Fine by me…

Last Saturday, I asked my girl what she wanted for lunch and she said she would love to go for the beef noodles again. Again? Oh dear!!! At this rate, pretty soon, I would not have anything new to blog about. LOL!!! Obviously, she enjoys it a lot and if that was what she wanted, it was absolutely fine by me.

During my previous visit, I got the impression that they also served the dry version so I went to confirm that. If they did not have it, then I would order something else…but they did and that was what I had – the beef noodles, dry (RM6.00)…

Chopsticks beef noodles, dry 1

…and the soup was served separately in a little bowl…

Chopsticks beef noodles, soup

I would say that I liked it…

Chopsticks beef noodles, dry 2

…unlike what I had at that other place that we would go quite often every time we felt like having beef noodles this style but between the two, I do think that I prefer the soup version more. Both my girl and the mum had that and like that previous time, it was good and they enjoyed it very much.

I saw a sign at the stall the first time I had the noodles – 1 for RM1.00 and 6 for RM5.00 and when I asked about it, I was told that they also sold those jiaozi (meat dumplings)

Chopsticks dumplings

…so we ordered some to see if they were any good. When they were served, we were rather disappointed that they were not the pan-fried ones, those potstickers (guōtiē) that my girl would prefer a lot more. These were either steamed (zhēngjiǎo) or boiled (shuǐjiǎo) and served with black vinegar…

Black vinegar dip

…in which they had fried strips of ginger and bits of chili. The filling was nice and they would have been fine by me but I thought the skin was rather thick and a little hard for my liking. The ones at that other place

YummyKafe Dumplings
*Archive photo*

…would win hands down, that’s for sure.

I don’t know if my girl will ask for this again the next time she comes home but I sure would scout around for something else to try if she does…so you will not see this again and again like it is never going to end.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Fine by me…”

  1. I thought I just read about this beef noodle place not long ago??? ^^ But it is okay, your girl loves it, I am sure everyone wouldn’t mind reading the same place review from you.

    I also prefer pan-fried dumpling. Do not really enjoy the liquid drooping out when you bite the skin off if it is steamed dumpling. ^^

    That sounds like xiao lung pao. I don’t like it either, the gingery “soup” inside. There shouldn’t be any in these though, not that I’ve come across. I don’t mind the steamed/boiled ones at Noodle House – the skin is not so thick and chewy but my girl insists on the pan-fried ones. I guess there is that added fragrance, taste nicer.

    Yes, I just blogged about it…twice already, I think – went a few days before the weekend and when my girl came home, I could not wait to take her there to try and then, the following weekend, she said she wanted it again. I’ve seen people sharing photos on Facebook too…so I guess there are some who follow my blog and go for what I say is nice.

  2. I call those dumplings “woh teep” byt they look like gyoza, I can eat 12, maybe 20! Can never get enough of those 😛

    Is that how you spell it? I got this from wiki: Wor tip (Cantonese Jyutping) is the Cantonese reading of the same Chinese characters that in Mandarin is read as guotie’.
    I would eat but can’t say I love them so much as to eat so many at one go.

  3. I call them dumplings. I know we have different names for things in various parts of the world. 🙂 I hope Melissa is feeling well.

    She is, fit as a fiddle, thank you. They’re having their school sports day these few days – was very hot yesterday. Hope the weather will be kinder today. Yes, I call them dumplings too…so many names, can be rather confusing – all the same, more or less.

  4. I loves those dumplings, but i prefer steamed to pan-fried…

    To each his own, not my girl…she’s more into those pan-fried ones.

  5. i still like the old type of dumplings whichj over here we call sui gao.

    hahaha…last sunday baru ate beef noodle leh

    Sui gao/kow had prawwn in the meat filling, no? There wa one West Malaysian guy here (since migrated to England already) – heard his pian sip had prawns…so I went to try and he said no pian sip. I said I heard he had, with prawn in the filling and he said, “Ohhhhh!!! Sui kow!!!!” Hmmmm!!!! 😦

  6. The dry beef noodles look very good. I too would prefer the pot-stickers to those dumplings.

    My girl’s the same as you, not so into the steamed or boiled ones.

  7. I like the beef noodles. What is in that bowl of soup?…minced beef?…Dumplings, I will eat but can’t say really love them…like people used to say…”wu tu chiak bo tu suak”

    Nothing, just the rich beef soup. The meat was with the noodles. I think you see those things that come out floating when we boil meat or meat bones for stock – have to sieve and throw away if one wants completely clear soup. Same here, not really into these dumplings as well. Dunno, my girl seems to love them a lot!

  8. i like pan fried dumplings like those too. If it’s steamed i would want it served in a hot bowl of soup 🙂

    That will be something like wanton or our pian sip then. I don’t mind that as well.

  9. The beef noodles sure look good. If I enjoy a particular food, I am bound to go back a few times for it. And yes, that would be lost opportunity to blog about some other food or restaurant 🙂 I am sure you have lots in your draft considering that you eat out/entertain quite often.

    Entertain? Not really that often. How many would want to come to Sibu? Would you? Maybe one once in a very long while.

    Eat out? Not really also but some days, my missus and I would just have brunch outside before coming home, saves us the trouble of having to cook lunch for the day. Those would be my opportunities to try some new things I have not tried yet and blog about it.

    Weekends, my girl would want to go for her favourites, things that I have already blogged about. That is why I often have to resort to fillers – my adventures in the kitchen to fill up the uneventful days. 😦

  10. ooo when it comes to noodles i usually prefer dry compared to wet too … cos i like the flavour of my food to be more pronounced, and i feel that comes through more effectively from the sauces/gravies in dry noodles 🙂

    Same here but in this case, the sauces used to toss the noodles are no match for the very nice and rich beefy soup – I think the noodles are more compatible with the soup, nicer that way.

  11. Her choice comes first no doubt… blogging is secondary… hahahaa… yes you better scout for new places so that she can try when she comes home weekends! That is what a retired papa should do…. 😀

    I do that all the time…and share the photo on Facebook…and when she comes back the following weekend, she would want to eat that…so I would have one less thing to blog about or no choice, just blog about it again. Not coming back this weekend but I’ve a feeling when she comes home the following week, she would want to go to that ayam penyet franchise place. I know her so well. Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. Aiyo, papa can always go out and hunt for food during school days mah

    Gotta do that…and it is also so that I would have things to blog about – one post per day is serious business, I tell you and Sibu is a very small town! 😀

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