can, so that’s why they’re closing down two of their brands here. I thought it was interesting but it’s also along the same vein of what you’re saying, a lot of cafes in Sibu don’t have proper staff e.g. Anson, the people there can’t speak the language well, is sub-par in service, but no one seems to mind. They’ll still go coz the food is cheap and when that mentality is there, service would lag behind.

    The seating arrangements at the bakery looks nice though.

    I don’t know why CafeCafe seems more popular. I prefer Zen and Jack Pork and I know people who are thus inclined too. Jack Pork is still open – same menu, same chef…just a different owner so I would much sooner go there than Cafe Cafe but parking in that area is always a pain and I always end up going some place else. Yes, there are so many opening up in Sibu, all the wannabes – some…even the names put me off, they do not sound like places I would want to go and check out.

    Anson is doing great even though the food is not really much to shout about – it is cheap though so I guess many like that…a lot. Last time I was there, service was ok, fast, efficient, prompt…but impersonal. You come, you order, I serve you, you eat…and pay, bye bye – end of story, that kind of thing. I browsed through their Facebook page the other day – seems the prices have gone up, not all that cheap anymore, not like before. Language-wise, I get by with my not-all-that-good Mandarin now so that is not a problem, not anymore.

  10. Gosh, the iwateyaki are really cute! I’ve seen these before but somehow I was not motivated to buy any to eat. Maybe those I saw were not as cute πŸ™‚

    Yes, that was what attracted us to them, so cute so we just had to buy and try. Normally we would never bother, lots of such stalls all over selling all kinds of things.

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