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There is a little shop, just the front portion of half a shoplot here (2.310907,111.831451), a few doors away from this bakery with the lovely chicken pies in that same block…but I can’t for the life of me remember the name. There are two young enterprising guys there selling all kinds of things, some their own and if I am not wrong, they do get some items from other people to sell there too.

I know their kompia and chu nu miang

Chu nu miang

…are their best sellers though I would not say theirs are my favourites in town. My father likes their lung ngor (egg cake or the Chinese version of the kueh bahulu)…

Lung ngor
*Archive photo*

…most of all among all that we have here and I would think their lay peang

Lay peang
*Archive photo*

– the sweet traditional Foochow engagement cake, is the one that I like the most.

My missus was in the vicinity that day to buy some of the chicken pies for my girl who did not come home last weekend and she bought the steamed paos…

Steamed pao 1

…from the guys. It seems that they are selling these there now, both meat and vegetable ones.

Yes, they were very nice. The skin was chewy and fluffy, more old school than the ones here, and there was egg in it…

Egg inside

For one thing, they are only RM2.00 each compared to the RM2.50 (at the time) babi telur (pork & egg) ones at that other place where the char siew ones that were going for RM1.80 are now RM2.00 each…but I guess we can’t really compare as the filling in the latter seemed different…

Pahlawan cafe pork & egg steamed pao
*Archive photo*

…with a lot more meat and it is not as dark in colour.

All thing considered, I would not mind buying these…

Steamed pao 2

…should I happen to be in the vicinity and if I were to be at the other place, I would stick to the char siew ones as we would usually buy more than one, that’s for sure, and with the difference of 50 sen (or more) each, I would be able to save quite a bit.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Good stuff…”

  1. Wow, this is something new to me. 🙂

    The steamed buns? You can get those gaping ones at the yam char/dim sum places though they are not quite the same as our old school ones – the skin is of a different texture.

  2. What is the filling of the lay peang?

    I haven’t the slightest idea…something sticky and sweet with lots of sesame seeds. I like the ones here as theirs are not so sweet and they add a bit of raisins, sure brings the taste to a whole new level. My nephew brought me the ones from China – very very oily and not nice at all. I guess ours aren’t all that authentic but I like ours a lot better. Haven’t bought for a long while now – cutting down on all sweet stuff.

  3. I love the egg in my char siew or meat pau.

    Lay peang. Never like it as too sweet for me. Hehe.

    Me too, in the meat pao, at least…no so much in the char siew ones. Hmmm…should have bought you the ones from here to try – not as sweet as the rest, a lot nicer…but of course, cut into thin slices and eat lah…cannot eat too much at one go. Not so sweet…does not mean not sweet. 😀 I did get you the very nice chicken pies and coconut tarts from the bakery a few doors away, I remember.

  4. Occasionally, i can have a big pau for dinner, hehe…

    One only? I would need at least two, if they’re for dinner. Loved the ones, the tua pao, that I used to go for in KL, all that meat, the oil and “gravy” dripping down my fingers as I ate, the big wedge of egg…slurpsssss!!!!!

  5. I prefer char siew pao to bak chor pao. Bak chor pao is selling at RM3.00 whereas char siew pao is selling @ RM2.00 & veg pao @RM1.30.

    Veg is RM1.20 here, char siew the same. Dunno how much those bak chor ones are going for – both my missus and my girl do not like those so we never buy.

  6. Chewy and fluffy pao? Chicken ?! Sign me up!

    Not here but I know they have those in the giant ones in KL or at least, they used to. Huge chunks of chicken inside plus a big wedge of egg, so very very nice. Used to buy at Bukit Bintang but no longer there since they “upgraded” the place.

    1. Yes, Yip Zi Mei Dai Bao… but certain things are not meant to be big aren’t they? 😛

      Some say size does not matter but others would declare that big is beautiful! Big, juicy and delicious!!! Yum yummmmm!!!!!!

  7. I haven’t had the lay peang for so long I’d forgotten all about it till I saw your photo. Now I have unsatisfiable cravings!

    Oh dear! Can’t send to you. The last time I sent some to somebody was to a friend in Seremban – she was craving for it and was expecting at the time. Old folks say pregnant ladies’ cravings will have to be appeased. 😀

    Would be a good idea to hop over transit Kuching or via JB if you are coming back to Singapore anytime soon. Grab those cheap Air Asia seats. You’ll love it here, different, very nice…and so very unbelievably cheap, never mind converting from AUD or SGD.

    1. Thank you for your kind thought. I have a feeling though, if I look hard enough in the Chinese groceries, I might be able to find something. I haven’t done any travelling this year; personally, I don’t care too much for it. Generally, it’s my wife who drags me around.

      Same here. Not all that fond of travelling though I do not mind going some place just to relax and do nothing other than eating and sleeping. That is why when we go some place, most of the time, my girl and the mum would go out and I would just relax in the hotel room. They would not want me to tag along either as they know I would be bored after a very short while. 😀

  8. ooo, cool to hear that the young guys are still interested in selling these traditional beloved fare, and not hopping on the hipster bandwagon of waffles and espressos, heh 🙂

    With all the unemployed and unemployable university grads these days, it would be a good idea to venture into these fields. May be a lot more lucrative actually but I guess it depends on how much money one has to invest. Probably for a little shop like this selling simple stuff, not that much capital needed…and when what one sells is good and business is great, with the fast turnover, one may make a lot more than those upscale cafes and all those places…despite the high prices they charge for everything. Would need some time to earn back all the expenses incurred on the renovations, decor and what not and struggle in the face of stiff competition…but of course, in comparison, that is more glamorous, got a lot more class and would appeal a lot more to the young and trendy

  9. I like them all…the lay peang is like our Loe koong piang..aka husband’s biscuits… Sweet and sticky… Drooling for your hot dumplings now… All i do now is sleep and eat… 😅😅😅

    Happiness, the life of the retiree, heaven! No, not the husband nor the wife. We have those here too, not the same. Can try the next time you come over.

  10. I love lay peang! But hardly seen people selling them here….

    So where did you get yours from? Sitiawan? I wonder if theirs is the same. Their kampua and kompia are different from ours – theirs more authentic, like the ones in China.

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