Call it a day…

I did mention in my post sometime ago that they were going to call it a day…

Zen Japanese Fusion

…here, my favourite in town for Japanese cuisine, for the simple reason that the two guys were finding it difficult to cope with too many eateries on their hands – two in Kuching and four here in Sibu so they would like to close this one down and also the lounge next door. Well, by the time this post gets published, they would have closed their doors already – the other day on Sunday, the 8th of November.

Prior to their closing, to show their appreciation to all their customers, they were offering a special 25% discount to anyone who came to their swan song and it so happened that my young friends asked me out to dinner last Friday night and they were keen on dropping by here. One of them was Lan, my friend from those days way back when on the radio show (he was still a student in school then) – he was known as Ian at the time as he always typed l in small case in his smses and the radio presenters thought that was an I…and he left it at that. With us that night was Christina, my girl’s coursemate, also Lan by virtue of her Chinese name, so let’s say they were LAN1 + LAN2. Gee! This is beginning to look like some kind of Mathematical problem. LOL!!! My girl was home for the weekend but she was not feeling very well and had to give it a miss.

My! My! The place was packed and luckily, the people at one table had just left when we got there so we quickly grabbed it! As expected, since they were going to close down, there were a lot of things that were not available so we just asked the girl what they had and picked from there. We promptly placed our orders and despite the crowd, the food came soon enough – we did not have to wait very long. This was the first to arrive – their special Maguro Maki (RM20.90)…

Zen Maguro Maki 1

…that we did not recall ordering and as a matter of fact, we did not! It was supposed to go to another table but we insisted on having that in addition to what we had ordered. We told the girl that we would not mind that being added to our bill and our wish was granted. We were glad that we chose to have this, something that I had never had before as it was very nice especially the bottom half…

Zen Maguro Maki 2

…which tasted like some sushi-like thing, lightly deep-fried, with the potato salad and slice of tuna and whatever else on top of it.

I could not get to enjoy their dragon roll one last time as they were out of avocadoes so we asked for their dai dai roll (RM20.90)…

Zen dai dai roll

…that I also had before and thought it was nice. However, the one we got that night did not look quite the same and there was way too much wasabi for my liking – I am not a fan of that green stuff so no, I did not quite fancy this.

We had the teriyaki chicken (RM12.90)…

Zen teriyaki chicken

…with rice which we had before…and LAN2 insisted on the chicken curry don (RM14.90)…

Zen chicken curry don

…as she is into Japanese curry.

Other than the aforementioned, we also had their soft-shell crab sushi with meat floss…

Zen softshell crab with meat floss

…and their very nice potato salad…

Zen potato salad

Good grief!!! We certainly ordered a little too much for just the three of us but thank goodness, we did manage to finish everything, more or less.

Everything, inclusive of drinks, totalled up to RM108.40, exclusive of GST and with the discount, it came up to RM86.20. No, Japanese cuisine sure does not come cheap and since they are closing shop and we wouldn’t know when we would get to have a nice one around here again, I guess it was perfectly all right.

Thank you so much, LAN1 & LAN2, for the delightful treat and above all, I sure enjoyed the company – I do hope the feeling’s mutual. We’ll do this again some place else sometime and my treat the next time around. Shall we?

If anyone is interested, no, there will not be another Japanese place here. It seems that this western restaurant here has called it a day and closed shop as well and the chef/one of the chefs is taking over the premises to run his own western joint at this new location…but at this point in time, I do not have any information whatsoever as to when he will start his business.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Call it a day…”

  1. I love Japanese food. I always prefer Japanese to Korean. Yes, they do not come cheap so that is why this is usually a treat for the boys. It’s like a once in a month indulgence (unlike that Christopher fella who eats Japanese at least 4 times a week. Tsk tsk)

    No problem for him mah, earning SGD…so the kaya raya. 😀 😀 😀

  2. I guess too many businesses could be a handful for them to handle. Glad you manage to dine there before they close down for good. Thanks to 2LAN! ^^

    Yes, one last time. Only two guys running all these places – two in Kuching so one has to be based there. I hear they are going to open another one, doing very well in Kuching, it seems.

