Theme for a dream…

I had not dropped by here since that very first time quite a while ago for a reason. It seems that they are having some kind of theme at their place and the last one that seemed to make the place come across like some little kid’s birthday party did not appeal to me all that much so I had stayed away. The current theme is in conjunction with Christmas so there is this huge Christmas tree outside…

Christmas tree

…and all the blue, silver and white baubles…

Baubles 1

…dangling from the ceiling inside…

Baubles 2

No prize for guessing what theme this is and thankfully, there is no sign of Elsa nor Olaf…nor any of the other characters anywhere. Honestly, we have had that over and over and over again so much so that it is beginning to sound like a repeating groove in an old broken-down record…or a song that has been played to death, an overkill. Yet there is one place here that has chosen this same theme and yes, you will get to see Elsa and Olaf in their so-called wonderland…but one would have to pay RM5.00 just to go in and look around and take photographs, but thank you very much. I would much sooner go for a nice plate of kampua noodles and a glass of kopi-o-peng to wash it all that and still have change. Perhaps it is high time to “let it go” and move on to some other things instead, things that are more creative and not all that dated.

Anyway, getting back to that place, it has a very nice menu now…


…with all the glossy photographs…


…of what they have to offer. The last time we were here, they just had something printed on a piece of manila card or something and laminated. This sure looks a whole lot nicer and is very much more classier and impressive.

I ordered the Ceasar salad (RM13.90)…


…to share. Yes, that sure did not come cheap but it was very nice and the serving was huge, about the size of something one would serve at a buffet dinner party one is hosting at home, two or three times the amount one would get elsewhere, at least.

My missus had the nasi lemak (RM13.90)…

Nasi lemak

…that I had the last time we were here and enjoyed very much. She did not quite like the chicken and said that it was too soft or overly tender like what we had here – I did try a bit and yes, she was right to some extent but it was not as bad as at that other place. As for the rice, as far as the lemak-ness goes, the one here would win hands down.

Both my girl and I had their set lunch that came with a complimentary glass of iced lemon tea. She had the buttermilk chicken with fried rice (RM13.90)…

Buttermilk chicken with fried rice

…which was very nice and I really wonder what went into the cooking for she absolutely loved the fried rice.

I opted for the one with the golden salted egg chicken (RM11.90)…

Golden salted egg chicken with fried rice

…and yes, I really would have to concede that their fried rice was better than mine (which would anytime be a lot nicer than any that we had had elsewhere)…and yes, the chicken…

Golden salted egg chicken

…was very good too. Both of us were certainly very pleased with our picks that day.

True to the season, they were playing some jazzed-up instrumental versions of some Christmas songs but I was wishing the whole time that they would turn down the volume a little bit. When the music is so loud, one would have to speak up in order to be heard and when everybody is trying to carry out a decent conversation, it can get quite noisy and that would ruin the nice ambiance and make the place no better than some no-class-at-all coffee shop.

The members of the staff were prompt and efficient but I wish they would do something about their social skills or at least, smile and greet and say thank you. One would come to your table and give you the menu. Thank you, I said…*stone cold silence* Once we had made up our minds, I gestured to one of them and placed our orders…and I said thank you…*stone cold silence*  When the food was served, I said thank you again and again…*stone cold silence* When I was still teaching, I would insist on my students practising these simple manners, literally forcing them into it…but after a while, it all became habitual and to this day, whenever I meet them, I would be greeted by all those pleasantries, still. I guess the teachers these days are way too bogged down with all the work and all that stuff they would need to do online with their snail-slow connections and on those crappy official websites to have time for such things.

I tried to find out where the second outlet of this place would be…and the guy was rather evasive in his responses, insisting not very cordially that he did not know. The bill came up to RM53.10 and I paid RM100.00. Do you have 10 sen? the guy asked in Mandarin. Behold, he speaks!!! Aiyor!!!! I joked with him, 10 sen you also want!…handing over the coin that I managed to fish out of the pocket in my wallet…*stone cold silence* Bill settled, change returned…not a word of thank you, come again…not even a smile…just *stone cold silence* If you think I would want to leave a tip, think again!

We went next door after our lunch and the reception there was a completely different story altogether but that would be in my next post. Stick around!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Theme for a dream…”

  1. yay, it’s snowing again on your blog!!! 😀 perfect timing to accompany the photo of the majestic white christmas tree 🙂

    It’s that time of the year again. How time flies! Gonna be Christmas soon…and then, the New Year.

  2. The food looks very nicely presented. Pity about the serving staff. Probably not well trained.

    Part-timers, I guess – probably cheap too, not going to stay very long, the likes of these.

