They call themselves poslaju and laju in Malay means fast. Yes, I would say that usually, it is faster than sending anything by regular air mail or what many people refer to today as snail mail as that can be really very slow. Something sent from one place here in the country may reach the recipient after a week or more…and at times, it is be even faster to send something overseas!

As for the so-called national courier service, I would say that I am quite happy with our office here. The people are very nice and friendly and very helpful and there had been times when somebody sent something from the peninsula and it got to me around noon the very next day. Of course, when I was not at home, I would have to go to the office, which is very near to my house – just around the corner, to collect later that evening or the next day. If I went right away, the delivery van would still be out somewhere on its rounds and they did not seem to have any way of getting in touch with it.

However, it is a different story at the other side of the country probably because there are a lot more people there and a lot more mail for them to handle. I did blog about that time when I sent something to Seremban in Negeri Sembilan and it took almost a week before the parcel was received. Others that I had sent elsewhere went smoothly without any hitches along the way even though sometimes, the parcels might not arrive the very next day but they would show up the following day for sure.

Well, the other day, I sent something to a friend and when I went to their website to track and trace, this was what I got…


21st October, 2015 6.23 p.m. Unsuccessful delivery.” This one was handled by their office in Kuala Selangor, it seemed so I texted my friend saying, “Wah!!! Terrible haze and still you went out?” She was puzzled and promptly replied that she was home and nobody came. Under normal circumstances, they would leave a note telling you that they had been to your house but you were not home so you would have to go to their office to collect yourself…but my friend said there was none.

Thankfully, they showed up the very next day and the parcel was delivered safe and sound. However, it seemed that they did not show up at all the day before and just simply declared that the delivery was unsuccessful. Whatever happened to their Dijamin sampai hari esok slogan – guaranteed to arrive tomorrow?

At that same time, I also sent another parcel to another friend. The postal charges altogether, inclusive of GST, came up to RM23.20, so it was roughly RM10.00 each. No, it certainly is not cheap at all to use this courier service but I still would resort to it as it would be faster and I could track and trace so I reckoned it would be very much safer.

Now, what happened in this case was that the recipient was indeed not at home. They got to her house at 11.48 a.m. the next day. Hmmmm…impressive! I messaged her and she confirmed that she was not in and said that her hubby would go to their office to collect the next day. However, the following evening, she sent word that her hubby was busy so he was not able to go and collect. What??? I had just gone to track and trace and this was what I got…


I guess Self-collection at counter means that one would have to go and collect himself or herself and not that it has been collected. My bone to pick was that it was timed at 7.53 a.m. and the whole day, I did not see anything and that only appeared when I logged in to check around 9.00 p.m. that night.

The problem did not end there. I got word from my friend the next day (Friday) saying that her hubby could not find the office and he would have to try again on Monday, after the weekend. Good grief!!! I sure am thankful that Sibu is such a small town and their office is just a stone’s throw away. I remember my friend in JB was not home as well when the delivery was made and he had to drive all the way to Pasir Gudang to collect and he was not too happy about it. If only one could call them and they could come round the next day or when one is at home to deliver the consignment…instead of having to go and collect ourselves. After all, they would be going round and round every day and stopping by again would not be that much of a problem – I don’t think that would take them out of their way since each one of them and each van are assigned to a certain designated area.

Still, one cannot deny that in this case, with the people at the office at Shah Alam, it would have arrived the next day had my friend been home…unlike the one at Kuala Selangor. However, unlike when I had something sent to me via the USPS (United States Postal Service), one would need to go through the chore of logging into their website, type the consignment number and click TRACK & TRACE each time one wants to do that. I would think this facility is for tracking where or how far what one sends has gone…but should it go astray or cannot be tracked, I doubt we can ever trace it this way, no way. I cannot seem to find their e-mail contact link on their website anymore either…nor their Facebook page where I would go to before whenever I had a reason to blast them to kingdom come. Whatever it is, obviously, it would be best not to send expensive stuff or anything that may be perishable (and they do state that quite clearly under their terms and conditions)…and when one has sent something, just be patient and be prepared for the worse. As they always say, Malaysia boleh – anything can happen!

Now, if anyone is wondering what I sent her, well, there was this box of the spicy bake mix…

SEASONS spicy bake mix
*Archive photo*

…for her mum and also a pack of the instant kampua mee pok

The Kitchen instant kampua mee pok
*Friend’s photo on Facebook, the one who got the parcel safe and sound – and it seemed that the family of two adults and one kid cooked and finished the whole pack of 5 packets in ONE sitting!!! Yes, it is THAT good!*

…from The Kitchen, our very own made-in-Sibu product…

The Kitchen instant kampua
*Archive photo*

…for the kids.

