Eat that up, it’s good for you…

When both my missus and I were still working, we did not have all that time to cook and there were occasions when we had food delivered to the house by a caterer but more often than not, we did not stick to one for more than a month or at the most, two, as after a while, we would get so sick of the food and ended up throwing everything away.

Well, every day, we would check to see what was in the tiffin carrier and one thing that we would just throw away without any second thought whenever we saw it would be…seaweed soup! I think this is a Foochow dish and perhaps, the caterers did not do it well. There were two types – one darker and curly and the other thicker, in a greyish shade of green, and both had that horrendous fishy kind of smell and tasted ghastly! Most of the time, they would just cook these in some very very diluted pork bone stock soup and add salt and msg. Actually, they sell these two varieties of seaweed at the wet market, pre-soaked, ready to cook and of course, we never bought them, thank you very much.

However, we did know jolly well even at that point in time that eating seaweed could be somewhat beneficial especially owing to its high content of iodine which would be good especially for people suffering from thyroid but still, nothing would get us to eat that!

Then more recently, Japanese cuisine started to make the scene around here and people started making and selling sushi. My girl is very much into Japanese food and she has made her own sushi quite a few times herself…

Melissa's own-made sushi
*Archive photo*

To wrap the rice rolls, she would use these big sheets of seaweed…

Seaweed sheets

…that we can buy at the supermarkets in town. I can’t say I’m a die-hard fan but I will eat when there is any lying around just that I would not go out and buy and when dining at some Japanese joint, that would not be my priority when it comes to ordering things from the menu…but yes, I would order the ones that my girl likes just so she would be able to enjoy them.

Then, I saw this post in my friend, Jennifer’s blog on seaweed munchies and that brought to mind these…

Seaweed snack 1

…seaweed snacks that my girl likes a lot and will buy regularly to eat.

This is sold in little packets of a number of seaweed sheets inside…

Seaweed snack 2

…in one big pack of quite a lot of packets.

Each sheet is very very thin…

Seaweed snack 3

…thinner than sheets of paper and yes, I’ve tried it before and yes, I would say they’re quite nice – not anything to get me jumping with delight but I quite enjoy them. If I remember correctly, I cut them into thin strips once and added them to my miso soup and also to my bowl of ramen

Seaweed in my ramen
*Archive photo*

…and yes, it was a pretty nice combination.

What about the rest of you? Are you fond of eating seaweed? How do you go about cooking and eating it? Come, let’s hear it from everybody…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Eat that up, it’s good for you…”

  1. I love seaweed. My boys love them too. We love Japanese food and anything that has got seaweed in them. I make my own sushi too. I bought a plastic gadget from Daiso to shape the rice in order to make rolling the sushi much easier. The boys will eat seaweed just like that, straight from the plastic.

    I’m fine with these dry ones, not those fresh ones sold at the wet market, soaked in water. The smell is too overwhelming. Try getting your kids to eat those, see if they like them as much or not.

    A plastic gadget? My girl bought a small Japanese bamboo mat to roll sushi. Dunno where it has gone to now – my guess is she has stopped using it and would just roll like that, like making ngor hiang/lor bak or po piah. Have not seen the mat lying around somewhere in the kitchen for a while now.

    Wahhhh!!!! Japanese food is expensive wor. Just had a Japanese dinner the other night, post on that coming up real soon.

  2. There’s quite some skill in rolling sushi. I like that once you know how to do it though you can put whatever you like inside. I make mine with brown rice and lots of veggies. 😉

    Yes, up to you what you want inside the sushi rolls, can be as creative as one wants.

  3. Seaweed is not easily available here, except for the nori used for wrapping sushi which you can get in supermarkets. Yes, I too use a bamboo mat for making sushi.

    My girl and the mum will make quite regularly, not me. I am not really into it but will eat when there’s any so I will not go through the trouble of making my own.

  4. Am not too fond of seaweed. My kids like to buy the ones in small packet & taken as snacks. I did try once, a bit salty & not to my liking.

    Same as the one in my photos? This one’s not salty. I would eat but still, not my favourite – that seaweed taste is there. Certainly not my idea of a pleasurable snack to enjoy. 😀

  5. i’m ok with seaweed – i’ll tolerate it in sushi and soups, but i can definitely still live happily without it, heh. i enjoyed reading you reminiscing about the bad seaweed broths of the past – thankfully that’s history now and you won’t have to endure them any more! 🙂

    Yes, thank goodness I would not have to put up with that kind of food anymore, ended up throwing all away most of the time – not nice, oily and lots of msg, like what one would get at most chap fan stalls.

  6. I’m not too crazy over seaweed and I only eat them when having sushi or handrolls. I’ve tried putting seaweed into soup but I don’t really fancy the strong smell.

    I’m exactly like that too. Never mind what they say about it being good for health. 😀

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