  3. Nice Christmas decor. All the food looks good. And guess what I love most?…of course, Ceasar salad. Yummmm!!!!!

    I made my own that day, easy and nice. Yet to blog about it, too many things standing in line… Will do so some day.

  4. Beautiful colour. Like my Xmas tree theme this year. But no, I dont have Elsa, Anna or Olaf around my tree. Hahaha. ^^

    The food looked good too. I would go for the buttermilk chicken with fried rice.

    Phewwww!!!! Thank goodness! The kids might love them though. They just can’t get enough of the cartoon, can never seem to “let it go”.

    The butter milk chicken was good, the salted egg one too. On the whole, I would say the food at this place has not been disappointing – would not mind going back again, if only they would improve on the service.

  5. Indeed a Nice blue Christmas here as you have mentioned in my blogpost!! Blue is nice..yes… So you have scissors salad… ooopsss..sorry..Caesar… I seldom take salad so I don’t really know how to enjoy one… 🙂 but the food looks good.. As for the staff, I guess nowadays not many know how to say, “You are welcome” or just a “welcome” after a thank you.. or “No mention”… hahahaa.. I guess the fault lies in our country education system…

    Now that is an absolutely ridiculous sweeping remark there. Tell me, who are the people MOST responsible for teaching good manners to their children if not the parents? It must all begin at home…when they are young. Don’t tell me parents can happily shit as they like and expect other people to clean up the mess for them? It is most unfair to push the blame to others like that, really!!!

    There are units in the syllabus teaching greetings and all those things…and once they move on to other units, everything is conveniently forgotten. When I was teaching, it was not easy to inculcate the habit in my students – had to scold, remind, force…until they got used to it. Still, there were some who would rather run the other way when they saw me coming. Anything, just so they would not need to greet me.

  6. I love the Christmas decorations and not forgetting the foods, yummy…

    Yes, lovely place too. Just too bad that the service does not measure up.

  7. If service is bad, it’s also to do with bad management. I never patronise any F&B outlet again if their service is atrocious even though the food is good cos it spoils my day.

    Indeed! They do not bother to give proper training – probably just grab anybody, usually part-timers, students on holiday or waiting for exam results. I know the big hotels do have these students on their on-call list and they will use them when there are some really grand banquets, too big for their own regular staff to handle. If they do not give proper training, at times, the service may be real bad…despite there being constant supervision by the superiors. I hear they pay peanuts so naturally, they get all the monkeys!

    Good service is very important – makes one feel nice, pampered…and want to come back again and again. Goes hand in hand with the food, the ambiance…and the prices. I sure do not mind if the latter is a little on the high side if everything is good and truly worth it. As far as this one goes, for sure, I would not be in a hurry to go back there again.

    Your first time here, I see. From Singapore? Welcome…and thanks for commenting. Do drop by again!

  8. I’ve never been to this place but I’ve seen the sign while driving past. I just thought it was funny coz it looks like the famous Ladurée macaron chain in France.
    i would like to give them the benefit of doubt but it seems like they just copied the entire thing since the font, styling and even color is the same as Ladurée Paris. Haha!

    It didn’t give me a good impression, seems like one of those 80’s era genetic ripoffs/off brand places. They seem to be doing quite well though, the business ideas seem to appeal to Sibu people (Frozen with RM 5 photography) and a second outlet in the works. Very Chinese to be so elusive about business expansions though, sounds like back in the days when smartphone were not invented yet and I was bringing a digicam to every restaurant which makes some owners think I’m a competitor. LOL!

    Maybe the young boy actually did not know – young people today. They do not seem interested in anything at all, so whatever it is, they just would not have the slightest idea…and the worse thing is they really do not have minds of their own, just follow the crowd…blindly.

    The RM5 pay-per-view Frozen thing I mentioned is not here – it’s at one of the mega malls in town…but yesterday, the props here were up and yes, they have those characters right in front of the shop now. Eyewwwww!!!!!! And no, the second shop is not theirs – it’s Noodle House. They are opening another outlet in that same area, not yet. Noodle House is doing really great, always packed and the service is good, very prompt and very efficient.

    This one – I would give them due credit for the food. It is nice and the decor is top class – they must have spent a fortune on it. Everything looks…expensive, sort of aristocratic, like in some kind of palace. Too bad they just have to go and spoil it all with the poor service and all the kiddie themes, no class at all…plus the music was a little too loud.

  9. The staff were probably not trained and therefore lacking in finesse. I think it is also due to the person’s personality. Some are just too reserved and are not suited for interacting with customers.

    My guess is they are not given adequate training plus they are not proficient in English but anyway, I did speak to them in Mandarin but it did not make much of a difference.

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