At the time of writing, my friend has yet to receive what I sent her. I hope she has got them by now…

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23 thoughts on “Slow…”

  1. i remember back in the 80s and 90s, i occasionally used poslaju to send and receive comic books … it was always with a sense of dread and uncertainty, because of horror stories of irrevocably lost packages … and yeah, poslaju’s speed was also suspect 🙂

    80’s and 90’s, you must be in school still then! Comics? Ahhhhhh!!!! You must be one of those who had the first prints mailed direct from the US to you, collector’s items. I had students who were doing that – I guess the comics are worth a fortune now…or maybe in the years to come?

    Did they have poslaju then? All I knew at the time was our regular air mail…and we had to indicate as such or they would send by sea mail and that would take ages!!! Things of value or importance, we sent by registered mail – did not know of any poslaju at the time. But they had the telegram then, bet many young people today dunno anything about telegrams – gone all extinct now.

  2. I can’t say much about this because postal services vary over the world. Here in Montreal you can get expedited delivery, but of course they charge more for this.

    That’s probably the same thing and yes, they do charge a lot more for the supposedly faster delivery. Something tells me that they slow down the delivery of snail mails on purpose…so everybody would use this instead.

  3. If I want to send things to people, I don’t use Poslaju, I use my office courier service, then pay the company back at the end of the month when we receive the invoices.. I ordered something from Groupon on 1st October, they posted it via Poslaju, and I only got the parcel yesterday! *faint*

    Oh dear!!! It is THAT bad there, eh? My friend also uses her office courier service – those would be the ones I would receive, not via poslaju. For one thing, I know it is more convenient when your office has an account, they will come and collect.

  4. Well, i do agree that they can be quite efficient sometimes… but not all the time.

    The one here is, dunno over there. Bet they will be too overloaded to cope well come festivals like Hari Raya.

  5. If i send thing, will be using registered mail…

    Here, that will take a long time and registered does not always mean safer. Sometimes, non-registered received, registered…dunno lost in space.

  6. Thank you for the surprise bungkusan. Send more! Now tell me ur lai kho size…

    Most welcome. No need lah!!! So expensive these days – buy one, can buy 3 packs of the instant kampua, at least. Old liao, not working…wear old ones full of holes, also ok…got aircon. When cannot be used anymore, no need to use lah…and when jalan-jalan, can hear this song! Muahahahaha!!!!

  7. Is Malaysia, what to do… Slow also said fast….and actually is not “laju” at all

    I wish they would change the name to Kourier1Malaysia or something, after all, everything is 1Malaysia these days…and there will not be any mention of it being laju when at times, it is not really so. And they should do away with their tagline/slogan – Dijamin sampai hari esok…as more often than not, it does not sampai the next day.

  8. Our postal service is not too good too. Now they’re even talking of reducing daily letter deliveries to weekly ones. The parcel deliverers are also in such a hurry, that they assume no one’s home if they see no car there – when it’s only my wife who went out and I am home.

    Happened to me once – just honked once, a brief toot, and I was upstairs, napping. I thought I heard something but by the time I got up to check, no one was in sight. Went downstairs to check the letter box and found the note inside. Of course, I gave them a piece of my mind when I went to collect at their office. So far, it has not happened again, touch wood!

  9. Errr…maybe they wanted to update as “missed delivery” but that protex protex guy cannot remember the word “missed delivery” so he tenyek “Unsuccessful” la.

    Limited vocabulary. 😛

  10. This pos laju right, haih, I really have mixed feelings about their service, sometimes it’s faster than expected. but sometimes, slow and I had encountered weird/ridiculous cases with them too!

    Like I said, just send and don’t expect too much…and then, either we may get some pleasant surprises…or we will not be disappointed.

  11. malaysian postal service? omg, so many stories to tell.. haha

    but overall i guess poslaju is still more ‘laju’ than normal post mail. 🙂
    some independent delivery postal companies are even worse in that aspect.

    btw, i have never had the poslaju guy call me on my mobile before. Never.. what’s the point of us putting down our number then?

    They never called, not poslaju. The one who called was with a private courier service. Maybe he wanted me to turn back…so he could deliver personally and I would give him a tip or something?

    You mean the private ones are worse. Gee! Thank goodness I never tried. Poslaju is very convenient for me as the office is very near my house, round the corner…and no need to go to the town centre – the jam, the parking fee and all.

  12. Sometimes they are quite efficient but sorry to say most of the time they are not. I love the Sibu kampua & usually cook 3 packets for 2 persons. One packet each is never enough. Yumzzz!!!

    It does seem like it will all boil down to one’s good or bad luck. Good or bad, I do not like to send through them so much as the charges are so very high – many times more than the value of the contents. Within the towns in Sarawak, I think it is better to send by bus. Never tried but I am sure they’re much cheaper and faster too but will have to go and collect at the terminal.

    Ya, the kampua noodles are good, like the real thing! A blogger-friend in KL just shared her Instagram pic on Facebook – a reader sent her and she loved it!

