Optical illusion…

We have been wanting to drop by here ( 2.307205,111.836993)…

VIP Kitchen 1

…for a while now ever since we saw their fishtail banners along the road and on one of them, there was something that looked like a very nice bowl of ang tao cendol. It is located among the shops in the Rejang Park Commercial Area (I wonder why the town authorities chose to call it the Rejang Park Shopping Centre which would make me think of a shopping complex or a mall) and we did walk past one morning and saw a lot of people inside – that must be on a Saturday or Sunday morning as on other days, they do not open so early, not until around 11 or noon.

Now, does anybody know these two characters?…

VIP KItchen 2

I seem to see them here, there and everywhere in the shop…

VIP Kitchen 3

…which is a nice decent-looking place, air-conditioned unless you choose to sit outside in the front portion of the shop.

Unfortunately, what we saw that looked like ang tao cendol was not anything of the sort. Actually, it was one of those desserts, the favourite of many…but not mine. Nonetheless, we just ordered it – the red bean and green jelly snow ice (RM6.90)…

Red bean and jelly snow ice

…to give it a try. I would say it was all right, the snow ice…

Snow ice

…and all but call me old school, ancient or whatever, I would much sooner go for my good ol’ ang tao cendol anytime, especially at that price! Ouch!!!

My girl opted for the mixed fruit snow ice (RM6.90)…

Mixed fruit snow ice

…which was equally pricey and was, at best, all right as well, nothing to shout about.

The what-they-call shao mai, our Sibu Foochow-style sio bee (RM1.20 each)…

Shao mai

…more expensive than most but cheaper than some, were very nice. I sure would not mind forking out the money for those but not for their Portuguese egg tart (RM2.20)…

Portuguese egg tart

The egg custard filling was very great, nicer than some of those in town but the skin was not good at all. It was not flaky and crispy and I am sure it wasn’t because they heated it up in a microwave.

We wanted waffles and ice cream – we had seen that on their banners too but we were told that they were not available but they had pancakes. I wonder why! Haven’t I heard it said that waffles are simply pancakes with abs? Perhaps their waffle maker had called it a day, I wouldn’t know. In the end, we settled for their pancake with Nutella and bananas (RM7.90)…

Pancake with Nutella & bananas

…which was not bad. One can never go wrong with Nutella, I guess but I do think that we make much nicer and fluffier pancakes of our own at home.

They do have a lot of other things on their menu so here’s a sneak peek…


…at some of what they have in store and you can decide for yourself whether there is anything worth dropping by for or not but do make sure you do not go on a Wednesday as they would be…


…on that day every week.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Optical illusion…”

  1. the closed signboard is quite stern! i wonder what the owners and workers do on wednesday, heh 🙂

    I think the guy’s one of the cartoon characters, the hunter after those two bears – something like Wile E. Coyote in the Road Runners. 😀

  2. I agree with you – you can’t go wrong with Nutella. The pancakes do look rather flat though. I like mine nice and fluffy.

    They were all right but definitely not anything I would want to go there for again, nowhere near the ones we make at home.

  3. LOL those bears are disturbing with that silly dance; so this place is a dessert space? I didn’t know you have a sweet tooth

    No, look at the menu, not just dessert. I went there hoping to enjoy a nice bowl of ang tao cendol but that was not meant to be, wrong place. 😦

  4. Me will also go for the mixed fruit snow ice , hehe…

    Not a fan of that either…but at least, I enjoyed the red beans… 😦

  5. Red bean & green jelly, the same price as mix fruit, I certainly opt for Mel’s choice as it is more worthwhile. Owh, egg tart, give it a pass but sio bee, I can eat a lot.

    We quite liked the sio bee – can’t really say the same about the rest that we had.

  6. This time the xiu mai caught my attention more, these are different than those I always had in the dim sum restaurant, used to eat this a lot last time, where my working area has one, but I hardly go back there.

    Very different. These are Sibu Foochow-style ones, also nice, all nice.

  7. not a fan of nutella but if u invite us to your home for them fluffier pancakes.. we won’t say no! hahaha

    I’m not a fan either, anything chocolate but my girl likes it. Good choice! I can assure you the ones we make ourselves are a whole lot nicer, no need for Nutella or bananas or anything to save the day.

  8. Terkejut aku see snow here….i thought my tablet kena virus…

    Lol…yesterday baru had cendul..pricey ..okay la taste

    Same thing every year, snow throughout the whole month of December. Cendol mahal? Where, High class place one kah? 😉

  9. The snow ice is similar like those in Snowflake? It has been years since I last stepped foot in Snowflake. I used to frequent them twice weekly but now the novelty is over and I am back to the good ol’ ais kacang 😛

    I just went once – did not like it at all. Cannot remember if they had snow ice or shaved ice. Can only remember I didn’t even finish half, give me ais kacang anytime.

  10. That snow ice must be some sort of Taiwanese dessert. There were 2 restaurants near my area that specialize in these things but they have since closed down.

    Yes, we have a few outlets here along this same line – Easy Drink, Easy Go, WikiTea, Blackball, Boluomi…even SenQ here has one but I never stepped into any of them. More for the young and trendy. Once at Snowflake, more than enough…thank you very much.

  11. this small lil kitchen does have lots to offer. have a good weekend!

    Jack of all trades, master of none. I would prefer places with just a few choices…but they make sure what they dish out is the best.

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