I started a joke…

My friend, Eric, shared a photograph on Facebook captioned as follows: “Four Seasons seasonings are very very good for making “shao rou”. Will provide recipe with every purchase! Yum yum!” In response to that, I commented jokingly, “Any free samples? Wink! Wink!” to which he promptly replied, “Ask and ye shall be given. Haha!” Oh dear! It was meant as a joke and I was not really asking for it.

In the meantime, I noticed this among the other comments on his photograph, “Oh i love this! Used it when i was back in state. Been looking for it for a long time!! How to get it?!” [SIC] Gee!!! It must be really good, I thought to myself.

The next morning, I received a message from him asking me to drop by his instant kampua noodles collection centre (2.304949,111.847399) because his mum would like to give me a bit of the meat that she had cooked to try so after brunch with my missus, we stopped by to collect it…

Siew yoke & seasoning from Eric's mum

It turned out that she also gave me two packets of the seasonings to try and cook stuff on my own – she did say that besides using it to cook siew yoke, it would also be great for marinating and roasting chicken.

I shared the above photograph on Facebook to thank Eric & his mum and instantly, my Facebook friend in Sydney, Australia commented, “That’s the seasoning I use when I make siew yoke,” and then another one, originally from Sibu but now residing in Perth, said, “This SEASON brand seasoning is very good for roast chicken/pork. My auntie even asks my mum to buy from Perth.” Wowwwww!!! It certainly seems mighty popular Down Under and from the sound of it, it must be very very good!

Incidentally, Eric’s mum also gave me some kaya (coconut jam) that she made…

Eric's mum's kaya

…and it was simply awesome – so lemak (rich with the coconut milk), so fragrant and not all that sweet. I must say that I really loved it a lot!

We had brunch already so when we got home, I put the meat in the fridge with the intention of reheating it up later for dinner…which I did. Later that evening, I wrapped the meat in foil, just the meat – the skin on top was exposed and I let it stand in a pan, the skin upwards and I put it like that in the oven. I wanted the crackling to be extra crispy and crusty but did not want the meat to be overcooked lest it became hard and dry. After around half an hour, I took it out, removed the foil and cut it into bite-size pieces…

Siew yoke from Eric's mum 1

Yes, the meat was not overdone, simply perfect…and the crackling…

Siew yoke from Eric's mum 2

…was absolutely stunning!!!

I sure would love to try and cook my own using the seasoning that Eric mum’s gave me…

SEASONS spicy bake mix

…but I had siew yoke for brunch as well, twice in a day, so I guess I would have to wait for a while before I would get down to that…and hopefully, when I do so, it will be just as perfect, with the meat, sweet and tender and the crackling…

Siew yoke from Eric's mum 3

…so crusty and crispy. For one thing, having had that, none that I can find outside around town here would possibly be good enough ever again, no joke!

Thank you so very much, Eric, and especially to your mum for the siew yoke and the samples and also the kaya…but next time, don’t take me too seriously though the way things turned out this time, I would say that I was glad I did poke a bit of fun at you when you shared your photo on Facebook. LOL!!!

Now, if anyone is interested and would like to get hold of the spicy bake mix for your own use, you can drop by The Kitchen’s collection counter to the extreme right of the building where UOB Bank is located in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal. I gather that it is a product by a Hong Kong company, available in boxes with 6 packets of the seasoning like the ones in my above photos, going for RM19.00 a box so that would work out to over RM3 a packet. I think by now, it would be available at  Georg Peck at Premier 101 in Kuching and I did hear it mentioned that Ta Kiong, Miri sells it as well. Good luck to all of you who are going to give it a try…and do wish me good luck too!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “I started a joke…”

  1. Oh wow. So this is the siew yoke I’ve been seeing on your FB. Definitely looks good. Looking forward to see how yours will turn out 🙂

    I wonder if you can get this there, sure worth grabbing a box and giving it a try. Maybe one of these days, I will stop by the place and get some…and I can send a box over…for your mum! 😀 Very very nice!

  2. Good luck in your next cooking project. ^^

    The roasted pork sure look good!!

    Grab yours at Georg Peck, Premier 101. Give it a try, you will come back to thank me for telling you about it!

  3. Ooooo, siew yok seasoning.. My MIL uses that too, but I don’t know which brand.. And ooo la la, I see kaya.. I can lick the whole jar clean.. If it’s good, I terus use a spoon and scoop and eat just like that, kekekekeke 😛

    I was tempted to do that but even though it was not so sweet, I had to exercise a bit of self-control. You should too, expectant mums especially!

  4. Look forward to see your homemade siew yoke…

    We used to roast chicken, so so so good too. Siew yoke, maybe not so soon…everything in moderation!

  5. Wow, I love the homemade kaya & siew yoke looks really awesome. The skin looks absolutely crusty & cripsy. With the seasoning, life would be much easier.Thanks for the info.

    Latest update, people are still waiting to buy from GeorgPeck, not available there yet, it seems. You may have to wait a while. Perhaps you are not all that keen on pork belly, so health conscious, so use to roast chicken, just as nice. We loved it…very very much!!!

  6. beautiful pork! Making me hungry Cheers from Carole’s Chatter!

    PS no shellfish in the scalloped kumara – scalloping refers to the technique of baking layers of potato in a liquid like stock, cream, coconut cream!

    Ok, gotcha, thanks. I was thinking I could use the scallops I have in my freezer, dunno what to cook with them. Will have to look for some other way then.

    Yes, the pork was awesome…and thanks for dropping by and commenting, a warm welcome to you. Will link you in my blogroll.

  7. Awwwww.. lovely, lovely, lovely! I am sure going to buy and try!

    Go for it! You won’t regret it, of that I am very very sure. 😉

  8. Crispy crackling roast port – my all time favourite.

    Ok, mine too and my girl’s as well but not too often, all the layers of fat. 😀 I hear you can get the spice pack in Perth, can give it a try. Jolly good, great with roast chicken too. My cousin in Melbourne went and bought a box – AUD5.99 only!

  9. Ohlalalala!!! That slab of siew yoke is glorious! Can see from the photo that the skin is crispy and crunchy. So, are you going to attempt your own siew yoke? Do share when you do 🙂

    Yes, I would want to try but not so soon perhaps. We’ve tried with chicken and it was very good so we’d probably stick to that…or maybe leaner cuts of pork. Mustn’t get carried away with all those layers of fat, never mind how nice it is. 😉

  10. That was so very thoughtful of your friends and of course you recognized and let them know how appreciative you were. My parents always told me that kindness (and thankfulness) goes a long way. It’s something my brother and I saw often with them and we’re passing it on to our children.

    The food looks quite tasty… and now I want to try and make my own coconut jam! I’m not big on sweets do the fact that it isn’t overly so ha my interest. This past week, my mother made some hot pepper jelly and gave some to me. Yummy!

    As they say, what goes around comes around and as thou giveth, so shalt thou receive…even if it is not in kind, I do believe that one will be abundantly blessed.

    I am not crazy about sweet fruit jam but this coconut one, I like. It’s not vegetarian though as one crucial ingredient would be eggs, lots of it and where people substitute them and also the coconut milk with lots of flour and sugar, what they would get would be very low-grade, not very nice kaya/coconut jam.

  11. My oh my, I dont mind eating this once in a while. A good exercise will burn it 🙂

    …and therein lies my problem. That is why I would have to limit it to…once in a long while.

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