  13. I have had my fair share of stress and frustration with Pos Laju. Sometimes they are OK but the not-OK happened more often. I also experienced them saying I was not at my premises when in actual fact there were people in the office the whole day. Because the collection center is so far, I did not have time to collect and it was returned to the sender (MPH). In the end, I told MPH that I will go to their shop to collect. It was an online purchase and ironically, I had to go to the bookstore hah..hah… 😦

    LOL!!! Thankfully, I am a lot luckier than you! When I was still working, things addressed to me to the school – they even sent to the house as they knew I would not be in school in the afternoon. So good! Sibu is so small, everybody knows everybody. Hehehehehe!!!!!

    But what I know is some of them will hang around isolated coffee shops and they will start delivering after office hours…so they may show up at the house at 6 or 6 something – here, it is getting dark already by then. Can claim overtime, perhaps…but they will insist that the things have just arrived, just processed and released for despatch and all that, that is why so late. I have had that a couple of times. If addressed to the office, the offices would already be closed by then so of course, there would not be anyone around to accept delivery. I think that was the case with the one I sent to Seremban.

  14. I remember last time I used to always get the delivery attempted card even when I was actually at home! Now they even resort to saying that they have sent the card without actually sending the card eh? But at least they went back to deliver it again the next day… much better than having to get to the post office and park and queue , etc etc..

    Didn’t say that they left a note, just “unsuccessful delivery” when they did not even try to do that, never showed up at all…but yes, at least, they did it the following day but so much for their guarantee that it would arrive the following day. So that is a bone to pick! Don’t claim something that they cannot live up to, I think in western countries, they can be sued for that – false advertising.

  15. At the time of typing this comment, I still havent receive your parcel Arthur 😦 I am usually at home but so happened that day I had to go to KL for a work event. Now that the thing is stuck in their office, it will be a bit ‘difficult’ to collect. Firstly, William can’t seem to find the place. Secondly, they don’t answer their call. Thirdly, William can only go again when time permits as he is always in KL and their office is in Shah Alam 😦 How I wish we can just call them to arrange for a second delivery but no, they are still not answering our calls. Sigh.. I’m so sorry it took us this long to collect the parcel, Arthur.

    SIGHHHHHHH!!!! Did you see the link I posted in my message on Facebook? Seems that there are so many poslaju offices in Shah Alam – which one are you supposed to collect it from? If you click on the address (with specific telephone number of the office given, not the general poslaju contact number), you will get to see the map – can check their exact location from there.
    Ah well! I did say in my comment that I would send the spice mix to your mum – the noodles were an added bonus (sending a small box like that, it may get misplaced, lost easily)…so I have kept my word. Just wait and see how you are going to get it eventually…or maybe they will send it back to me after a certain period of time, if unclaimed.

  16. Maybe you could suggest to send the package to her husband’s office instead of their home in future. Most of the time when I order something, I’ll put delivery address as my office address. And when I want to courier something out, I’ll use the office courier service & pay back the company at the end of the month.

    Then there will be the problem of those people doing deliveries after office hours so they can claim overtime…and by that time, the office would be closed already. She would be home usually…just so happened that she was out that day of all the days, what bad luck. Never mind! Tak ada rezeki, what to do? I guess eventually it will come back to me when nobody claims it from the office…within 6 months, perhaps. Of course, the kampua would have expired by then – no preservatives, good for 5 months only.

  17. At least they are received in the end… I remember Imordered some products from kl and it took them a week to reach jb… I also jept tracking saying it was in jb hub but I dint rec them till a week later…

    Gosh! So bad there! ONE WEEK!!! I would have gone to the office and run amok there already! Sure, their heads would roll if that was the case.

  18. This will never end. Expensive but the service is disappointing! 😕

    Not too bad, I would say, give and take a bit…but it is really too expensive, cannot afford to send stuff as often as one would want to.

  19. Oh dear. Hope your friend got her parcel. Thank goodness our service in this part of the country is good. So far I did not have any complaint about them.

    Indeed, and hope it stays that way. Well, one got hers – the other is still waiting for the hubby to go and collect, dunno when.

  20. So far, I do not have any major complaints regarding my experience with the national courier. Items that I’ve sent were delivered the following day, even to East Malaysia once. And I’ve received items within satisfactory time frame (once it was two days instead of the following day). I have the poslaju person called me on my mobile to check if I’m home – many times. But I guess that’s because I stayed in a walk-up apartment and he wanted to be sure I was home before he walked up four flight of stairs! 😂
    But Pos Malaysia is another story. I have declared a personal moratorium on Pos Malaysia till…I dunno..

    Oh? That is good. They never called me. Yes, more or less the same – to the most, I will get the day after the following day…and that would be because I was not home when they delivered the consignment. I do send via the snail mail service, Pos Malaysia, sometimes. It is so much cheaper so not very important stuff like greeting cards, I’d send using that. Just have to send earlier, that’s all

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