The one that you love…

When my girl was home last weekend, she said that she felt like having waffles so after the sunset service in church that Saturday evening, we stopped by here (2.31672,111.837572)…

Colourful Cafe by night

…for the ones that she loves (RM3.50)…

Strawberry waffle 1

…the most in town. She liked the one with strawberry syrup…

Strawberry waffle 2

…that we tried the last time we had that so I ordered that again for her. I also ordered the honey (RM3.50)…

Honey waffle

…to try and personally, I preferred the latter to the former but my girl stuck steadfastly to the strawberry.

Gee! This place sure is doing well. Be it in the morning or even this late at night, past 8.00 p.m., one would see a lot of people there enjoying all the nice stuff that the guy dishes out. I did notice a few familiar faces from the church so I guess they were in the same boat, stopping here for a late dinner or supper on their way home after the service.

I also ordered their baked honey chicken wings (RM8.50)…

Baked honey chicken wings

that we had before as well and we thought they were pretty good and that night, I was thinking that they would be great for a light supper to go with the waffles.

My girl saw that they had fish and chips on their evening menu and she wanted that (RM9.50)…

Colourful Cafe fish and chips

…and that sure was one very big slice of fish, I must say, though the chips were kind of thin and did not look all that enticing but for that kind of price, I really see no cause for complaint. My girl liked the fish but I was not all that fond of it, being one of those frozen fish fillet, dory, that most, if not all, use around here even at those classier and very expensive cafes and restaurants. I would need a whole lot of tomato ketchup to go with it if I were to have that.

That sure was a delightful supper for the three of us, nothing fancy…just nice!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “The one that you love…”

  1. i appear d :-p
    the chicken wings are very attractive, cause me to think of a song…..”xiu kai yik, ngo zhong yi sek ” 🙂

    Welcome back, always glad to have you around. Don’t be like Chipsmore – now I see, now I don’t. Keep your comments coming!
    Wahhhhh!!!!! The wings make you break out in song? Come, come on over! I’ll take you for the wings…and I will get to hear you sing.

      1. lol…that one tipu makan one only….take photo and check in only….hehehhee :-p
        fb oways got fake news right?? XD

        Never mind. I will confirm for myself when we get to meet each other – looking forward to that…someday.

  2. Oh my daughter would live the strawberry syrup! Not too long ago, I canned strawberry jam in my large stock pot. I made several jars. Definitely enough to last throughout the winter. 🤗

    So nice, you get fresh strawberries there. We hardly get to see them here and when we do, they are very very expensive, all these imported fruits. 😦

  3. great to have places for cheap and delicious waffles! i love waffles. we don’t get them in KL, only in cafes and so on, that’s expensive.

    No, they may have stalls in the malls selling these – cheap or not, nice or not no that I would not know.

  4. A nice dinner for Melissa. Look like all her favourite food. Haha. I personally would dig into the chicken wings.

    Very nice, a bit pricey though, 3 something each.

  5. Yummzz, waffles! My boys love waffles, but I don’t make them, I buy them, in packets.. Gardenia brand again, available in all minimarts here.. They eat it kosong like that, while I like to put butter+honey, taste very nice, but of course yours nicer, freshly made, crunchy crispy somemore.. Yummzzz..

    I think somebody gave me a packet once, very small…but my girl enjoyed it.

  6. wahaha, i see waffles here too! yummmm, any waffle is a good waffle in my books. Especially when they make it crunchy outside while being soft and fragrant inside. I think the more eggs they use, the better tasting it comes out.

    Yes, that’s why my girl loves it, the way she describes it – nice and crusty on the outside, soft on the inside…and nicer than others she had elsewhere. I would like my waffles with ice cream though…but they do not serve it like that here. Ah well..what to expect, RM3.50 only. At least, they are very nice.

  7. I can never get tired of eating chicken wing… I like waffles too, hehe…

    Lots over at your side, I’m sure. Careful with the wings – they say that is where all the hormone injections go to.

  8. yay for a fun supper! looks like a yummy meal … ooo, except for one thing … the crinkle-cut fries! i guess i’m prejudiced against crinkle-cuts since they tend to be the mass-produced commercial versions that don’t quite feel like ‘pure’ potatoes 🙂

    Ya, they did not taste so great but for RM9.50, I guess that is fine, can just push them aside. It’s the fish that I am not so fond of.

  9. That’s a very reasonably priced waffle. Over here you’re looking at the vicinity of RM10 for a basic version.

    Oh dear! I can have two here and still have change. 😉

  10. Oh? Didn’t know there’s a shop that specializes in serving waffles only! Maple syrup and thick slab of butter please 😀

    No, it does not specialise in waffles, sells some other things as well – all nice.

  11. Love waffles. I don’t mind having sweet or savory one. But sweet always what I prefer though.

    Not too sweet for me, but I would love them with ice cream. Don’t think I’m into savoury ones, never tried that.

  12. I seldom have fish and chips, too pricey, but the chicken wings caught my fancy!

    This one here is cheaper than at most cafes and restaurants, not that I’m all that fond of the fish used, dory – they all use that. Somehow or other, I rather like the fish fillet at Sugar Bun though – also dory, New Zealand’s, they used to say at one time, and somehow, theirs seem nicer and if I am not wrong, cheaper too, best with the coleslaw in a bun…but the fillet is shrinking, smaller and thinner by the day. 😦

  13. I love their char kueh teow. Someone told me the chef was ex-chef from Tanahmas hotel.

    Some say his is the best in town. Yes, he came from West Malaysia and was the executive chef there…1997, I think. He could only speak Mandarin and Cantonese then – now he is multi-lingual, Hokkien, English…all not a problem. I’m impressed – not like some of the students that I had. 😦
    I think after that, he was with The Ark – when it first opened and the food was very nice and last I heard, he was with Red Carrot, Delta Mall outlet…and now, he’s here.

  14. hmmm betul la my comments tarak go through. anyway was saying yesterday…not really fond of walffles but the chicken wing i like loh.

    Oh? You commented yesterday? On this post? Dunno leh, lost in space. Didn’t see. Waffles, young people suka…all these sweet things. Old people go for more savoury stuff. Hehehehe!!!!

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