    1. Maybe soon they move to Kuching as business and opportunities are more!

      Possibly. Bigger population and city people, richer mah!!! 😉 😉

  3. No more Jap restaurant in Sibu? Is Mr Wee interested to run one?

    No. I’m not crazy about Japanese, for one thing…and for another, I would love to have one along our exotic ethnic lines.

    Sad that we are here in the heart of the Iban and Melanau hinterland but there is no restaurant specialising in their unique cuisines. A few very nice ones in Kuching, doing very well and I tried a good one in Bintulu and they have in Miri as well. Just not here – maybe it will not go down well with the majority Chinese population in the town proper – not so adventurous, that’s why.

  4. I hope that Melissa will be feeling better very soon! Stress can really make us sick in so many ways.

    She’s fine now, thanks. Was ok once the event on Monday was over and her pupils did well in it. Needless to say, she was very pleased.

  5. Indeed that was a lot of food ordered! hahahaa.. anyway, eat to one heart’s content, after all, they were going to wrap up biz and with discount some more…. so by now, it has already closed? Maybe one day they might open up one again , perhaps with a different name….

    No, I think they are shifting their attention to Kuching. Already have two there and I hear they are going to open another one. More people there, more yuppies, more money – city mah!!! They are going to close their pork place here as well at the end of this week – the one with my favourite pork ribs. So sad – they do have some good stuff in that one that I like.

  6. All I know, Japanese/Korean food doesn’t come cheap & luckily am not too much into it. The above terayaki chix look tasty.

    I don’t mind some of the Japanese dishes, quite nice…but I have yet to come across anything Korean that I really like. Don’t mind their spicy chicken at the Korean franchise place but at the end of the day, that is what is is – fried chicken coated with its spicy sauce. Nothing really sensational.

  7. What a pity the restaurant has closed down. I love Japanese food especially the rolls and maki.

    I’m ok, no love lost as I am fine with or without Japanese. But this means there will be one less place to take my girl to pamper her and de-stress when she comes home on weekends. 😦

  8. I’ve had soft shelled crab twice recently, once in a Japanese restaurant; but I found that in both cases, it was all shell and no meat. I don’t think I’ll bother with it again.

    I wonder about it too sometimes. Seems like it is fried till really crispy and is eaten whole, shell and all. Hardly any crab meat and I think I did taste a bit of crab once…but very mildly, almost non-detectable. Maybe the attraction is in the crunchy shell, chitosan…great for slimming. 😀 😀 😀

  9. Remember when I was in Japan, I tried the Japanese curry then I insisted to order the double curry one, it was so spicy but I like it very much.

    This one wasn’t…and I would not really like it much either even if it had been spicy. Nothing like our own Malaysian curry!

  10. farewell to zen … sorry to hear about the closure, especially since the food looks very good. the rolls seem stuffed with ingredients galore … and the curry appears to be much thicker and richer than the norm 🙂

    I did think that the sushi rolls seemed longer than usual, maybe they were trying to finish off everything they had before they closed. Yes, sad to lose one good place. Word has it that they are closing down another one – the pork place. They do have some items on their menu that I really like too, nicer than any in town. 😦

  11. awwww… too bad! There was a Japanese restaurant at my place too which also closed down. The food was good but I guess its due to competition where they have to wind up. So far, two jap restaurants already closed at my place , leaving the bigger ones monopolised the business… sigh..

    So they were edged out. We have one of the big franchises here but I find it more expensive and not as nice…and service sucks big time, especially when ordering a la carte. Went once, will never go again. Another one, more established, been around for a long long time – very nice when it started but now more expensive and the last time my girl and the mum went, they said what they had was awful, they did not finish…and swore they would never go again. 😦

  12. I used to only think of really clean simple foods when I thought of Japanese cuisine – rice, sushi, miso. But in recent years I’ve come to discover there is so much more – much like you’ve shown in these pics.

    A lot more in their rather limited menu compared to elsewhere, with some names that I cannot even pronounce…but it was good enough for us – no need for so many, as long as the few available are very nice, that is all that matters.

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